Chapter 9

Cass arrived home that evening and went straight to her room then took off her clothes and wore her tracksuits she went out and went to the garage...Her eyes widened when she saw the beautiful cars that were inside since she moved in the house she has never set her foot in the garage. There were different kinds of sports carsshe loved the Lamborghini more that was red in colour...but she took the Ferrari keys and got inside. She sat there for a minute contemplating whether to drive off or what.

She was angryvery angry that Luthando was that disrespectful to a point were he couldn't wait to get rid of her and attend his mistress actually side chic. She then opened the garage and drove outat least the security didn't give her problems also her guards didn't see her.

Luthando arrived home he wanted to have a chat with Cass because he saw that what happened back there affected her in a way he wasn't going to see Linda. He took her overseas with him when he went on a business trip.When he told Cass that he had to gohe wanted to go take care of work stuff at the office. But now he was pissed as to why was Linda calling. He told her straight from the start that he calls her not the other way round.He made a mental note that he has to talk to her.

He went straight to her room the moment he arrivedhe knocked twice but she didn't respond. He walked in and looked around her room that smelt like her so much. He went out to Amanda's room and he found Amanda sleeping all alone peacefully.Now he started getting worried a bit but he thought that the house is big she might be anywhere.So he went to his study and went through the camera's and looked at the video from the moment she came back

She saw her getting in her room few minutes later she walked out and went to the garage he saw her looking at the Lamborghini but took the Ferrari keys and got in the car then sat for few minutes then drove out. He looked at the video until the end and he got angry that her guards didn't drive after her

He took his phone and dialed her number and it went straight to voicemail. He took a deep breath and thought maybe he gives her some space he will wait for her to come back.It was already 21:30 so he went to his room and took a shower then dressed in sweat pants and a hoodie with sneakers then went to his study and did his work.The time went to 23:30 but still she wasn't back. He tried calling her a couple of times however still nothing.Now he was really worried. He didn't have her friends numbers and he definitely didn't want to bother her mother.

He was now getting pissed as the time hit 00:30 maybe she went back home.But she doesn't wanna bother her mother so she definitely didn't go to her.Or maybe she went to her friend’s house to sleep over.
He took his phone and was about to dial his IT guy to track the car but he saw the main garage openingthe car drove through.He looked at her through the camera and she got out of the car and immediately vomited on the floor she was drunk

He looked at her as she kept on vomiting non stop after some few minutes she stopped. He wondered how did she manage to drive in that state?...Now anger hit him hardwhat if she got in an accident?...

He walked to the sitting room and stood there waiting for her to enter the house

he waited for at least five minutes and he saw that she wasn't entering so he went to check up on her. He found her passed out in the floor next to her vomit. He took a huge breath and went over to her and picked her up

He took her to bed took off her shoes then tucked her in. He sat there and stared at her for a while
"Why do u have to be this hard woman?...What if something would've happened to you?...He took another breath then stood up and kissed her forehead and the walked out.He didn't know why he did that but it felt right and it felt good

He realised then that he needed her more than he thought he was suddenly afraid of losing her.Afterall the kids love her and what will he tell them if something happened to her?

He went to bed peacefully knowing that Cassiopeia is safe.

Cassie woke up in bed with a banging headache ever
She looked besides her and saw that she was in her bed she didn't even know how she got home because she was very drunk yesterday. All she remembered was her going to a pub in one of the 5 star hotels not far from their place because she didn't want the media all over her from there she met a lady and they started talking and getting drunk together that's all she remembered.

She got out of bed and went to the bathroom and took a warm shower after her shower she wore her tight jeans and a long sleeved peach crop shirt with Black long knee jacket and long knee boots.
She didn't even do her face but just applied her normal moisturiser and applied gloss on her lips

She had a deep hang over and definitely wasn't looking forward to meeting the wedding planner. She prayed that Luthando didn't come home last night that way he won't know that she went out and lost track of time.

She took her bag and went out she didn't even wake up early to prepare the kids for the day but one of the helpers takes care of them if Cass is busy so she knew that they are not alone.She even felt bad for leaving them all alone.

She went downstairs and as she walked down the stairs she could hear Luthando talking.Her heart started beating fastshe found him busy talking to Jaden helping him with something since there were papers around the table. That's a first time she saw Luthando sitting down and bonding with the kid

Cass nervously greeted them and Jaden greeted back
Cass: uhhm were is Amanda?
Jaden: She's with aunt Karen 
She nod and walked out 
She didn't understand why was Luthando acting rude ignoring her
Cass went to check Amanda and they were feeding her. She took headache pills and was about to walk out of the kitchen when Luthando walked in
Lu: I need to talk to u it won't take long
Cass could feel that he was a bit angry 
They both stood there and stared at each other
Lu: So what happened last night?
Cass: what do you mean?
Lu: when I came back from the office you were not here 
Cass: I wanted to have some fresh air outside the house
Lu: I mean I decided to wait for you and u came back very late then passed out next to the car
Her eyes widened as her heart beat faster 
Lu: you took my car and drove around with it to a pub and came back drunk as Fuck are you crazy?
The way he said it really ticked Cass off he wasn't shouting however his words held a lot of authority which showed that he was angry
Cass: I uhhm didn't remember passing out
Lu: I don't like your behavior you are acting very childish. Get yourself together and tonight my parents are coming over.You better be there

He walked out leaving her with so many thoughts



So his parents are coming over. Cass thought 
And if she passed out then how did she end up in her room?...


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