Chapter 4

She couldn't hide her happiness when she heard him say that. Now that she knew her mother's health was no problem and that she will get the best doctors made her more than happy 
She knew that what she was about to do was all worth it and she will never regret it

As they were busy talking a nanny walked in carrying a very cute baby girl and a young boy followed behind them

She put the baby down and she immediately crawled to him He picked her up and the baby smiled more when he saw him he played with her and for a moment Cassie was caught up in their little bubble and found them very cute. The boy sat next to him
He stopped playing with the baby 
Him: this is Amanda she's 1 year 4 months and this champ here is Jaden and he's 9 years old
She smiled and asked to hold Amanda he gave the baby to her and she immediately giggled when she kissed her tiny cheek. She greeted Jaden and he kept quite
Him: What did I say about being rude 
He cleared his throat and said hi
She smiled back he seemed really quite and he looked bothered. U could tell he wasn't happy

They stayed with the kids discussing them and after an hour Amanda was fast asleep in Cassie's arms and Jaden left a long time ago. He called the nanny and she took Amanda 
Her: So I want us to talk about duties I wanna know more

She wanted to hear what he was getting herself into

Him: You will know more when u sign the contract and I have conditions too' He said that while turning and looking at her straight in the eyes 
Her: Ohhh? She saw how serious he was
Him: I have a mistress Linda and she's non-negotiable
That took her by surprise she wasn't expecting him to say that and she didn't hide how shocked she was
Him: I also have other interests as well

Her mind immediately started flashing with questions. He has a mistress she asked herself where was she based is she beautiful is she a model. Many thoughts were running through her mind
Him: I do not expect intimacy with you if u decide you want a child of your own I will never stop you there are many ways to do that. You can do an IVF
That really caught her attention as she stopped thinking about his mistress 'Linda
Her: Then how do u expect me to live? she asked calmly
Her calmness took him by surprise but he was glad that she didn't react regarding Linda but why would she?
Him: I don't follow
Her: Do u expect me to see someone else as well discretely like u do?
She eyes him and waited for his responds
Her question took him by surprise he wasn't expecting her to want to have someone on the side
Him: Of cause not
Her: Then make me understand here how will this marriage work? You expect a woman my age not to see anyone? no physical intimacy at all?
She was a bit embarrassed but she tried to act calm 
He looked at her and thought that her question was very fair however he will never let anyone touch his wife not even if it was a deal
Him: You are not going to have any man on your side
Her: That's total bullshit she said it loud without realizing it

He looked at her surprised by her reaction and how angry she was now her cheeks turning pink
Him: Don't ever speak with me in that tone.

He warned her piercing his eyes right through her

She pressed her lips together because now she was getting angry because he was not being fair. She thought will she age a lonely virgin.

Her: I asked you a very reasonable question but instead your answer was way beyond something else. How long does this marriage have to last?
Him: Until the kids are grown
Her: You mean all my youth time?
He kept quiet and thought for a minute he took a look at her and saw how angry she was and he found her very beautiful her beautiful bubble eyes popping out and her beautiful cheeks turning red
Him: Then we make it a real marriage this is the only option I have for u. If u want any other man in your bed you will have me and no one else
Her: I don't agree as well if u have other woman in your life then I will not have sex with you
He took a deep breath 
Him: We are wasting our time in this senseless conversations we will talk about it as they arise
She kept quite 
Him: There will be a pre-nuptial contract for u to sign our lawyers will deal with the contracts. If u happen not to agree in any of the terms u will discuss it with them. Now if you excuse me I have somethings to take care of. One of the driver's will drive you home
He said that standing up 
Her: I have a condition as well

He froze and stood still
Her: You will have to respect me be kind considerate and consider my happiness as well
He looked back at her
Her: I am your wife and employee at the same time so I deserve as much respect as u will get from me
She was being difficult and he thought that she was challenging him 
Him: Then I will make the shorts at all times and in that case I want the wedding to be as soon as possible so that u can move in with the kids
Her: That's very soon I mean what about my mother? She doesn't even know anything. She won't believe me that I found someone in a short period of space on top of that I am getting married it's very soon. Do your parents know? We need to plan this properly
Him: I wasn't asking you I was telling you Natalie yo...
Her: Cassiopeia my name is Cassiopeia
He raised his right eyebrow
Him: The star Cassiopeia?'
That really shocked her she never met anyone who knew what her name meant .Only the person who named her knew what it means which is one of the stars in the sky
Her: Ehhm how do u know?
Him: It doesn't matter and you can now call me Luthando as well
Luthando loved her name more than anything his heart skipped a bit when he heard her say her name she used to study stars during his spare time. He found them fascinating. He loved her name more and was impressed as well. He thought that she should stop being formal as well and call him with his name. After all they are to get married soon
Him: You just have to deal with the issue of your mother and I will deal with my family again don’t  worry about your mother's wellbeing .I told you that she will be well taken care of
She kept quite
It would impress me a lot if we do this as soon as possible

He walked out leaving her deep in thoughts as she thought how will she break this news to her mother


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