Author: Kedibone D

IF ONLY.....


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You know some people  wish they  could  just disappear from the face of earth  cause everything  just tends to get  too much sometimes  one mistake just one and then boom someone's  life over…well  her name is Marang  Ndlovu and she’s  22 years of age she was born and bread in a place called Ga-rankuwa (Pretoria) she’s Sarah Ndlovu and the late  Jonas Mokone ‘s daughter. Well speaking about her  father Jonas the thing is he was  married and had an affair with her  mother and she’s the product of that affair. Her being the product of an affair brought nothing but anguish in her life cause her  “supposed “ father never cared  for her  existence up until death visited him all he did was send maintenance money and never not even once visited her or asked to see her even for 5 minutes or let alone to call so he can talk to her well as for her  mother she despises her  and always reminds her that she’s an abomination and she  blames her  for her unhappy life and suffering. She says if she  wasn't conceived Jonas would still be alive and taking care of her but no she had to be born and now people label her as a whore and a home wrecker because of her. 

It  hurt her deeply to be labeled as a bastard and a daughter of a whore as if she  asked to be born into all that  mess but she always told herself that God has a great plan for her cause he wouldn't let her live even after her mother tried to abort her . Anyway despite all the emotional abuse and anguish Marang get from her mother she made sure she goes  to school and now she’s  doing her  second year at TUT…….


 Anyway now she’s at some club in Midrand with her friend Dineo and its her first time there even though clubs taverns pubs and so on its not her cup of tea but she decided to tag along with Dineo just to clear her head. Three weeks ago she found out that her boyfriend Mazwi (now ex) slept with some girl on campus and that girl fell pregnant.

 He said to her  it was a mistake blah blah blah but you know what she  didn't  care about his stupid excuses cause she was  broken and hurt  this whole thing hit her  so hard that she  even  attempted to commit suicide. She  trusted him and gave him her love  and her pride  (virginity) and he just broke her just  like that anyway enough about him and back to her  going to a club with her crazy  friend Dineo well her friend whispered to her that there's some handsome guy checking her out behind her and Marang turned to look only to be met by  this handsome tall muscled dark man and  she  was immediately  taken by his handsomeness. She quickly turned back when he smirked at her and her eyes popped out as she looked at Dineo who was amused by her reaction. She couldn't believe a guy as breath taking as he was was actually checking her out….. the guy was  well build and just yummy even though  he looked a bit older like on his mid or late 30s but she didn't care she just wanted to let loose and have fun forgetting about her cheating ex-boyfriend mind you Mazwi was her first boyfriend and her virgin- breaker so she wasn’t that  experienced in the relationship  and bedroom department. Anyway the guy kept on staring at her for some time until he decided to come to her then “boom”  he whispered in her  ear that he wanted her so bad and that they should go upstairs and have some fun. Even though Marang  wanted to tell  him to fuck off but something in her shut her up and she just found herself lusting over him and plus she  was tipsy and his very  deep  voice whispering in her  ear made her feel things down there. The truth is she has  always been a good girl I mean she even lost her  virginity in varsity but at that moment she  just want to let loose and just have that guy fuck her brains out .

 Even though she's never done this before she  stood up and went with him to some office upstairs after she  told her friend Dineo  that she'll  be back and Dineo   said she  should enjoy and forget about her troubles . They  got in that office and as soon as they  entered that office he just  held her from behind and made her bend down and immediately  she  felt her short dress being pulled up and her  thong being pushed to the side and she  saw a condom wrapper falling the floor  right then she  knew she  was gonna be fucked like a prostitute.

 Before she could say anything the nikka slammed into her hard then he groaned out loud while Marang    just gasped and closed her eyes as tears came out because it was painful as hell. The guy started moving in and out of her in a fast pace while groaning out loud to the pleasure he was feeling both his hands tightened around her waist and he went in and out of her faster deeper and harder.  He has never fucked any woman so tight and warm and that drove him to the edge that it made him not last longer than usual after sometime he slammed Into her hard and he shot his juices inside that condom then he let out a loud groan and he pulled out then Marang stood up straight wiping her tears off and the mystery guy frowned while looking at her.

“this was consensual girly so don't go around crying rape”

He said that to her taking off the condom and wrapping it with a tissue and Marang was pulling her dress down 

“ I know it was consensual ok its just you were rough and im not used to that”


She said that not even looking at him and she picked up her bag and attempted to limp her way  out then the guy stopped her.

“wait “

 He said that and Marang stopped and turned to look at him with tears in her eyes.

“Take it… it’s for your services”

He said that holding a roll of money on his hand and Marang just frowned and fought off the tears that were trying to come out.

“Im not a prostitute ok so keep your stupid money nx”

She clicked her tongue and limped her way out with a huge lump on her throat and she walked downstairs to look for her friend she found her and whispered to her that she wants to go home.

“ what happened she found her and whispered to her that she wants to go home.

“ what happened so how was it?”

She asked and Marang just looked away fighting off the tears.


“ Marang what happened…did that guy force himself on you? “

She asked frowning and Marang continued to fight her tears back and she swallowed.

