Chapter 6

Her phone rang as she was sitting there crying silently. She checked the caller number and didn't recognize the number
She took a deep breath and wiped her tears
Her: Hello she said with a low breaking voice
Him: This is Luthando
Her: Ohhh hi how can I help you?
Him: About the wedding remember I told u it should be soon. So my PA has managed to book u the best designer in the country and she also booked u the best wedding planner as well
Her: Ohhh Cassie said....She was not in the mood for this
him: Have u heard from your father?'
Her: Mom said he called earlier talking about the agreement not going as according to plan
Him: Mhhh your father did not exactly get the deal he wanted. But this has nothing to do with you I told him on your behalf
Her: uhh wow okay
Him: You are to become my wife i don't like how your father speaks to both you and your mother. It is very disrespectful i warned him about that too
Cassie just went quiet thinking about this she could picture Luthando warning his arrogant ass father and him shamefully embarrassed about it
Him: How soon can you move to my house?...I mean it would please me If u moved by the end of this week
That took Cass by surprise she knew he wanted this as soon as possible but she didn't think that soon
Him: I am leaving to USA for a month and the kids the past month went to visit my parents they can't go back there' He felt that he needed to explain why he wanted her to move in soon. It's not like he will be around


Cass was in bed with her mother after she stuffed her with lies about how she met Zulu and how much they are in love and are ready to take the step forward
Mother: You must put Zulu and those kids first dimples you mustn't make me a burden than I am already am I'll manage'

She told her after Cass explained to her that Luthando wanted her to move to the house with the kids
Cass held her mother's hand tightly 
Her: You've never been a burden to me mom
Mother: Then you will move in with those kids
She nod Luthando told her that people will come renovate her mother's house and also hired one of the best nurses to take care of her

The next day Cass was from her dance exercise when she found a white BMW M4 packed outside 
She wondered who could that be

She went inside and found a beautiful skinny woman sitting with her mother busy chatting a storm and laughing. Cass greeted them since they were too busy to notice her
Mother: Ohhh you are back this lady is here for you'
She sat down opposite them
Kim: I am Kim and Zulu sent me here i will be your PA for the wedding and personal stuff as well
Cass stared at her this woman drives M4 and she is her personal assistant. She doesn't even have a car of her own

Her eyes grew bigger as she looked at this long to-do list that Kim gave her after their small talk 
Cass: I am to have a personal stylist and shopper?'
Kim: This are your husband instructions'
Cass: This is absurd'
Kim: Babe you are to marry the richest man in the country so u definitely have to look the part at all times. And it should be as soon as possible before the paparazzi finds out and paints your name bad'
She forgot how famous Zulu was and she completely forgot about the paparazzi. But she didn't like the idea of a makeover this was not part of the deal. She liked who she was and yes she knew she had a little poor taste in clothes but for him to hire her a personal shopper was extreme. She thought this will be solved if she spoke with him face to face
Kim: And tomorrow you have a meeting with the lawyers
Cass: Ok then'
Kim: Bye hun I will come fetch you'
She nod

Next day she was dressed in her jeans and Adidas sweater with boots

sans-serif; color:#1D2129">Next day she was dressed in her jeans and Adidas sweater with boots it was already winter and she thought she looked appropriate 
She went to the kitchen and made her cereals. A buzzer went off at the gate and she opened without even checking thinking it was Kim
She was surprised when she saw a middle aged lady standing at the door 
Her: Uhh hi you must be Cassiopeia
Cass nod and allowed her to come in
Her: I am Nancy I am here for your mother'
Cassie: Ohhh you will be my mother's carrier right '
She smiled and nod
They got to know each other a bit Nancy studied medicine for years and left the job to become a live career nurse she said she had her personal reasons for doing that. She sounded professional and looked like she had a lot of experience 
Kim text her to come out she told Nancy she will see her later and asked one of the helpers to make her feel at home

She got inside the beautiful car
Kim: Girl what are u wearing?'
She rolled my eyes 
Kim: You do understand that u are going to the Zulu Holdings Company right?'
Cass: Yes my husband's company he will not be there anyways

Kim: 'Wow you are something else i like your personality anyways I always asked myself what Zulu saw in you but now I see u have a nice personality'

They arrived at the company 
Now that she was there she felt left out so much people out there looked very beautiful and professional she was now very uncomfortable 
She was sitting in the boardroom waiting for the lawyers. She was using her family lawyer and he phoned her saying that he will find her here

As she was busy with her phone a duplicate of Luthando walked in
The lighter version of him was standing right next to him. She felt as though she was dreaming for a moment. The guy smiled at her
Him: Mhhh now I see why the bastard wants to marry you'
Cass sat there looking surprised 
'Lubanzi' he extended his hand
Cass smiled and extended her hand too
Him: Wow you even have dimples 
Cass giggled 
Her: I assume you are one of the Zulu brothers
Him: You never heard of me before?...because your reaction the minute I walked in was very funny
Her: No I don't remember seeing u or hearing anything about you
Him: My brother is a lucky man
Him: I think you already know about the arrangement too right? Since you are his lawyer'
A lady walked in with a glass of whiskey and an orange juice
He thanked the lady and took the glass
Him: Yes I know and ......' as he was busy talking Mike walked in 
Lawyer: What are you saying to my client Mr Zulu?'
Banzi: Chill nothing that will harm her
Cass was very surprised by Banzai's  personality because it was way too different from his older brother. He was kind cool calm and sweet. He joked around and he never made her feel comfortable

They stayed there and spoke about the terms and conditions what they agreed about and it seems like Luthando meant everything he said because it was in the contract. However there's one thing that caught her eye

Cassie: I can't quit school i really can't '
Banzi: Remember one of the reasons for this whole marriage was to take care of the kids?
Cassie: Yes but I can still do that'
Banzi: Those kids need a full time mother they need love after everything they have been through. You are their only hope and I know my brother chose you for a reason. Again you know very well that medicine is a very demanding course'
She looked down thinking about the kids
Cassie: Its already June can I finish?'
Lawyer: I agree with her she can't just stop school like that allow her to finish
Banzi: You understand that you are to marry a very famous guy and the moment your name is exposed things will never be the same?....People will never look at you the same. Paparazzi will follow you around not forgetting kids asking for your photograph each day. And his guards following you around
She kept quiet and thought
Cassie: Fine I will home school then
Banzi kept quiet and nod after a while 
She smiled revealing her deep dimples 
Cassie: Wow ummm thank you'
He nod

Cassie signed the contract and at that moment she knew that this was a beginning of a brand new life


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