Chapter 51

She had just finished dressing her daughter into white leggings and a traditional shirt with gladiators she fixed her bunny one more time and kissed her chubby cheeks then began dressing up herself into white skinny jeans and a matching t-shirt as her daughters with red Loubotin platform heels.She took her bag and picked up her daughter then went downstairs with her. She called the guard who loaded their busket in the car she took her daughters bag and they walked to the car.

2 hours later they arrived at the resort the place looked beautiful with lots of trees and fresh flowers....The guards escorted the both of them she found her friend Nomzamo and her parents with other family members along with some of Lubanzi's friends and her other friends. She smiled as she made her way towards everyone greeting them and giving them hugs.

Today they were celebrating her birthday Lubanzi decided to throw her a small get together with her friends and family.They all were happy to see her.

As she was busy sitting with her parents along with Zamo talking about random things Banzi along side Lubabalo walked in Banzi was carrying a box that looked like it had a cake in it while the other hand carrying a bunch of red balloons Lubabalo was carrying huge red roses with a small paper bag.

She smiled when she saw him he looked very handsome and appeasing.Banzi has already met Ashanti's parents who adored him so much they loved him for her daughter and they get along so well.Banzi's parents also did meet Ashanti after she gave birth but they weren't happy with their arrangement of cohabiting although it doesn't mean they didn't like her they treated her with respect and fareness.

Banzi gave her a pack on the lips with a tight squeeze
She also hugged babalo and introduced her boyfriend to some of the family members and also friends who didn't know him.

Banzi asked her to go open the cake and put it on display since it was still inside the box.She went over to the cake while people silently gathered around her without her noticing. Banzi stood behind her with his daughter clinched to him.

She slowly opened the box and her heart stopped beating for a minute she covered her mouth with shaky hands and read again what was written in that small circle cake covered with strawberries
She slowly turned and found him kneeling down while their daughter sitting on his lap with a small box that had a ring
Banzi: Will you marry me?
She nervously nod
Her: Yes yes yes yes I'll marry you....YES
She screamed afterwards and everyone clapped
He stood up and gave her a long soft slow kiss
Banzi:You just made me the happiest man in the world

Langa looked at her carefully while she was busy sniffing. He hated to see her like that he hated seeing her breaking and most importantly crying .This was no time for her to stress out not now not ever.He wanted to see those kids born safely and their mother also deliver them safe. She has been through a lot and now seeing her crying for his brothers doings squeezed his heart
Him: Hey don't cry
Cass sniffed even more
He pulled her over to him and gently hugged her
Him: It's not his baby
She lifted her head
Cass: How sure are you?
Him: I went over to see the baby
Cass: So u just seeing the baby is not his by just looking at him/her babies look like everyone when they are still small
Him:Zulu babies look exactly like their family when they are born that baby is not his and besides she confessed when I demanded the truth
She looked at him as she processed what he said
Cass: Wow
Him: I told u to never stress about such things u need to focus on your babies and your husband waking up
Cass: I can't believe i almost lost my babies because of her why would she put me through that whilst she knows that I'm pregnant.Why would another woman do that to another one don't she have a heart?

Tears filled her eyes
Cass: Do u think I'm too sweet?....Too sweet that i let them disrespect me?
Him: No u are amazing
Cass: I just don't get it maybe I'm the problem here maybe I'm not strict or rude enough....all his mistresses disrespect me.They have a nerve of coming to my home and disrespect me infront of my kids.Which women in their right mind would do that? .....i dont get it
Him: There's nothing wrong u did he is the one who allowed them to disrespect you he should have put them in place.Just please stop crying okay
She nod and wiped her tears
Him: lets take a walk i know u can't stand for long we will take the wheelchair
Her: Okay i can do with fresh air and a cup of ice cream
He stood up and helped her up

A week later
She had just woke up sweeting after having a nightmare she couldn't remember what it was all about

her heart was heavy. Tears made their way out as she sat up straight.She looked at the time and it was 02:30am....It's times like this she wished her husband was here with her.She didn't understand why wasn't he waking up. It's been month's she'd spoken to him about all the good things he should here and remember but still there was no progress.She was scared very scared because the kids are growing fast they can come out anytime. Her fear was them coming out while their father was still in the coma
She sniffed more

She woke up and wore her gawn
She went to the kitchen and switched on the lights and took out the lasagne and warmed it up then sat down and ate while tears coming out.

Langa was coming from the office going to his room when he saw kitchen lights on from downstairs. He made his way down
He found her stuffing herself with food while she was sniffing for a moment there he silently laughed wondering if she's crying because the food tasted good.He has learned alot about pregnancythe mood swings the baby kicks hormones temper the non stop tears.It was actually a good feeling to him.Right then he saw that women are one special creatures.
Him: Why are u crying?
She lifted her head a bit startled 
Him: Are u perhaps in pain?
She shook her head and stood up to rinse her plate
Her: My heart is just heavy
Langa kept quiet
She dried her hands
Her: And lately I've been having nightmares
She sniffed
Langa huffed and went over to her and pulled her for a hug
Cassie: I miss my mom Langa in times like this i wish she was around
Langa: Shhhh don't cry
Cassie: I wish she was here she always say the right things and I miss laying in her chest while she tells me everything will be alright. Langa I am lonely I feel alone
Him: But I am here( he whispered)
Her: I know and i appreciate it
Him: You'll be fine
Her: Can u please come sleep in my room you will leave as soon as i fall asleep
Him: Cassie I...
Her: Please Langa i don't wanna be alone
He swallowed hard and nod
They made their way to her room she was sleeping in a guest room downstairs.Langa didn't know how to feel about this not when he felt in that way about her not when he tried to suppress his feelings towards her

She slowly got in the covers Langa took a deep breath and got in the covers too.He gently pulled her towards him.He hugged her from behind while she snuggled herself close to him. He became hard same timeshe gasped as she felt his hard poking her bum. Her heart skipped abit and right then she realized she made a big mistake by inviting him to her bed. He's a man after all and he is to react this way.

She swallowed again as her breathing slightly changed
Cassie: Langa ( She whispered breathless)
Langa didn't let go
Him: Cassie
Cassie:Your thing is poking me
Him: I know do u want me to move
He rubbed her shoulder slowly
Cass gasped 
Cass: this is wrong Langa
Him:I know and i can't help it
He slowly kissed her back as his hand went over to her breasts and massaged her....
Him: Tell me to stop please ( he whispered)
Cassie: We can't
He made her turn and they faced each other
Him: I know this is wrong and very disrespectful but i can't help it I've been holding myself for weeks now
Cass was speachless she didn't know what to say a part of her knew what he was talking about she too felt something but she's been holding herself up.This was wrong very wrong
She felt his lips on hers for a moment she froze
Langa kissed her she didn't respond but that didn't stop him.His hands gently wrapped her neck pulling her closer to him she ended up giving in and they shared a fast passionate kiss

He went over to her neck and sucked her slowly while massaging her huge yellow breasts gently he trailed the kisses down to her stomach as moans escaped her mouth.He slowly lifted her up to pull her pants down but Cassie stopped him
Him: i will not go any further i just wanna taste u that's all I promise
Cassie let him be....he pulled down her pants along with her panties and slowly sucked her nicely shaved vagina
Moans surrounded the room as Langa went hard on her she cane twice while still eating her.

He slowly went to her face and gave her a long passionate kiss and stopped and cuddled her
Him: Sleep beautiful


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Minenhle 2019-08-15 18:06:01

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She shouldn't feel guilty her husband doesn't deserve her loyalty