“ umm no….it was just different…. I wanna leave now Dineo that guy was just huge and im sore down there”

Dineo laughed and Marang just faked a smile.

“shame don’t worry you’ll heal….gape go nale di nkalakatha ( there are gifted guys) out there and it looks like you just met one but its ok let’s go”


They left the club and went home well Dineo just dropped her off and went back to the club. as for Marang  she just threw herself on her bed and cried her eyes out…..she felt cheap she didn’t even know the guy or his name and she just slept like him just like that.

The following morning it was a Sunday she woke up with a pounding headache from all the crying and she did her hygiene process and made something to eat then she drank some pain medication and she went back to bed her nana was still sore and it stung a bit whenever she peed….she regretted sleeping with that man so much that she wishes she could just turn back the hands of time. Anyway she woke to her phone ringing and it was her friend Dineo so she answered***


She said with a sleepy voice.

“wait why are you sleeping at this time…are you ok?”

Dineo asked with a concerned tone cause she knows Marang hardly sleeps during the day unless she’s ill.

“yeah I just have a headache fela but I’ll be alright….where are you khante?”

Dineo giggled.

“Yho babe I swear I’ve never been fuck like I was fucked last night before the guy knows his stuff shem and even now I can’t feel my pussy….yho hai shem ngwana batho is good in bed its true when they say the more matured the steak is the good it tastes cause yeer abuti o o monate ( this brother is good) gape his dick game is on point and I think im in love with his dick shem”

Marang faked a giggled cause her own experience was horrible and it made her feel cheap.

“so you still at his house?”

“mmmmh he said he’ll drive me back home later  on and his house babe damn….i think he’s loaded too”

She said sounding excited.

“just be careful babe you never know with these rich guys”

Marang said sounding worried.

“don’t worry I got this”

“ok so what’s his name and where does he stay for safety reasons”

Dineo laughed.

“yuh I forgot how you can be anyway his name ke Richard Morapedi and he stays mo Centurion”

“ok then babe enjoy but not too much and don’t forget to use a rubber”

Marang said getting out of bed and Dineo laughed.

“yes Ma”

They both laughed.

“mxm wa phapha (you are too forward)…shap”

Marang said and Dineo continued to laugh.


They ended the call and her phone rang again and she didn’t recognize the number but she answered anyway.


She said with her sweet voice and the caller sighed.

“baby please don’t hang up”


She asked with a disgusted look on her face.

“yeah…I miss you Marang I miss you so damn much please forgive me my love”

He begged her he sounded drunk.

“kgopela o satlo tlhapelwa mo nna wankutlwa (please go get drunk somewhere else ) call your baby mama and leave me the hell alone”

She said getting angry.

“I love you Marang and not her”

“hei hei hei….dont piss me off wena didn’t you love me when you fucked her where was your love for me when you decided to cheat on me….did you even think about me Mazwi?”

She said with a breaking voice.

“Marang come on first of all you are inexperienced in bed and you refuse to give a simple head…a simple head nje you don’t even want me to muff you so what did you want me to do fuck you missionary style only cause even with doggy style you complain that it makes you feel uncomfortable and that it makes you feel like a slut “

She swallowed hard and tears ran down her cheeks.

“ look I love you Marang but no man can stay faithful to a woman who’s boring in bed that’s why I went out there but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you babe”

She sniffed feeling more heart broken by his words.

“ well I guess you didn’t deserve to fuck me ka bo doggy style cause the guy that fucked me last night ka yona doggy style eo he fucked me good and I enjoyed it ”

She lied about the enjoying part.

“i was busy screaming out his name as he made me squirm and cum nx”

She continued talking trying to hurt him too.

“ what did you just say? did what…….you cheated on me Marang!”

He said with an angry tone sounding sober now.

“ motho weeh we broke up I dumped your ass remember so whomever I sleep with from now on is none of your business nx”

She dropped the call and sat down crying cause his words about how she sucks in bed hurt her deep….Anyway after sometime she got up and went to prepare something to eat when out of the blue she heard a loud bang on the door.


She jumped in fear cause he sounded angry and he was busy banging on the door hard.


She quickly called Dineo shaking cause Mazwi sounded deadly now….she now regretted saying all that to him she was scared no lies.

“ngwana papa”

They also call each other that cause both their fathers were absent  in their lives and they are also dead.

“Mazwi is here Dineo and he’s busy banging on the door sounding angry he called earlier and out of anger I boosted to him about what I did last night and now he’s here”

She said with a shaky voice.

“shit ok bona under no circumstances should you open that door wankutlwa (you hear me)….im on my way….don’t open for him Marang”

“ok I wont… please hurry im scared Dineo I don’t wanna end up like VIWE DALINGOZI KARABO MOKOENA  and many other women killed by their boyfriends or exes please”

She said crying.

“ im coming babe wena don’t open for him and you’ll be safe”

Dineo said panicking.


They ended the call and Marang pushed the couch to the door to block it and the banging stopped.


She just sat down and cried.



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