Chapter 10

Cass went to attend the meeting with her wedding planner they spend two hours together.She has already found a dress.Luthando managed to get her one of the best wedding stylist in America when he was invited in one of the fashion shows and Cass already ordered her dress online that she loved very much from the store and they will deliver it as soon as its done. She arrived home and Letty one of the helpers told her that the chef has arrived and that they have already started decorating the table where they will be sitting.All the Zulu family will be here and for the first time she was very scared to meet people.She wished that she would invite her mother but she understood that the parents wanted to know her more but she wished that him and Luthando should've set down and prepared themselves since some of them don't know that the wedding was arranged so they will never know what sort of questions they will ask her

She had just finished bathing dressed in her David Kau Black tight fitting dress just above the knees.The dress was simple yet elegant.She put on her gold accessories and wore her gold Loubotin heels. She knitted her hair Into two neat back lines.She looked really beautiful yet simple

Nomzamo advised her not to put too much effort she took a mirror picture and she confirmed the she looked perfect.With her friends issue they have been begging to have lunch with Luthando but she'd always come up with excuses.Knowing him he would say no at the spot but next Friday she invited them for lunch in her house for the first time.She hasn't seen them in a very long time and they felt neglected and left out though they talk almost everyday on the phone

She went downstairs and surprisingly the two brothers were already there 'Lubanzi and Lubabalo.
She widely smiled when she saw themshe went to them and gave both of them a hug
The brothers were also happy to see herthey liked her character and felt as though she is a good person
Cass: It seems as like you two are always together 
Banzi: Yes we currently live together 
Cass: it must be nice
Babalo: No he's forever in my back I am moving out soon
We both laughed
Babalo: and he's uptight like your husband 
Banzi: You must be joking I'm way better than him
We all nodded and laughed afterwards 
Luthando walked in and found them laughing 
Thando: I see you guys get along pretty well 
Babalo: Obviously we do Cass is amazing 
Cass smiled
Cass: can I be excusedi need to see if anything is in order
They nod
Cass left
Banzi: You surely found an amazing woman here
Babalo: And he doesn't deserve someone like her she's just too sweet and amazing.And besides I never thought you'd go for someone like her.She must be special

Lubabalo was the only one who knew nothing about the wedding in all the 3 brothers including their father.Luthando is very close with their mother and they knew at some point he will tell her and they didn't want her finding out .Langa the other brother arrived as they were having drinks in the bar
Langa is the second born and has the same character as Luthando and their father Nkosana.

Mr and Miss Zulu arrived shortly
Cass went to the boys and asked them to come to the dinner table She introduced herself to Langa and he was as cold as Luthando and intimidating as fuck.She couldn't even stare at him in the eyes. He was the most handsome out of all the brothers she thought.Yes Thando is very handsome but Langa is more handsome out of all of them

She was very nervous to meet Mr and Miss Zulu
Thando offered to hold Cassie's hand and she moved her hand forward and they locked their hands.The moment their hands locked they both felt some strong feeling by just touching each other.They both turned their faces and stared at each other for a moment and they looked away

Thando: Don't be scaredshe will like you
Cass nod this felt so real. It's this whole relationship was real the way she was scared

They both entered the living room while they locked their hands.His father was very impressed the way Luthando described Cassiopeia to him he immediately liked her and knew that she was the right woman for Luthando and knew that she will know how to handle him and challenge him. He believes that they will fall in lovehe had a very strong feeling about it.

