Chapter 3

He looked at her after that reply

Her: From what I heard you want to marry a woman who will take care of your late brothers kids and I could be that. I will be a full time mother to them. I am not like any other busy woman I will give them the love and attention that they need'
He kept quite again and thought for a while
Him: What kind of pressure did your father put you through because from what I heard you are studying medicine and you love what you are studying and very committed to it?..
She took a breath and sat back
Her: I have a disabled mother at home and living with her if you happen to not invest in the hotels he threatened to sell her house and cut both of us loose so all in all I'm doing this for her

She told him straight up she didn't see a reason as to why she should keep this a secret

'I see he said'

He thought that Kirk was one evil ass yes he might be rude but he'll never do such to family especially his daughter. He thought about her as well that she wasn't here for money nor for fame but because she didn't have any choice

A wife as an employee?...A paid wife would be likely to respect his boundaries no emotional attachments or petty fights that he doesn't even like

His receptionist entered and disturbed them she made a signal and Zulu nod
Him: I will think about the proposal but be warned I'm not easy to please
Her: I knew that the first time I laid my eyes on you
He gave her a tough look and Cassie smiled revealing her deep dimples that Zulu never even noticed

They took him by surprised that he admired her beautiful face and bubble black eyes. She was really beautiful Zulu admitted

She left his office she admitted that the meeting wasn't as bad as she had imagined yes he was tough but at least she wasn't intimidated at all.

Four days later without any response from Zulu
Her father who has been on her throat about whether responded while Cassie on the other hand had already given up about Zulu and was planning a strategy as to how she was going to take care of her mother. She has even started looking for a decent job and there wasn't any that can make the situation even better

She had just finished attending a class and walking with a group of friends to her bus stop when 2 big man came approaching them. They stopped where the where standing and they came to her

Them: Miss Kirk?
She nod repeatedly as she was shocked 
' Mr Zulu would like to offer you a lift'
She nod like a school girl again and they both stood next to her and walked away to 3 black Range Rover's 
People where just looking surprised starring at her as she walked to the cars. They opened the door for and she stepped in

She sat there next to him awkwardly 
He smelt so amazing and he looked really handsome busy staring at his iPad working .He was looking very handsome with his slim fit navy blue suite that fit perfectly in his body. She felt nerves increasing because now she was sitting closely next to him unlike in his office she was a bit far from him
She now could really smell the cologne and it warmed her heart giving her multiple of butterflies

Zulu was still busy working on his iPad while Cass was just sitting there awkwardly without saying a word. She thought she will let him be and finish up. She didn't want to disturb him and besides he's the one who came to see her so she didn't see a need of her starting the conversation

sans-serif; color:#1D2129">Zulu was still busy working on his iPad while Cass was just sitting there awkwardly without saying a word. She thought she will let him be and finish up. She didn't want to disturb him and besides he's the one who came to see her so she didn't see a need of her starting the conversation

Her chicks turned pink instantly when she looked at herself she had forgotten how she was wearing. She was wearing her pink Adidas tracksuits and her Nike sneakers with her hair nicely braided and her shiny lips. She thought how much he won't be impressed at all

After he was done with what he was doing he switched off the pad and turned and looked at her for the first time since she entered 
And his arrogant face frowned as he looked at her
She was a mess however a very beautiful mess. Yes she was wearing weird 'pink' tracksuits but her face looked perfect.Her beautiful skin was glowing .She always wondered why she never made an effort to look amazing like any other women

Her: To what to I owe the honour?
He took a glimpse at her beautiful hands as she was rubbing them together they looked very soft. He tossed away that thought and wondered why was he even thinking about that

Him: I am leaving for New York soon and I would like you to meet the kids
Her bubble eyes widened 
Her: Why?...Uhhm why would you like me to meet the kids?..
He chuckled as he saw how surprised she was
Him: Because I am considering you for the job
Her: uhhm wow
Him: your father knew what he was doing and I must say he did a great job he knew very well that I will choose you

She sat there looking really shocked. Zulu saw that she was shocked and he knew then that she thought he would never consider her as a wife. He had even more fair deal to offer her compared to that old man of hers

Him: I did my homework carefully and I must say I like what I found so we have a deal. I will marry you

She kept quite because she was really shocked and she didn't trust herself to open her mouth instantly . She took out her phone and dialled her mother's numbers. She informed her that she will be a bit late for dinner tonight and that she shouldn't worry herself.

By the time she finished talking on the phone they had already entered this beautiful huge complex and the car parked outside a very huge beautiful vintage mansion that took her beautiful small heart. The house was really beautiful and very big

Him: This is my house around here' he shot her with a glimpse as she saw that she was very amused
Him: One of the duty of being my wife is that you will take care of my houses and make sure everything is running smoothly
She asked herself 'Duties' what does that implies to?’
Her: You just mentioned wife and duties in the same sentence are you a domestic tyrant?
Him: You referred the role of being my wife as a job so I am regarding it in the same light. He shot back

She kept quite as she had no words for what he just said he was right though that's what she said after all. They entered the house as the maids standing in a queue greeted him and he gave out instructions as to what he wanted them to do

They went to the sitting room
Him: I have no desire for the usual wife duties no emotional attachment and definitely no petty arguments all I want from you is to take care of my babies and nothing more or less

Her: Perhaps I don't see what I will benefit from here only you and my father will benefit something either than my mother's security will be secured

Him: if I married you I would ensure your mother's security for the rest of her life even if we are to separate at later stage you are to never ever have to worry about anything because I will still take care of her. I will ensure your mother have everything she needs including the best specialist all around the word

Cassie looked at him with a very surprised look her heart became at peace when she heard him say that. She wished she could just cry at that instant but she held herself. His voice was genuine when he said that and sounded trustworthy. He meant what he was saying and it meant a lot to her


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