Chapter 11

Their dinner continued and it seemed as though they all blend in together Luthando and Cass were doing a very good job with pretending and the brothers were very impressed by how they were good at acting this whole thing

Later that evening everyone left and the both left to their separate rooms.They both had a wonderful time and Luthando liked the fact that Cass blended very well with his family it seemed like everyone likes her.

It was Friday now
Luthando left the second day after the dinner to Johannesburg.Cass was very excited to meet the girls and they were sleeping over too. She was sitting with Amanda in the garden just relaxing her phone rang and it was the girls calling her saying the security won't allow them to enter. She picked up Amanda and walked down to the main gate it was a bit far. Mike ran after her as she saw her walking down to the gate
Him: Should I bring the car?
Cass: No my friend's are at the gate please ask the security to let them in
Mike nod and went to the main gate. Cass waited at the drive through for them with the jolly Manda. After few minutes Zamo's car approached. He heart jumbled with joy she missed them so much

She stopped the car next to her and they both got out and went to give her a very tight hug Ashanti took Amanda and Nomzamo and Cass hugged again
Cass: Ohh my word I missed you guys so much
Zamo: Don't even think about crying 
Cass: I'm just happy to see you guys
Ashanti: We gon have theeee best time of our lives this weekend 
Zamo: Yassss
Cass: Come on let's go inside 
Zamo: where should I park my car?
Cass: leave it here they will do it for you
Shanti: wow this house is verrryyyy beautiful 
Zamo: and huge
Cass smiled 
Cass: Wait until you get inside 
They all walked to the house
Ashanti: This child is really adorableshes not afraid of people and she's very beautiful 
Cass: She's such a darling 
Zamo: You've always loved kids and I'm sure u are a great mother figure to them
Cass smiled
Cass: They are everything to me

They arrived and the girls were so breath taken by the huge beautiful house they couldn't even hold their selves when they saw how beautiful their guest bedrooms was. They loved everything about the house and they still found it hard to believe that Cass is really living here and will be getting married soon

All 4 of them including Amanda were now sitting outside eating all sorts of goodies catching up about everything

Zamo: So how was dinner with the in laws?...I know how black mother in law's can be. 
Cass: It was actually beautiful she's one sweet beautiful woman ever
Zamo: I'm glad hunny you are very lucky there isn't many woman in that family 
Shanti: you can say that again remember Bongiwe my ex boyfriend his sister's once chased me out
They all laughed as they remembered the story
Zamo: I remember how shocked you were the same dayyou didn't even cry
Shanti: I actually found the whole thing funny they didn't like me because I'm white and I refused to eat their famous mogodu
Cass: and I actually like it with pap
Shanti: eueww
Zamo: hehaike manje uyatefa u'Ashanti
Cass: uyatefa vele
Shanti: Honestly you are a black girl trapped in a white body
Zamo: True true true I still can't believe all your high school life u did Zulu
Shanti: remember I tried doing it and my first attendance was my last one
They all laughed
Shanti: gosh that language is hard I don't know how u pulled it off Cass
Cass: I just wish I was fluent with the language 
Zamo: at least u can hear everything they say
Cass: that is the most fun part

I don't know how u pulled it off Cass
Cass: I just wish I was fluent with the language 
Zamo: at least u can hear everything they say
Cass: that is the most fun part

The girls spend almost 4 hours sitting down and just catching up.Later that evening they were all dressed in their p.j's sitting at the huge bar with all the expensive alcoholic beverage.When Zamo saw the bar she couldn't help it but started running around screening she was very excited to see all the expensive alcohol she wished to taste

They decided to moveso they took a bottle of whiskey and went to the cinema room with it and went to watch the latest chic flick moviesnow they were drunk and all passed out at the chairs

Luthando just arrived from Johannesburg it was just about 03:10 in the morninghe was a bit tired from doing back to back meetings and all he wanted was a peaceful sleep and a warm shower

As he was about to go to his room he heard sounds coming from the cinema room and he wondered who would watch tv at this time.He went inside and found 3 ladies sleeping uncomfortablely in the chairs with junk and alcohol covering them. He figured out that they are her friends he decided to let them be. He wasn't really angry but understood that they probably missed each other and this was their catching up time

He went to the kids room and they both were sleeping comfortably.

Next Day

Cass was the first one to wake up her body was really painful. She was sleeping uncomfortablely and she had a booming headache.She woke the girls up and they too felt the same way she was feeling.They checked the time and it was already 09:00. They all stood up and walked outas they were on their way to their rooms all 3 of them froze when they saw Luthando walking to their direction he was wearing Nike shorts with it's shirt and sneakers

Cass was very surprisedshe thought he was coming back next week.Ashanti and Zamo were very shocked and it was the first time they see him yeah he is one handsome guy but he looked scary very intimidating...you'd swear he would tell them shit the moment he arrives were they where standing

He stopped were they were standing 
Him: Good morning 
Zamo: uhhm ehh morning 
Ashanti nod they were both shocked and a bit scared.They didn't know how to react
Cass: uhhhm I didn't know u were coming 
Thando: Are u not gonna introduce me?
He raised his left eyebrow and looked deep within her
Cass: ohhh this are my 2 best friend Nomzamo and Ashanti.And girls this is. . 
Zamo: the love of your life
Luthando smirked
Thando: We will meet during lunch since u missed breakfast don't be late.
He then looked at Cass
Thando: Can I have a word with you?
She nod
The girls went to their rooms
Thando: I am taking the kids with me to my farm we will come back before lunch
She nod 
Thando: My brothers are sleeping over tonight it looks like it will be a full house
Cass raised an eyebrow 
Cass: Uhhm they are?...Why?
Thando: Why?
Cass: No I didn't mean it that way
Thando: Good I will see you later dear fiancee
He left her standing there looking very surprised

It's gonna be a long day....The Zulu brothers' and her friends in the same house and both of them having to pretend all this time really stressed her out



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