Chapter 8

Luthando was on his way from the airport. For the first time in a long time he didn't worry what awaited him regarding the kids because he knew that they are in better hands.All this time he left he communicated with one of the maids asking if the kids have already warmed up to Cass and he was very much relieved when he heard her say that they are fond of Cassiethey get along with her pretty well

He was used to his own space and now that Cassie moved in he wondered how things will turn out

He arrived and walked in and found Jaden watching cartoons laughing alonewhen he saw Luthando he ran to him and gave him a very big hug.Right then he knew he left for a while and the kids missed him.He stayed with Jaden for at least 10 minutes.

He could sense the great aroma coming from the kitchen but he wasn't sure whether it was Cassie or their personal chef. He asked Jaden were Cass was and he told him that she is cooking he also told him that he liked her food. That impressed him a bit she didn't strike him as the cooking type

He decided to go check her out and also inform her that he had arrivedhe walked in and stood there admiring what was in front of his eyes. She looked very good in her tight dresshe loved what he was seeing he couldn't stop himself but stare at her beautiful figure and her well shaped huge ass.He admitted to himself that she was actually beautiful. Usually he would go for skinny woman but her she was everything she was a woman every man would dream to have.He snapped out of his thoughts and thought maybe they are better as they arehe didn't wanna ruin things between them and Afterall they are doing this for the kids.

'Luthando you scared me'

As she turned to face him
Her heart was beating so fast she wasn't expecting him and him standing there really frightened her so much. She looked at him and he was wearing his black business suit with a white shirt and loosened his tiehis pink lips looked very yummyshe looked at his body he was more fit than before.She glanced at his beautiful heaven eyes and that moment she felt goosebumps run through her spine down to her woman parts.He has very seductive attractive eyes ever and that was one thing she loved about him

Lu: Uhhm I didn't mean to frighten you
She Shaked the feeling she was feeling away quickly 
Cass: Uhhm it's okay I wasn't expecting you here
She went to take the broom and cleaned the glasses
Lu: I wanted to let you know that I am back
Cass: Ok dinner will be ready in 30 minutes time
Lu walked out leaving her to finish up

All 4 of them were sitted In the table just making small talks
Cass: I have been thinking I think Jaden should start school next year. I mean I will be able to attend all the parent meetings and he needs to get friends also be able to interact with other kids
Cass prayed in her heart that he agrees
Lu: Well I don't mind as long as he is learning

He asked her how the kids have been Cass told her all about them.She had a huge smile on her face when she was explaining how she loved spending time with them. Luthando eyed her carefully and listened attentivelyhe loved how much she got along with the kids and the kids too like her

Lu: After this we need to talk
He told her and she nod
In her heart she wasn't looking forward to talking to him about whatever since he didn't want to discuss it in front of the kids. She wished that she could run to her room and lock herself inside

After dinner the kids went to the play room

sans-serif; color:#1D2129">After dinner the kids went to the play room

Lu: About school I heard that you want to home school 
Cass: Yes i already found myself private tutors and I wanted to ask you that you allow me to finish school
Lu: I am an educated man and well I know that education comes first so therefore I will not stand in your way
That really made her happy
Lu: Tomorrow night I have a very important function t attend and I am expected to attend it with my wife to be so I will like u to call your designer and get yourself something appropriate to wear 
She nod
He took out a box and opened it then gave it to her
Lu: We have to make this look real so you will have to wear that ring everywhere you go 
Lu stared at the beautiful medium simple diamond rock in the box. The ring looked very beautiful however she didn't like how Luthando does thingsshe felt as though he needed to be kind and a bit sweet not just hit her with a diamond ring like it's a toy
Cass: Don't you think we should've discussed this the both of us
Lu: I don't see a reason to discuss anything you have already signed the contract and you know that you have an engagement ring to wear before the wedding 
Cass: I just felt as though u came about it very wrong
Luthando raised his right eyebrow
Lu: How should I have come about it?...You want me to kneel down ?
Cass: Uhhm uhh no
Lu: Then good there's nothing to discuss
Cass: Anything else?
Lu: No
Cass: Then have yourself a goodnight
She took the ring and stood up and went to the play room and took Amanda with her to her room

She was very hurt she felt like screaming and crying it all out but she remembered that Luthando will always be Luthando he is as cold as icehe will never change. It's a deal Afterall and she should abide to the rules.From now on she will do her job and stop expecting more from him

She bathed Amanda then took a bath as well
After a while they fell asleep

Next day the designer came with a very beautiful Versace long evening dress it was gold in colour.V shaped on the breasts which exposed her beautiful breasts out.
The dress was accompanied by Loubotin custard heelsshe looked very beautiful.She couldn't even recognize herself. Her make up artist did wonders to her face.

She stood there alone looking herself in the mirror 
She looked really beautiful she admitted to herself she took the box of the ring and wore it.Her heart broke a bit but she blocked the feeling

She first called her mother and they spoke for sometimeafter their chat she went out since Luthando said they will leave at 18:00 ant it was already 17:50

She walked down the stairs and as she walked down she saw Luthando busy talking on his phoneshe prayed that he doesn't hear her walk down because she'd hate him staring at her.But unfortunately Luthando turned and saw her his jaw literally dropped when he saw how beautiful she looked.She was a real beauthe couldn't stop starring at her and now he was making Cass uncomfortable.

'You look beautiful Luthando told her'
Cass smiled a bit and mumbled thank you she was a bit bitter at how rude he was yesterday

They attended the function and they were both bored however business is business

Now it was time to go home he took Cass to the car because he wasn't coming along with her he had somewhere to be
'i will not be going back with you I have somewhere to beHe told her' After he said that his phone rang and they both stared at the screen it was one and only mistress. Cassie's blood just went cold
'Its fine it looks like your mistress can't wait any longershe said that getting into the car'

The moment the car drove off she took a long deep breath and blocked away the tears


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