Chapter 2

She looked at her father blankly as she felt that he was not being fair at all. She was still young to get married and there's so much to be done ahead

Her: I don't think I will be able to convince someone like Zulu who has power and is very arrogant at that point to marry someone like me Paul
Him: look Cassie all Zulu wants is a women to take care of those kids he wants someone who will make them feel homely....their parents died not long ago so all he wants is someone who can at least show them a motherly love and I know you can do it
Her: I'm still young I am not ready for all that and he won't even like me he will reject me the moment I enter his office I don't have the looks like Kendal
Him: Believe u me you are exactly what he wants you will make a great wife and I know he will like you. You will be able to challenge him. I know u are stronger than that Cassie
Her: I can't
Him: Yes you can u will go there and make a deal with him to marry you and convince him that you are the woman he's looking for. If you don't do that I will put that house for sale don't test me please


There she sat in her bathtub thinking about the bomb her father hit her with her thoughts ran to her mother then she started picturing her losing her house. She knows how much she adores this house and she designed it according to how she wanted it to be like
then she thought about her missing her doctor’s appointments. How much this will affect her


Her mother was once involved in an accident when she was only 7 years old she then got paralysed and busted some important nerves ....She is using an electric wheelchair because at times her hands fail her she can't really move them. During cold days her body starts getting painful. After the accident her father built her this house for her special needs so that she can move around her kitchen is low so she can cook for herself if she wants.... He did everything that she'd asked him that she wanted

After the accident she moved with her mother to the new house he divorced her and moved on with his life. She chose to stay with her mother and it was very hard she had to learn to do certain things at a very young age and taking care of her mother too was part of it. He hired helpers for both of them the helpers too are the people who raised her. They have been working here for years and are practically family.
They have 3 helpers Connie who does the cleaning and cooking she’s 35 years of age Lizzy her mother's full time nurse who helps her with her dozes and 27 of age and of cause Katlego who was taking care of her when she was young but now takes care of her mother and some house chores

She got out of the tub with a heavy heart she wasn't looking forward to dinner because her mother could see right through her when something is bothering her and she didn't want to stress her out. They had dinner together and she tried acting as normal as possible and luckilyher she noticed nothing


Next 2 Days

She was sitting in the reception in one of Mr Zulu's company he was in Town and his father made an appointment for her. She had thought about the arrangement real hard and she concluded that this is all for her mother.
She deserves a lot better and she thought about all the best specialist around the world that she would take her to with Zulu's money. How much this will help her mother.

She had done her research carefully about him

He is one arrogant ruthless cold bustard

he never smiles all his pictures he looks very serious he's intelligent. He has 3 handsome brothers he's the oldest 32 years of age they are in the business industry while he is the powerful one of them all.
His parents are based in KwaZulu Natal. He's been spotted with many beautiful models all around the pictures she saw made her so insecure so much that she believed that he will never like her. All in all Zulu is a tough man to handle however she knew she could handle him a bit she is insensitive. Growing up without a father forced her to become an adult long before her time as she was forced to take care of her disabled mother...

She looked at the beautiful glass building she admired the beauty of it...How simple and amazing the furniture is and how well placed everything was

Mr Zulu had just finished with his meeting her receptionist came and reminded him about Paul Kirk's daughter he had asked his receptionist to find out about her and well there was nothing much about her either than that she's just a focused person nothing hectic about her that ticked him off

The receptionist got out of his office and told Cassie that Mr Zulu is ready for her. She stood up and took a deep breath. She fixed her knee length skirt she didn't have much nice clothes. She only had lots of tracksuits and jeans she hardly bought dresses or formal clothes. She was wearing a high waist skirt along with its top her mother once bought for her on her birthday the previous year. She didn't wanna bother her friends because she knew they'd ask many questions. She hasn't told anyone about what was happening and she wasn't planning on telling anyone

Zulu looked at her as she entered the office
He'd never seen her before not even at her father's house during the gala dinner he had with them she was never there. So he wondered why was she in the dark and hiding herself from the world but maybe she liked her own space he figured out

He sat back as he was staring at her approaching him she seemed as if she was uncomfortable
She came closer and he took a good look at her carefully she was beautiful he noted her beautiful black eyes made her face glow up her thick lips well shaped and he noticed that she wasn't wearing any make-up on and her outfit didn't really catch his eyes but of cause her beauty blinded all the negative thoughts he thought as if she didn't put too much effort for first impression and it made him think even more
Compared to her sister she went all out to look beautiful for him always

Him: I am a very busy man so whatever you say must be brief

She had forgotten how rude Zulu can me she looked at him and it hit her hard that he is as handsome as those pictures she seen in the internet 
He looked like those sexy male models with his well-shaped face and those brown small eyes with his chocolate skin tone. He had broad strong shoulders you could see through that suite that he had a body to die for and he smelt so amazing that for a moment his cologne made her droll even more

Her: My father asked me to come see you' she said with a low voice since nerves were starting to cause tension
Him: You are a student what could u possibly tell me that's important and will grab my attention?..'
Her: A little while back you were planning to marry my little sister
He sat back and looked at her faintly that made her uncomfortable 
Her: My father put me in a very tight spot to come see you ‘He kept quite’
Her: I am here to offer myself in a place of my little sister. She said embarrassed...I know it may sound crazy but my father believes I am suitable to be your wife
She went straight to the point she wasn't planning on going in circles with him. She had concluded that he won't agree to anything 
Him: Suitable? You are certainly not the type of woman I'd aspire to marry
She rolled her eyes
Her: Of cause I'm not your usual type model women but I know very well that I'd make a good wife
He looked at her and saw that no matter rude he was to her it didn't affect her at all and it didn't make her uncomfortable. Another thought ran through his mind
‘It was true that homely women make the best wives and he knew that no model will ever take care of his brothers kids’ 
Him: You speak as though the role of being my wife would be a job'

Her: Isn't it?...She asked



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