Chapter 56

Thando walked towards them

Thando: Go on continue

He said that with a hard cold voice

They both stared at each other then back at Thando then kept quiet

He walked towards Cassi’s direction and she started stepping backwards he paused then looked at her

Him: Why are u stepping away?...I want u to take the baby and leave me with my brother

She swallowed

Cass: It’s not what you think Thando

He kept quiet and handed the baby to her she took her then started walking away but stopped and looked at them she could see how Thando was angry and as for Langa he looked rather too calm for her liking

Cass: Ok ok ok I will tell you what we were talking about just don’t hurt him

Langa: Its okay I will be alright

Thando took out a bitter chuckled and clapped his hands

Thando: So u slept with my wife

Langa: Leave Cassie

Cassie’s heart skipped a beat she looked at Langa

With a shakey voice ‘Langa please tell him the truth’ she then walked out and went to the sitting room were the kids where at. She feared for Langa she cared for him and right now she was afraid what Thando will do and what he will even do to her.


After a few minutes of trying to hear what they were talking about but couldn’t because the kids were making noise Langa walked out without even saying a word to her. Her heart skipped a bit wondering what Thando might have said to him. While still cracking her head Thando walked out too and went straight to the door wearing his Nike black tracksuites and sneakers. She took her phone and dialled Langa but he didn’t pick up. As she was sitting there all frozen her mother in law walked in. She faked a smile and stood up then hugged her

Her: How are you doing?

Cassie: I’m fine mama how are u?

Her: I’m fine sweetie I was around and decided I come see the kids

Me: I’m sure they have missed u

Mama took baby Snow

Her: So where is your husband?

Cassie: Uhhm he just went out few minutes ago u might have just missed him

Her: Ohhh how’s Oliver and  Star’s progress doing?


She spend the whole day with her mother in law and the kids but curious about what happened to both Thando and Langa. They were now having late lunch after putting the kids to sleep. As they were eating Mama’s phone rang

She took it and answered it

Her: Hello




How? when? What happened?


Ok I will be there

She switched the call and immediately stood up

Cassie: Mama what’s going on?

Her: Langa was attacked he’s in the hospital and it’s not looking good

She stared at her as her heart skipped a bit she went speechless for a few minutes

Her: I have to go

Casse: Let me come with you

Her: No u can’t leave the babies alone I will update you

She walked her outside and her driver came then they drove off.

Cassie went back to the house and tried her husband’s number but it went straight to voicemail. She slammed the phone on the floor and groaned out frustrated with tears coming out. She slipped down next to her phone and broke down she felt so guilty. It was all her fault if she didn’t ask Langa to cuddle with her nothing would have happened between them. Langa’s life is at risk because of her. She didn’t care about Thando because they were still not back together

even when he was trying she still wasn’t ready to go back to him.


She fell asleep on the couch until one of the nannies woke her up telling her it’s time to make baby’s formula. She rose up with a terrible headed and headed to the kitchen where she made formula to all six kids with the help of the nanny. The kids drunk different formula some were allergic to certain milk while others preferred it .Again they drunk different medicine used different lotions also others preferred sleeping at certain room temperature. It was too much for her too much. She always had to be careful careful not to give the kids wrong medicine or formula. Although she appreciated the help the 2 nannies were providing she imagined if she couldn’t afford any of this what would be of her. With regards not to make mistakes with the kids each kid had their own colour for instant Star’s baby bottle was pink along with her blanket’s and her medicine basket . She never had a problem to forget who was who but having to attend six crying babies can be frustrating hence the colour idea.


She had just finished taking a shower wrapped in her white fluffy towel she went to the bedroom took a slight scream then held her heart

Her: Jesus Thando u scared me

Him: Was it for revenge?

Her: Huhh?

Him: The episode u had with Langa was it revenge because of what I put u thru?

She swallowed hard and thought carefully of her answer

Him: Why him?

A tear slipped out her right eye

Him: No don’t cry I just want honest answers

Her: It just happened neither of us planned it

Him: He started it he was the one who came to your room u didn’t ask him to. I’m very disappointed u didn’t protest

She swallowed hard as she realised that Langa lied to him she was the one who invited him to the bed

Him: You was pregnant Cassie what if something more happened. U would have let that scumbag cum in my babies Cassiopeia?

Her: Thando I’m sorry

Him: Have u fallen for him? Is it why u don’t wanna take me back?

Her: Stop it’s not like that

Him: Do u love him too? because he confessed to having feelings for u

Her: What?

Him: With my little brother out of all the people in the world?

More tears came out

Her: Just leave me alone I just want time to think

Him: To think my foot woman u cheated on me not the other way around

Her: Aggg u done worse than that so stop painting yourself better

Thando stood up in a matter of a minute and slapped her so hard that she fell down

Him: Say that again

She kept quiet

Him: You are wrong Cassiopeia and I see u don’t even see how wrong you are

Her: I apologized okay I don’t know what more u want me to say because we didn’t even fuck


Thando got so angry that he kicked her on her stomach went to take a belt from the closet then started whipping her with no remorse



Her screams fell on deaf ears as he whipped her


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