I always wake up first in the morning. And when I did I didn't see a site of aunty Leah only now I see her. By the look of things she slept here. 

"Good morning Nomzamo?" Leah.
"Good morning Auntie." I greet her back.
"How are you?" Leah.
"I'm good ma thanks and yourself?" Me.
"I'm good. Please can I have tea alone? I really won't eat now"
I nod. "Okay ma."

I take out two cups and make tea. I'll make a full English breakfast. We now get to eat what I make. 

"Zamo". That's Sarah.
"Yes ma."
"Please don't make me breakfast. Just tea. I'm already late for work." She announce. Isn't this cool?
"Yebo ma"

I make the tea and put a pause on the stove. I'll resume later when they are gone. I serve them the tea and walk back to clear the spilling of sugar and milk. 

Musa walks in after greeting his aunties by the lounge. I carry him and kiss his forehead. He is hot. 
"Sisi I'm not well." He says.
"I can feel that San ka mama." I say and put him down. "Go to bed I'll come to you right now. Okay?" I add on.

He walks away. Sarah walks in. 
"Please take this money and go to the nearest cafè to make a C.V for yourself.  What we spoke about its about to begin." She says handing me a couple of 200 rands. I take them and thank her.

She and Leah leave. 

I place the money ontop of the oven and walk to the room. He is sleeping. I wake him up and help him with his hygiene routine. I instead cook porridge for him and feed him.

I guess he is catching flue. I rub him with Vicks and make him drink the Vicks syrup. He will sleep off the meds. He should be okay by the afternoon.

I start cleaning the house. Then I obtain to go and bath. No laundry for me. The toilet I won't touch today. It's clean as it is.

I decide to wear my new ripped Jean and a Guess t-shirt. Thanks to Sarah I get to wear nicely now.

I take my phone. I log in on Facebook and I have about 13 messages and 7 friend requests. One message is from my long loving friend. Bianca.

'Hey you. Long time! How are you? Zamo I miss you'-it reads.
I smile and text back. 'I'm good thanks to God. How about you? I miss you too'
'I'm great. School is hectic though. Hey why didn't I see you here? I thought you were going to school?😕'-her
'Well.. things didn't go as planned.'-me
'Sorry. Where do you live now?'-her.
'Damn! My father lives that side. Please give me your numbers we will text on App'-her

I text her my numbers. She is probably going to attend a class. How I wish it was me. But I still get the chance again..



GXB Food Chain.

That's my workplace. I'm a waitress and I don't go to school. The Restuarant that is ran by the Gxaba family. Yes that one. 

I wonder what my mother is playing at. She was never this delighted with Nomzamo to begin with. I wonder what's her game plan?

I walk to the table to take an order of a hot-buff man with his girlfriend who looks like your 'Faith Nketsi' type. 
"Hi. May I take your order?" I say with a smile.
The man rises his eyes. Sky blue eyes. "Yes can we have your mushroom polenta bake dish with champagne please." His deep voice runs through my eardrums.
"Yes sparkling champagne." The chick says.

I nearly roll my eyes. I write down the orders and walk to take them in.

No wait a minute..

Isn't that the mighty Cedric O'Brien? Oh my goodness! He is more hot in person. I should be shooting my shot. But with that fake face around it's going to be difficult.

I see Sboniso. I hurry up and hand in the order. I ask for a bottle of champagne and two glasses. I walk back to the table. With Thato behind me holding the champagne. I give out the glasses and Thato helps pour it. I'm glaring at Cedric O'Brien here.

I feel a poke on my apron. It's the model girl. "He is mine. You won't get him." She mumbles that to me. 
I look at her and walk away as soon as Thato gets done. I go back and serve them their food.

A table calls for me but I rush to the office. I knock once and let myself in.

"Ah Ntokozo ah!" He says when he sees it me.
"Is that how you talk to me now?". I sit my ass down. "Sboniso give me a reason why you leaving me. Because clearly I don't get one. Why?" I ask.
He sighs and rolls his eyes. "Ntokozo baby some of us know what we want in life. I'm preparing myself to get married to someone else. Someone worthy." 

"Oh so I'm worthless? After you fuck me and use me is this what I get? Sboniso you promised to be with me. And that promise you'll keep until you die. You think I will let you get away with everything? Noshe!" I say. (Never).
"Ntokozo when I say its over I mean it. I won't get on with you on this over and over again. I don't want you anymore. You are not the type that I'll go for as a wife. Please return to work or I might just fire you." He says with no care at all.



Pile of papers.

I managed to sail the deal off. I'm glad my delivery arrived. This life I live is just for me alone. And my mother wants to complicate it by adding on someone's life in it.

The hotel phone rings. 
"Mr O'Brien. There is an young lady by Nelly here to see you. Shall I send her in?" The receptionist.
"Yes. Send her through." I answer.

I pack the papers back in my briefcase. I pour a drink and wait for her. The door opens. 

"You're late." Me
She walks to me trembling with her short pink dress showing her yellow thighs. She is clinging on her bag. If it could speak it will tell she's squeezing the life of it. 
"I'm sorry. I had to make sure my mother is set before coming here." She explains.
"How is she?" I ask.
She smiles. "She is good. Thank you for the money"

I nod. I drink up and bang the glass on the table. I groan to the taste of Glenfiddich. She is staring at me. 

I pull her to me. Her tiny body smashes against mine. I take her lips into mine and suck on them. I move my hand to her ass and grab it with my fingers lingering between her. My crotch get tighten further.

"Go to the room and take off that dress you have on." I whisper inside her ear and she walks away I get the chance to spank her bubbly ass. 

I'm gonna fuck her so hard...



Leah is happy. Her daughter is finally back. I guess this was the time for it. The hospital hasn't informed us how the father is. 

Linda has grown so big. She's even has a car of her own and claiming that she works as a doctor at High Prime Hospital in the heart of the city. 

She walks to sit next to me. 
"Mam'ncane ninjani?" She says side hugging me.
I take her in. "I'm good nana. It's good to see you again after so many years."
"I'm happy to see you too. And that you'll support me through this new journey." She says.
Of course. "Yes we are here for you Linda."

She gets up to help in he kitchen..



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