Luthando once fell in love with one woman and she lost her ever since she lost her he never opened his heart to anyone. Her death really bruised him too much that's why he had never been in a stable relationship after her death. He was afraid to give his all to someone and later on it disappears into thin air.Thats why he believed that an arranged marriage with no strings attached is much betterand as long as his late brothers kids are in good hands then he doesn't need love.

sans-serif; color:#1D2129">Cass was getting even more scared as they approached the parents

Luthando's mother Nolitha couldn't wait to see who his son was marrying.Out of all the boys he never thought that Luthando was getting married.This child was as cold as his grandfatherhe admitted that her husband can be cold but not like Luthando.From at a very young age she immediately knew that he will behave exactly as his grandfather. But deep down she knew that he has one beautiful hearts ever out of all the boys. Yes his appearance may be intimidating but within him is a total sweet person.All he needs is that one love of his life to crack that cold ice around him.That one woman who will melt his heart just as she did with her husband

But she didn't understand why they were rushing things they have just begin dating not long ago and already there is marriage involved really made he wonder

Nolitha: Come here I haven't seen you in 4 months Jobe 
She said that immediately they approached thems he gave him a warm hug
Cass greeted Mr Zulu and gave him a handshake 
Luthando backed off and went next to Cass then held her figure then smiled
Thando: Mom Meet my beautiful wife to be Ma'Zulu Cassiopeia 
Nolitha smiled 
Litha: Wow she's really an eye catch I am Nolitha his mother.
Cass smiled
Her: It's nice meeting you Miss Zulu
Lu: Dinner is ready
Litha: let's go there's so much I need to know about you two
They both faked a smile and looked at each other then nod

They were all sitted at the big table having a very friendly conversation 
The Zulu family is one happykind family.There weren't any more woman so most of their dinner table talk is all about business even Nolitha is used to it.All the boys are not married or have kids except the late brother Lefa who was the first born and married with two kids. His death is one painful scar that left each and every one of them but luckily they managed to get over it even though at some point it will never be easy because they miss him and he died a painful death.

Nolitha: So love birds how did u guys meet?
Langa: is that necessary?
Nolitha: Shut your mouth I'm not talking to you 
Cassie's hands started getting sweaty a bit but she did expect such question

She looked at Luthando and smiled
Cass: Wow how did we meet
She chuckled
Cass: It's actually one of the most funniest weirdest stories ever.Babe you remember?
Lu gulped his wine while nodding 
Cass wanted to play him a bit she knew such things would happen and she knew that they should have planned it before but hey Luthando makes the rules

The boys as well as the father all stopped eating and stared at her

Cass: So I was coming from the mall going to see my fatherand it happened the very same day Luthando was having a meeting with him.Babe should I narrated the story or u will do it?
Luthando looked at her a bit shocked 
Lu: No love u explain it better 
She smiled at him 
Cass: So he was in one of the elevators and I shouted him to hold it for me since I was a bit far from it and he did
Banzi: Interesting (he said that chuckling)
Cass: he was very serious he didn't even look at me.So I accidentally dropped my phone because my hands were full I was holding many shopping bags.I asked him to pick the phone for me and he kept quiet and said nothing
Luthando shifted on his sit uncomfortablely making Cass wanting to laugh out loud 
Banzi on the other hand u could see he wanted to laugh out loud 
Cass: He didn't say anythingand so I shook him with my hip and asked him to pick the phone up and he turned and faced me with a very scary look
She paused and looked at him
Lubabalo: he slapped you?
Luthando: what are u crazy?
Lubanzi: And?
Cass: I could see that he was angry at me but the moment he saw that I was a bit uncomfortable his face softened up and I told him that my name was Cassiopeia and apologized for disturbing him. Then the elevator opened and he left without even picking up my phone
Banzi and Langa laughed out loud
Nolitha: wait that's how u met?
Cass: Yes the first time I saw him
Lu: And there's morebabe how can u leave the most important romantic part
Cass faked a smile in her mind she wanted him to look bad a bit
Lu: Ok so after I walked outI turned back and picked up her phone then took a few plastics that she was holding and then our love started there
Nolitha: wow that is really beautiful 
Banzi: it really is
Langa: for a moment I thought he was gonna leave her there

Cass: No he didn't he couldn't resist this beautiful face

She turned and they both stared at each other

Nolitha: wow this reminds me of us Zulu she said that looking at her husband



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