I stood behind the wall as I listened to all to them speak ill of my mother. To think that she did everything for them and this is how they thanked her. Yes they made sure they gave her a befitting burial but they spoke as if she was never a good person to them.

My mother was an ideal kind woman. She loved and gave selfless. She cared so much and worried so much too for the family. She helped them when they were at their lowest.

Now they had taken everything that ever belonged to her. They didn't even leave something anything for me to hold on to.

I expected them to show us sympathy but all we received was cruelty..

That day was the happiest and the most worst day of my life. I was excited to go back home after receiving my final grade 12 report. 

I'd made it. I was going to tell her the best news. She was yearning for. She always encouraged me to do best at school and never fail. She even showed me that she had a savings account for me and my brother for our school purposes. 

But to my surprise I was too late to tell her. Too late to reach her. I found her laying on the pool of her own blood. Dead.

She was not breathing nor moving an inch. She was gone by the time I got there. I was late. Mandla beat me to it.

Mandla is my step father Musa's father. He at first site you wouldn't think he was capable of hurting a woman yet a woman he claimed he loves. He really loved her and cherished her until years later after mother gave birth to Musa. He started to beat my mother and accused her of sleeping with other men. And all of those men were the ones she worked with at her workplace.


But all of that was a lie. He just wanted to get to her I think.

In the morning when I had to go to school I'll find her crying with bruises on her face and body but as always she would lie to me and say she was at fault and that i am young I wouldn't understand these things. Though she knew that Mandla didn't have the right to beat her no matter the situation.

Yes. I don't know my biological father. I took Mandla as one. My mother never spoke of my father even when I'll asked her about him. When I did her face will change to a very hurt and in agony kinda face. I don't know the history of what had happened between them.

But nevertheless my mother was a good parent to both me and Musa. And I wish she only died through illness and not killed by the man she loved so much. 


I jumped at that voice

that rubbed me off my thoughts. I quickly wiped my tears and made my way to the lounge room. Where they were seated.

I stood in front of them until they told me to sit down. I sat down and bowed my head. -I felt somehow ashamed.

"I never thought that this day will come. Mary finally kicked her own bucket of water. And once the water has touched the ground there is no where you'll get it back." Sarah.

She's the first born of my mother's parents. And that is the first thing she says to me..

"Yes true. I'm just happy she had a funeral cover and paid it well. I wouldn't have wanted to spend my own sweet money on a bitch." Joy.

"Me too. I am glad. So what's going to happen to her bastard children she left behind? I can't take them. My house is full." Leah.

They didn't care whether I was present or not. They called us names.

"I can't too I have two beautiful boys to take care of and they're coming in handy" Joy

"Then I'll have to take them in. My beautiful daughter stays with her father and she only comes for visits." Sarah.

"You hear that Nomzamo sarah is taking you and your brat of a brother in. You should be grateful." Joy.

"Yes. And please just to start warning you respect her." Leah.

I was preventing my tears from falling by blinking them off. We never disrespected them or anyone in that matter. Mother taught us well. All of this was to poke me.

"Now go inside and pack your clothes and everything of yours. We are leaving today. Go!" Sarah.

I stood up and went to my room and started packing. I had to use bin black plastics to carry some of the clothes. They were so many of them.

After I was done I was asked to go outside and call Musa. Musa is my five year old baby brother.

I went outside in hopes to find him probably playing with other kids. But when I got there I came across the most sad scene.

He was being beaten by the other kids with his toys scattered on the ground. Broken.

I immediately ran towards them.

"Yezwe leave him alone. You're hurting him!"

 I was trying to separate him from Musa. Whilst Yanga was continuously crushing the iron man toy my brother loved so much.

As soon as I did break them off Yezwe and his brother ran of laughing. I helped him up and dusted his clothes off.

"Why were they beating you? But I told you to never playing with them. I'm sure you did something." I said dusting his clothes.

"No. I didn't do anything. I saw them taking my toys and I tried to stop them but they started beating me up. And now they have broke all my toys. Including my iron man toy." Musa

He cried..

My heart was torn to more pieces when he said that. I wiped his tears off and picked him up.

"San ka mama. Askies. Don't ever play with them." I said with tears falling out of my eyes.

"I want mama. She would have beaten them up" He cried.

That there.. was enough to kill my soul.

Later before we left my best friend Bianca came to see me for the last time. She was very sad when she learned I was leaving the hood and to never return.

She was the only human that was close to my heart. We shared a lot and now I had to let go of every little detail we had and promised to have together.

All my dreams and hopes to having a great future for myself and to make my mother proud flourished away. It's like where they were my dreams became dark and perished.

I knew my misery was about to begin..

My name is Nomzamo Rose Masango. This is my story.


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