Chapter 7

The next week Monday 
2 Jeep cars packed outside her yard
She kissed her mother and told her she loved her and will visit her regularly but she told her she doesn't have to plus she gets along with her carrier

The two guys who introduced themselves Mike who is in his mid 30's very handsome and Sizwe In his early 30's as well who will be her personal guards took all her luggage and loaded in the cars

They drove her to the houseall the way she was thinking about her mother whether she will be fine and she pictured how much she will miss her so much

They arrived and she found all the 10 maids waiting for herthey all introduced themselves and their duties.She had her own personal maid which she found unnecessary.She introduced herself as well
Her maid introduced herselfMelissa she was in her mid 20's maybe 27 of ageshe is white and very beautiful.

Melissa took her upstairs and she entered into a very huge beautiful room.The room was very beautifulthe furniture was everything.Its like she entered into a 5 star hotel.The colours complimented each other.There was nothing she would change about this bedroom.
Melisa offered to unpack her luggage but Cass stopped her.She found it uncomfortable

She asked Mel to take her to Amanda's room.
She asked if Jaden has started with school Mel told her that he has his own personal teacher who comes everyday.Cass didn't like the idea at all he's supposed to be in school with other kids.She felt as though the kids needed other kids around them so they can feel normal to.

She found little Amanda playing with her toys
she's one happy child she's always laughing and jolly. She picked her up and kissed her small cute face all over.She wouldn't stop giggling.
She asked her nanny to tell her about her medical history what she likes don't like

They spend close to 2 hours talking
She found out that she has an ear infection and came 2 months before.

A week passed and she became even more closer to the kids.They were starting to warm up to her.They were now used to eating dinner all 3 of them as a familybedtime stories and going out for a walk in the complex everyday

On the other hand her friends were on her back not agreeing with the wedding and things got even worse when they found out she moved in with him.They tried talking her out of if but well it never worked.
She was also stressed with the wedding preparationsit was overwhelming for her. 
She was still going to school because the media hasn't found out about the wedding people knew nothing about it until one time she was walking out of class when lights started flashing her eyesshe lifted her head and found a wide number of journalist busy capturing her and asking her thousand questions. She didn't know where to go because they were following her everywhere she was going.
Now she regretted asking her guards not to stand outside her class anymore because people were starting to wonder why they were following her.

Out of nowhere they came and cleared the journalist away and took her to the cars.She was so shocked and scared.How could they have found out about this so soon?...They were planning on announcing this when Luthando was back.She was shaking she didn't know what to do.Her phone was ringing nonstop from numbers she didn't recognize obviously from journalists .She immediately switched it off. Mike stopped the car in one of the engine garages because he saw how much she was panicking and she wasn't breathing normally

He bought her a bottle of water and gave her then begged her to calm down. Cassie tried to calm down
Mike excused himself and went to answer his phone.He came back after few seconds and handed Cassie his phone

She widened her eyes as her heart started beating really fast. He knew that Luthando was angry and 
she didn't want to see that side of him

She said hello in the most lowest voice ever
Thando: Are you okay?
That took Cassie by a huge surprise 
Cassie: Yes just a little shaken

sans-serif; color:#1D2129">She said hello in the most lowest voice ever
Thando: Are you okay?
That took Cassie by a huge surprise 
Cassie: Yes just a little shaken I am sorry Lu I didn't tell anyone and I don't know how those people found out
Thando: It's okaywe will talk about this when i come back
Cassie: Uhhhm ok
Thando: Give Mike the phone
She called out Mike and gave him the phone.She was really surprised that Luthando wasn't angry and him asking if she was okay calmed her down in a way

She arrived home and all she wanted was to take a nap because this whole thing bothered her and she hated that she was to home school from now on

She woke up later on and took a long shower then wore her tracksuits.She went to attend the baby first she took her with her to the the kitchen and put her on her chair and started taking ingredients in the fridge then started cooking.After hours when she was almost done she heard people in the sitting area busy talking.She didn't recognize the voicesshe took the baby and went to the sitting room only to find Banzi and another guy who exactly looks like them.She just frozeshe didn't know what to say

Banzi: Ohhh Koti it smells nice in hear
Cassie smiled and went over to him gave him a warm friendly hughe hugged the other guy as well figuring out that he's one of the brothers
Guy: Ohhh yeah white people greet with warm hugs
Banzi: Maybe I should get me a white lady as well
Cassie smiled
Guy: Ohhh I'm Lubabalo the youngest brother
Yes he looked younger probably her age
Cass: Nice meeting you Lu
She couldn't pronounce their names so shortening them was better
Banzi took the baby
Cass: I'm almost done cookingyou can join us for dinner
Lubabalo: I'd love thatwhen last did I even eat a home cooked meal
We both laughed
Banzi: You should go visit home

They had a lovely dinner with the kids the kids seemed happy especially Jaden.He was very happy to see his uncle's. They told Cass they were here to check up on her after the little saga that happened in campus. That made her happywhich showed they actually care. They are one jolly cool people she wondered if the last brother she hasn't seen is as cool as them or as uptight as Luthando

Later that even they left
She was sleeping with Amanda because she felt as though her room was way too far from hers

The next week was a drag for her she stopped going to school but her wedding planner was just too much.The only thing that she might have liked was her personal shoppershe had a beautiful sense of style and she liked it.The shopper filled her walk in closet in different things from designer shoesto dressesjackets and skirts. She also bought herself few sneakers because that is what she liked and no one can come between them

Her friends on the other hand were slowly accepting and have given up asking her question .They were happy that she was happy

On Friday she had came back from cake taste with her wedding planner and Kim they had few drinks afterwards.She looked beautiful the same day in her figure hugging red dress below the knees.It was a tight fit and it fit her body perfectly. She had to always look good because now the media was after her at all times

She arrived and went straight to Amanda's room and she found her sleeping peacefullywhile Jaden was watching cartoonsit was just after 16:00. She decided to cook something nice for her and the kids

She was still in her dress and sleepers with wine on her left hand while the other hand was busy starring her pot.As she turned her body her heart immediately stopped and the glass of wine slipped her hands

Ohh my God Luthando you scared me



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