Chapter 52

The next morning

Cassie was in the shower as tears were making their way out What happened the previous day teared her heart apart and guilt has strike her like a bomb. She cried so much thinking about how things will change between the two of them how much she betrayed her husband and how much it will tear the family if he’d ever find out. She got dressed and put on light makeup just to hide the black marks and her red swollen face. She didn’t want to go down because she couldn’t face him however she was hungry she needed to eat and take her medication.

She went downstairs and was shocked to see Thando’s parents and Lubabalo along with Langa sitting at the table eating breakfast. She awkwardly greeted everyone as she hugged them briefly. She settled down and dished out for herself.

She noticed that they were really in a good mood she took a glance at Langa and she could see that he was uncomfortable and he had a worried face. She ignored him and tried to act as normal as possible.

Mrz: Koti we came with good news

Cassie: I hope Thando woke up

She said that with a little giggle

They all kept quiet……her heart skipped a bit as her eyes popped out

MrsZ: He’s awake

Cassie: Whhaatt?

She said that stuttering

MrsZ smiled and nod

Her:He woke up 2 days ago we only found out this morning

Cassie: What I’I’’I Uhhmmm… why didn’t they call me?

MrsZ: At first I was shocked how u didn’t know and I learnt that u go to the hospital 4 times a week except weekends he woke up Friday later after u left and he demanded they do not call anyone until he gained a bit of strength to face everyone

Cassie looked at her really shocked

MrsZ: He wants to see you

Tears escaped her eyes as she was slowly shaking…..she felt her pants wet and she pushed the chair and looked at her wet leggings

She lifted her face and everyone was now looking at her

She slowly released a loud sob

Her: I just peed on myself

Mrs Zulu stood up and went to her side she touched her wet leggings

MrsZ: That can’t be pee it’s too much and sticky….Your water broke

Everyone: WHAAATTT?

Cassie: No it can’t be its too soon

She said sniffing

Langa: We should take her to the hospital…..I’ll call her doctor so they prepare a room for her

Cassie: No no no they are not coming I am not even feeling any pain…I’m fine

MrsZ: Stop being stubborn lets go

Cassie: Can I at least take a shower I can’t go looking like this (she said that sobbing)

MrsZ: No baby we don’t want to leave when your pains start come stand up

She tried standing up but she couldn’t

Cassie: I can’t feel my legs ( She cried)

MrZ: Jesus this is not right

Langa she shouted

He came back running with his phone on his ear

MrsZ: Carry her to the car she can’t feel her legs

Lubabalo stood up while shaking they carried her to the car and drove her to the hospital. Arriving at the hospital they found at least four nurses waiting for her outside with her 2 doctors. They carried her with a stretcher inside.

She was laying on a hospital bed with different machines making noise and drip connected to her. She was scared very scared

Her doctor walked in

Her: They are coming out today we can’t keep them in there because they will put u in more danger

She removed her mask

Cassie: Will they be fine?

Her: They will be fine so far their heartbeats are okay just number 5 and 6 heartbeats are a little faint

so far their heartbeats are okay just number 5 and 6 heartbeats are a little faint

She nod while wiping her tears

Her: You don’t have to worry yourself there will be 10 of us in that room helping u to deliver them healthy. There will be 4 doctors and 6 nurses each with every kid to handle

She repeatedly nod as her heart rate was beating hard

Her: Just calm down I don’t like how your heart is beating (looking at the machines)

Luthando walked in on a wheelchair pushed by Lubanzi

Their eyes looked she held her mouth while tears escaped her eyes

Luthando reached her and took her hand then held it tight

Him: Shhhh I’m here like I promised

Cassie: Thando…

Him: Shhhh don’t cry I’m sorry I’m sorry for everything…calm down baby

Cassie: I’m scared

Him: I’m scared too but we have to be strong for them

She nod as he wiped off her tears her face was swollen and very red her eyes were swollen as well….he kissed her hand as his heart skipped a bit while he thought about everything

Cassie: Thando if anything happens there save my babies

He quickly lifted his head

Him: NO

Her: Thando!!

Him: All of you will be alright you will be fine

He said that with a hard voice

Cassie: I love you

His heart melted while his eyes became glossy

Him: I love you more Mrs Zulu


The whole family was now in her ward her friends Zulu family his father and step sister also step mother. They all held hands and Nomzamo said a long prayer as they closed their eyes each praying inside. They were all scared they knew anything could happen back there. The doctor explained everything to them and they were all scared. Each of them gave her a tight hug with ‘u are strong everything will be alright words’. She knew anything could happen back there and she prayed to herself that everything goes well.


They were now in the delivery room Thando on her side and different doctors and nurses standing in their respective places. They had a short prayer before they began with the operation. Cassie was now calm she stopped crying and has accepted whatever happens will happen because it will be by his will.


Thando held her hand tightly

They operated her while she felt nothing

They both heard the first loud cry and looked at each other then smiled

Nurse 1 took the baby and wrapped the baby with a towel then went over to Cassie and Thando then showed them the little kid who was so small…It’s a boy

Another cry baby no2….Girl

Another cry baby no3…..boy

Another cry baby no4…..boy

No cry baby no5……boy…..they spanked his bum

Cry baby no.6…..Girl


She looked at them as they were busy taking care of the baby’s her heart skipped a beat as she still couldn’t here baby no.5’s cry. She slowly drifted off to sleep


She’s losing a lot of blood…..her heart rate is going down




We are losing her ……


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