Chapter 5

It was the next day after her meeting with Luthando 
Her friends requested an emergency meeting and she knew it was about the cars that came to fetch her not so long ago. Now she was walking to the restaurant not knowing how she will tell her friends that she is getting married to the most handsome rich man in the country Luthando Zulu

She arrived and was the first one to get there. She took a sigh and sat down on their usual table which was just at the corner.She ordered her wine she loved drinking wine and casually going out. She needed the wine so that it can calm her nerves and lucky for her she had no classes the next day since it was weekend but she frowned thinking that now she will miss her dance glasses because of this wine

She was on her second glass now and Nomzamo walked in minutes later Ashanti followed. The girls ordered their cocktails and food. They started drinking and talking about random stuff
Zamo: So are u gonna tell us why big man with beautiful cars came to fetch u?
Shanti: I thought maybe your father ordered them to fetch you but I heard that the number plates of the car were written Zulu
She gulped her drink and tried to stay calm
Cass: So I have been keeping a secret from you guys 
What!! Both of them said
Zamo: don't tell me u owe loan sharks 
Shanti: stay quiet she will explain 
Ashanti is the one that pays more attention while Zamo is the talkative one.
Cassie is closer with Nomzamo not that she wasn't with Shanti 
Cassi: Remember 4 months back when I went to attend a gala dinner at my father's house?
Mhmm they both nod
Cassie: uhhm yeah and I met someone there 
What?... Shanti said
Cassie: Yes we've been talking ever since and guys let me be honest I'm in love
Shanti started screaming 
Shanti: Girl you in love?
Zamo: And u didn't tell me...She was now emotional 
Cassie: Babe I wanted to tell u remember the same month u had issues with Mark and u were very emotional 
Zamo: then what about the next month I know u Cassie u haven't strike me as someone whose in love .I would've noticed
Ashanti: Zamo calm down she had her reasons behind her keeping it a secret 
Zamo: Then tell us Cass what's the reason?
She kept quite 
Her: It's Luthando Zulu I had to keep it a secret
Shanti: Who?
Zamo: What?...Don't tell me it's the same person I am thinking of
Cassie blushed while she nod repeatedly. She had to make it look real because now her friends knows her more than anything 
Zamo: Whattttt thheee fuck ...she said that shouting 
Ashanti: I'm lost
Zamo: Bitch don't u know goggle?
Shanti took out her phone
Zamo: Wow l don't know what to say
Shanti: Are u serious?
Cassie Nod
Shanti: Wow that explains the guards and the cars. Wow he's really handsome too
Zamo: I honestly still don't understand why u kept it from us
Cassie: I don't know I guess I wanted to be sure because he's famous so we wanted to try things out first.

Cassie didn't like the idea of lying to her friends but in her mind she had no choice. She didn't want them to look at Luthando with the eye of hatred. She didn't want them to disrespect him because now they know who he really was. She didn't want that at all.

She stayed with her friends for some few hours trying to make them understand why she kept it a secret. Ashanti was very happy for her but Zamo was still very much reluctant about believing her. She didn't even know how she will break the news about them getting married soon

As they were walking out the restaurant 
Cassi: Guys I have one more thing to tell u
Shanti: He bought u a Lamborghini?
Cassie laughed out loud
Cassie: No silly
Zamo: Then?
Cassie: He asked me to marry him and I said yes
Both of them looked at her really shocked
Cassie was very nervous waiting for their response. Now she knew that they didn't like the idea by just looking at them

Her phone beeped her mother was calling 
She answered her phone. Her mother was asking when is she getting home because they needed to discuss something important before she goes to bed.

Cassie switched off the call after speaking to her
Cassie: I don't want you guys to talk me out of this because I love Luthando and I am ready to marry him. We both spoke about this and I agreed to being his wife. I will give you time to process it because I have to get going. And remember one thing 'She widely smiled' I love him he makes me happy. Please allow me to feel this way and consider my happiness' She kissed both their cheeks and walked to the Uber
Tears streamed out as she walked to the car she hated lying to them and she was not happy. She was very scared and needed someone to tell her that everything will be fine. She wanted her best friends advise and support

She arrived home after putting herself together since she didn't want her mother to see that she wasn't well
Mother: Paul told me you are getting married soon
Her mother said as she entered the sitting room. Her heart immediately stopped. She immediately became angry how can her father be this cruel. She did what he wanted her to do and now he told her mother about the marriage. She was very angry because she wanted to tell her herself. She wished as if she could strangle her father to death. She sometimes thought that maybe he wasn't her real father.

Her:I wanted to tell....
Mother: Ohhh my Godso it's true there's someone. I mean u hardly go out unless it's Wednesday and Friday when going to your dance classes. You come home in time all the time well except lately
She sat next to her while her heart beating really fast
Mother: So all this time u didn't go to dance classes? her mother assumed while starring at her Bubble eyes
And a smile escaped Cassie's mouth while she looked down
Her mother smiled
Mother: Wow dimples you should've told me
Her: What did Paul want?
Mother: He was being himself grumpy as always talking about your husband to be called Zulu saying some business deal with him didn't go as planned
Her: Ohhh
Mother: Now tell be all about Zulu and I can hear he's black. I'm sure he is very handsome and I know u will make beautiful mixed race kids
Cassie giggle 
Her: I will tell you all about him mommy but now I need to take a long steamy bath
Mother: And dimple's marriage?
Her: We will discuss all of this later i just want to bath
She nod

She got in her room and immediately collapsed down and cried...... It's for a good course ......It's for a good cause.....

She kept on repeating those words over and over again


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