part 2

*** we finally arrived at mabopane station and i thanked the driver i dont even know why but i did maybe is because im nervous and excited at the same time or maybe is because hes handsome nje..we got into another taxi to shoshanguve*** Me: mtase you've been on that phone since we left centerview (i pouted my lips) Thato: what? Are you jealous that im not giving you attention(she said that laughing ) Me: mxm nevermind (she laughed so hard) Thato: im trying to find you a job mtase and guess what? Me: what? Thato:i got you one and you starting tomorrow morning..its nothing fancy but it will do for now(she said that looking all excited ) Me:what?ohh my God what have i done to deserve a sister like you (tears rolled down my cheeks i was sobbing with my head on her shoulder) Thato: its ok mtase remember we promised to always look after each other and to always have each other's backs no matter what Me:(wipping my tears)yeah Thato: you always looked after me in middle school and high school (i gave her the WTF look and she laughed) Thato: ok ok ok we looked after each other but you were always there for me and you always took a fall me always and always had my back Me: you always took many falls for me too and even today u still have my back Thato: thats because we sisters we may not be blood related but loyaltylove and always i mean always having each others backs makes us related no matter what.. Me: i love you mtase Thato: i love you too mtase ***people be looking at us like WTF..mxm they can go jump at the nearest bridge cos i love this bitch shem im blessed to have her in my life*** ***here is the thing Thato's father used to rape her when we were in middle school until high school she fell pregnant when we were in grade 10 and she told her father and he said she must get rid of it he gave her money and she got rid of it after she healed he continued with his evil deed again thats when she said suggested we go to the clinic to take prevention pills or injection lucky for me step bro used protection when he forced himself on me until one day he came home and asked me what i was doing at a clinic he was ready to beat the crap out of me until i told him the truth and since then he stopped using back to Thato... one day she told me she cant take it anymore and she told me shes gonna do something about it by that i thought she was gonna tell her mom or go to the police but no she poisoned him and he died in hospital (im saying she poisoned him cause i asked her id shes the one who did it and she said to me "ask no questions and i shall tell no lies")i left it at that cause i got my answer with that statement i wasn't even shocked or too surprised cause he deserved it(God forgive me but he deserved it) i wished i could do the same to step bro but hey im not hardcore like her and i dont have the liver to do it...anyway with his death many family secrets came out apparently thato's dad was a serial rapist to a point that he also raped his sister and that thato was a rape child and elders forced him to marry thato's mother ai its a complicatedlong and painful story....the news hit thato really hard but as hee bestie i was there for here and plus shes strong and hardcore so she boinced back stronger...yho shame it was chaos many family membees and strangers to the family were suspects but no one never suspected thato cause she never told anyone about what he did to here and i kept my mouth shut...he was buried and the case went cold even today they haven't found his killer*** ***We arrived at her place it was an ordinary one room the was a double beda table with a two plate stovefridge fridge a small couch and a tv stand with a tv dvd and small speakers it was nice and cosy...we had something to eat and went to bed i was dead tired and plus i had an early morning tomorrow. ..i didn't even ask thato what king of job or work I'll be doing tomorrow. il ask her in the morning i just closed my eyes whispered my night prayer and went to lala land*** Step bro (sam's)....POV.... ***i couldnt wait to arrive home (it was around 4 in the afternoon)ive been horny all day at work craving kedi damn...ok look i know its wrong of me to even look at her that way but i cant help it she just drives me insane she has the tightest pussy ever...yes i know its an abomination but shes my uncles daughter me and her we dont share parents and since mom didnt say anything about me helping myself with her that means its ok shes an elder she knows better or is it because she hates her aag whatever im crazy over that tight pussy fuck everything else and plus i think im inlove with her....i know i have a funny way of showing it but i blame my mother and her stupid influence me and my younger sisters we grew up hating her and her mother cause mom hated them...the worse part is i dont even know why i hate her..tonight i must make love to her the whole night no fucking tonight just making love.....I got home and opened the kitchen door and boom everything was a mess the house was dirty as hell nx ( there were even dirty dishes in the sink and table damn where the fuck is kedi...i hope mom didn't beat her to death eish...i went to the leaving room and mom and lil sisters were drinking colddrink Me:and what happened to the house where's kedi? Mom: mxm that whore ran away Mamokone said she saw her with a bag walking straight to the taxi rank nx Lil sis(Amo):well i say good riddance to bad rubbish nx Lil sis(katli):amen to that Amo Me:voetsek shut the hell up ( shouting ) wha...what do u mean she ran away and none of you stopped her (shouting) Mom: first of all u will not talk to me or your sisters like that because of that whore Me: dont call her that Mom: shut up..(she roared)stop this nonsense and just so im clear its high time you bring me a daughter in law i want grandchildren im not getting any younger and you better find a house helper this house is dirty my princesses cant be cleaning all this dirt ***i clicked my tongue and walked out i was mad as hell...damn no no no she cant run away no no no fuck no i went straight to her room and looked inside the box that she put her clothes in and it was empty. ..fuck i should have given her money after fucking heri shouldn't have been rough with her during sex maybe she wouldn't have ran away damn how the hell im i gonna survive or cope without her tight no no this cant be happening to me shit***

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