Chapter 54

Thando made his way to Doctor Wayne’s office he stared at him

Thando: You said only a week Wayne a week it’s been 2 weeks don’t piss me off

Him: You need to calm down she is getting better each day which is a positive thing she just needs a lil bit of time. There’s nothing negative happening to her at the moment. She will wake up

Thando: I am annoyed you should’ve said before doing the operation that it is possible she takes a little while before she wakes up

He stood up and went to her ward then sat with her for the next 30 minutes after that he went to see the kids. They were growing a little bit all 4 of them were growing just fine and as for baby number 5 and 6 they were a little slow especially baby number 5. He was worried about him he was still small and still pale. As he was sitting at the incuber busy taking pictures of the baby’s with a nurse sitting in one chair at the corner looking closely o them another nurse walked in

Her: I am here to inform you that your wife just woke up few minutes ago and she would like to see you’

His heart skipped at bit he didn’t even waste time but stood up and went to her ward. He found the doctor busy doing his routine check-up. He went over to her and gave her a very tight hug.

Thando: Shit u scared me baby for a second there I thought I had lost you don’t ever do that to me

Cassie: My babies how are they?

Doc: Like I said they are fine Just give us a bit more time to make sure u are okay and u will go see them

She looked at Thando

Her: I wanna see them now Zulu (She said with a breaking voice)

Thando: Baby you will see them just wait for the doctor to take care of u

He wiped the already tears that had gone out her face

Him: They are fine all of them

She nod

2 hours later after the doctors made sure that she was fine Thando was wheeling her to see the kids. She was excited and also scared but most of it all she couldn’t wait to see them.


Her: They are very small

She said that brushing the 6th child

Thando: Very small I am even afraid to hold them

Cassie: They are beautiful

Thando: Not really They are small and scary

Cassie lifted her head and gave him a threatening look

Thando laughed

Him: I am joking baby they are beautiful

Her: I know u not joking

Thando: So u agreeing with me

Her: Nxxx stop it Thando

He laughed

Him: I’m joking love they are very beautiful

He kissed her forehead

Cassie: We have to name them

Thando: Let’s wait until they are at least a month

Cassie: So we call them with numbers?...that’s not right

Thando: Yes baby I just want to give them meaningful names babe…according to their progress and how they look

She nod

sans-serif">He held her hand

Him: I love you baby thank you for giving me this team and for loving me. I appreciate it baby and appreciate you being in my life. Thank You I am happy that you are finally awake

She smiled nod guilt creeped in as he remembered the awful thing she did with his little brother. She swallowed hard and stared at the kids.







Few weeks later

She packed her bag she was finally leaving the hospital with 4 of her babies. She was excited and also sad to be leaving the other 2. She went to her babies ward and found Thando holding Star she giggled and he lifted his head

Him: What?

Me: You always have her in your arms

Him: Because she’s cute and looks exactly like you

She smiled

Him: Out of all of them her dimples are already popping out and she looks so much like you. That’s why I named her after you

Me: So u already have a favourite

Him: I love them all

She smiled and nod

Him: Feed Oliver he’s been restless and I am very sad he’s staying behind along with Blue

Me: Thank you

Him: For what

Me: Agreeing that we use their English names

He laughed

Him: You butcher their names babe and u sound funny

She frowned

Him: Say Lethokuthula

She pouted her lips

He laughed

Him: Thought as much

Her: You are such a bully


Girls:  Lelothando - Blue

            Luminathi – Star

Boys:  Lungelo – Junior


            Lethokuhle – Oliver

            Lethokuthula – Scott

Lindokuhle – Quinton. Snow

She breastfed the babies after she was done they packed their bags. Langa with Zamo walked to the babies ward holding their car sits.

Zamo: Finally they are going home

Cass: I missed my bed

Zamo: Xame I feel you you’ve been here for a very long time

Cass: I know right

They all strapped the 4 kids they walked to the Viano outside and drove home

Arriving home she was welcomed by the whole family with the sitting room decorated with huge welcome home balloons and a whole full meal on the table. She smiled and hugged each and every one of them.


Them: Welcome home




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