Chapter 1

Ti ti ti her alarm rang and she slowly opened her Bubble eyes. She took a breath and got out of bed. Today she promised her mother that she'd join her for breakfast because this whole week she skipped it due to waking up late. She took her shower and got dressed in her grey Nike tracksuits and wore her Nike sneakers

She took her bag and went out to the kitchen.
She found her mother drinking tea in one of her favourite vintage pink cups that her ex-husband once bought for her in Italy. She wondered how her mother does it waking up every day with no stress or any regrets no anger after everything. She'd always had a beautiful kind forgiving heart and very understanding

She kneeled down a bit and kissed her forehead while greeting her .Her mother looked at her carefully
'When are u gonna stop wearing this clothes? I swear dimples u will die single and alone'

She rolled he eyes

‘Mommy I'm chasing my degree I don't have time for boys' She said

They served both of them breakfast they started talking like every day. She left and took a long walk to the bus station she arrived 15 minutes later and sat on her usual spot and minutes later the bus arrived. She stared outside looking at the beautiful houses of Cape Town she found the place very beautiful and peaceful.

She arrived and found her two best friends waiting for her to arrive. They hugged and began walking to class. The 3 met back in high school Nomzamo and Ashanti who were inseparable after they met. They told each other everything and supported one another no matter how hard or scary the situation can be. Nomzamo is studying chartered accounting and engaged she has been dating Mark from high school and earlier this year he popped the question while Ashanti is studying Information Technology and she's in and out of relationships she falls in love easily and a week later she claims it never works out. And there's Cassiopeia studying Medicine doing her fourth year

She has never found someone to give her heart to after her boyfriend of 5 years left her for some famous model and from then she'd stopped dating. Sometimes she blamed herself because she never really gave Toni the cherry(virginity) so she thought maybe that is why he left.But she'd thought he understood that she only wants to pop the cherry to her husband and well Toni was not into marriage but all in all he loved her.

The 3 of them separated later after her classes she received a call from her father's PA asking her to pass by the hotel after her classes

She was a bit surprised as to what was it that he wanted because they don't really talk a lot unless it has to do with her mother's health and money

She asked her friend Nomzamo to give her a lift since she passes the hotel when she goes home.

She dropped her off she made her way to her office.

She greeted Angel who was very happy to see her she was her fathers PA.They made some small talks until she waited for her father to arrive.She ordered something to eat since she was hungry and didn't have anything solid to eat the whole day

Her father arrived shortly

She was sitting in his big chair facing the huge wooden door

The father was very happy to see her she hardly visited him and he never liked how she isolated herself from the family. Amongst all his kids she's the only one who doesn't really get him and he thought maybe it's because of the situation he has with the mother

'Natalie' he greeted her and gave her a tight hug

She rolled her eyes because she never like the name...Paul...She replied
the old man frowned

Him: You know I don't like it when u call me like that!

She couldn't help herself that's how she is used to calling him. From a very young age she never lived with him so her addressing him as father was very weird

Him: U are gaining weight Dimples
She giggled...
Her: Maybe it's because I'm happy
Him: Then I'm happy as well
Her: Why are u being nice?..Why am I here?...
Him: I am always nice Cassie...She nod
Him:I need your help that's why I called u.
She sat back and concentrated 
Him: I am at the verge of losing my hotels all my wages are very low and I've invested so much in them. I am going broke
her beautiful black eyes widened...
Her: I'm sorry to hear that but I don't have money I don't know how I will help you...
Him: I had asked your little sister to do one simple fucken thing for me but the little brat ruined everything
She kept quite wondering what is it her step sister did
Him: She was supposed to marry Mr Zulu but she messed up
She widened her eyes..
Her: Zulu?..
Him: Yes Mr Zulu and everything would've gone back to normal
she looked at him worried that he had a nerve to sell her daughter to another man so that he can save his hotels. As she was thinking about what he said another thought hit her .She widened her eyes
Her: No wait you want me to marry him?...
He nod
Her: What? I can't do that.
She knew who Zulu was a very handsome most rich men in this country.

Him: You have to do this Cassie and u will do it At least Linda tried so why are u sitting here acting special.
She got angry same time.
Her: U are asking me to marry someone and u expect me to be fine with it?
Him: No! I know it's hard but u need to do this Cassie
She shook her head 
Her: I'm sorry I will never do such thing
He looked at her fuming he felt as though she was being rude and inconsiderate. Everything was at stake and if Zulu doesn't invest in any of the hotels then he will go bankrupt...
Him: Then u leave me no choice I lose everything I cut your allowance and u will see who will pay for your fees.
She nod.

Her: I’d rather find something do to so I can pay for my studies
He chuckled

Him: I'm not done dimples u see that house I built from scratch for your mother's needs?..The expensive physiotherapy your mother goes to? All the maids I pay every month to take care of your mother?...All the Medicine I buy for her I mean everything Cassie I will stop doing them. I will first sell that damn house if I lose everything.
Her cheeks became wet same time. She loved her mother more than anything and her losing that house will take her straight to the hospital.
Her: Paul please u can't do that
He took a breath...
Him: You are leaving me with no choice Natalie 
Her: You know we appreciate everything u are doing for us and I am working hard now so that I can take care of her myself.
She wiped her tears...
Her: I mean Zulu won't even like me I'm not even his type...
Him: U won't know until u go see him and convince him to marry u.

Her eyes widened...This is total madness she said

Him: All u need to do is take care of those 2 kids and live a happy luxurious life your entire life.
Her: You don't get it I don't want that.
Him: You will divorce him as soon as those kids grow. All he wants is a stay home woman and the one to attend all his gala dinners with. You don't have to do anything else

Her: Paul please....She pleaded 
Him: You need to do this Cassie make sure u convince him with your everything I know u can do it and he will absolutely fall for u


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