One will never thought things will turn out like this. Where we sit around with Sarah and talk to her freely so and behave like a happy small family. 

Now that I see her clearly I see my mother. She looks so much like her but she is lighter in complexion. 

Musa is busy glaring on the tv. He must have missed these moments.
"Nomzamo be honest with me. Did you pass your matric?" Sarah.
"Yes. I did. I passed." I say.
"That's good. I want you to start school and probably for now waiting for next year get a job that you can have your own money and spoil yourself. Musa will be attending school too soon." She says brushing Musa's hair.

I was take aback by what she said. I'm really happy and I want to scream to show do it. But instead I cry.

"Really auntie?" I ask.
"Yes Zamo. You can. I shouldn't have stopped you in the first place but now I regret it. I should have given you your right to education and freedom." She says.
I stand up to sit beside her and hug her. "Thank you auntie. I promise I won't disappoint you. I will definitely appreciate you for this." I say still clinging on her.
"I know you will." She pats my back.

I move away from her. I'm so happy. I'll get to achieve my dreams. I wipe my tears.

"But you have to make sure you also apply for bursary. I'll even help with that." She says.
I nod vigorously. "Yes. I'll do that. Thank you."
"Yes and Nomzamo no boys alright?" She says now with a fuming face.
I swallow. "Yes. No boys."

She exhale and stands up. "I want to bath. I'll be back. Please wash the dishes."
I nod. "Yes mam'ncane."



"So it has to be 8 boxes?" Asks Thato.
"It's your job not mine. You have to know that. Thato
we need to deliver before the end of the day." I say.

I'm getting annoyed. They always slacking knowing very well that this is the job that pays better than the daily one.

"Do you still want this? You need to feed your family. Why are you slacking?" I ask.
"I'm sorry. My mind is everywhere. Magogo akasi'grand. She's the only one left for me." (Grandma is not well).
I brush his shoulder. "I understand. I'm sorry bro. But we need this."
He nods. "Okay. Let me finish off. Ngizabona." (I'll see you).

He walks away. My phone beeps. It's a message.

'I'm at your apartment. Please come we need to talk'-it reads.

I sigh. 

I walk to the office and get my car keys. I tell Thato to deliver immediately. I walk to the packing lot and drive off once I'm in the car.

How did she get to my place. Isn't she working today? I pull over at my apartment. I open the door. I find her with wine in hand.

She stands up placing the glass of wine on the table and walks to hug me. "Hey. I missed you." She says and kisses my lips.
"What are you doing here Ntokozo?"
"Today I'm off so I thought I should spent the night over. You good?" She says.
I roll my eyes. "Why are you here? I thought I made it clear that we are done."
She rises her eyebrows. "Yes you did I didn't. Sboniso I love you okay? I'm sorry if I ever did something to you."
"You didn't do anything. I met someone I love and I'll love to marry her soon."

She lets go of me with a frown on her face. 
"What? Sboniso. You can't do that to me. I was supposed to be your forever remember?" She says starting to tear up.
I'm really not in the mood to nurse her fake tears. 
"That's how it is. I don't love you. It was a no strings attached thing. And it ends here. Please get up and leave. I'll see you tomorrow at work."

She takes the wine and splash it on me before taking her handbag and runs off. 

If I get my hands on her..



My phone rings. It's Leah.

"Mntaka mama."
She sniffs. "Please open up for me. I'm at the gate."
"O-kay. I'm coming. Please wait a bit." I hang up.

She sounds like she is crying. I unlock the door then the burglar gate then I walk to the main gate. I open for her and she walks straight to the house.

I walk back. I lock up then walk to the lounge were she is sitting. 

She wipes her tears. "Sarah.."
"Yini Nomaleah?" I ask. (What is it Leah)
"When I got home from work a young lady came to see me. I didn't know who she is. So she told me about her father being admitted at the hospital. She said she is Jonas' daughter. uLinda wami Sarah. She came to look for me after Jonas took her away from me. She came back." She says crying.

Leah had a first child daughter. The father took her because Leah refused to marry him after she gave birth then he decided to take his daughter away from her. It was painful for Leah. She was only 18 years old.

"Asbongeni bo! She is back. So what caused Jonas to be hospitalized?" Me. (Let's thank God).
"He was involved in a car accident. They say he might not make it. And if he does he will wake-up with a brain damage." She says wiping her tears.
"That's right! It serves him right. He did you wrong. Just because he wanted you to marry him. Angafe!" I say. He must die)

I sit beside her and comfort her. "It shall be well. I'm sure she is delighted to have found you."
"Yes. She is happy. She even wants me to help her with her wedding. They will be coming to pay Lobola for her. I'm happy. She is a grown woman with her own dream job and a good husband on the way." She tells.
"Oh that's wonderful. So where are the negotiations taking place?" I ask.
"At her father's and she wants me to be there." She says.
I clap once. "Imihlola!" (Wonders).

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