Chapter 55

Cassie had just woke up from her 2 minutes sleep after one of the babies started crying. She yawned and gave him his bottle however he didn’t stop so she woke up and picked him up then shoshed him. Its been 2 months since they came home and now they were all home. Her mother in law left 2 weeks back while her step mother left two days ago. She was now alone with 6 kids along with 2 nannies of which they only help her during the day not at night. However he was very grateful of their fathers support he was there for all of them and he was also a great help.

Oliver started crying waking up his twin brothers in the process she took a deep sigh and stood up with Blue in her hands he gave the 3 boys their bottles and they stopped crying. Thando made his way in and went to check on the 3 boys

Cassie: Thank You

Thando: Are u okay u seem tired?

She shook her head no

Her: They are too much Thando all 6 of them

He took a sigh

Him: I know and I am sorry you feel that way But babe u should ask one of the nannies to help u at night especially when I’m not around

She shook her head

Her: They are my babies Thando I want them to know who their mother is

He nod

Him: Bring her here I will put her to sleep. Go back to our room. I will sleep here tonight

Her: Thank You

She gave him blue who was wide awake with her blue sparkling eyes. She giggled when Cassie gave her to Thando he smiled proudly looking at his beautiful daughter. She had blue crystal clear beautiful eyes. They named her after her eye colour. She was very pretty with her dimples popping out when she smiled or cried Thando admitted that Cassie gave him beautiful handsome kids he’d ever laid his eyes on. He was proud of her for carrying so many humans in her tummy.


He laid down on the fluffy floor with blue in his chest staring at the decorated sealing with shining stars and a moon at a far corner when they deemed the room the ceiling lights up the room like at sky at night.

He kissed her forehead and closed his eyes


The next morning Cassie opened her eyes it was just after 9:00 she admitted to herself that she had enough rest. She was surprised no one came to wake up like every morning. She took a long bath and dressed herself in her Nike tracksuits. She drastically lost the pregnancy weight. The kids were a handful and very stressful so much that she lost weight in just 4 months. They were 4 months and 3 weeks old.


She went straight to the kitchen and found Langa making himself a milkshake

She greeted him as his eyes went up meeting hers she quickly looked down

Her: Uhhm morning why wasn’t I woken up this morning?

Langa: Your husband has been taking care of them the whole morning in fact both of us because he woke me up early around 6:00 to come to the house only to find out he wanted me to keep him company with the kids

I laughed

Me: So u will be taking care of them the whole day

Langa: What no I love them but my word I can’t handle them anymore

Cassie: Look langa about what happened weeks ago

Langa: I don’t regret what happened because I ….

While he was about to talk they heard a baby coughing behind them and they found Thando starring at both of them


Their hearts skipped a beat


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