I unpack all the clothes I've washed today. They are not a lot just that I'm not over the fact that I have to wash clothes everyday. Sarah will not hear none of it. She wants everything in order when she gets back from work. I guess its the list I can do to show appreciation.

I take Sarah's to her room and pack ours inside the wardrobe. Musa is watching tv. We just need to play it nice.

I open the drawer that has my undergarments.


These are the letters I used to write when ever I felt the need to unwind my emotions other than crying them out. I place them back. I can't afford my mood to go down already.

I do miss my old self. The old Nomzamo. Everything it's gone. And its never coming back.

I snap out of my dark story of my life. I need to start cooking. Today I finished earlier than I do. I walk to the kitchen. I take out pots. I'll cooking uphuthu and beef stew. 

Yeah. I can cook that far. My mother used to cook up a storm on special days. Or just out of the ordinary. She spoiled us so damn good. Then Mandla came along. For a short while things where great then Musa was born. That was the nightmare of it. 

I take out lemon cream biscuits and give them to Musa. He has the tendency of wanting to eat something when he smells an aroma.

The door opens. She's back.
"Hello Zamo!" Sarah.
She's cheerful these days and its nice. I like it.
"Hi Mam'ncane" I say.
She has shopping bags with her. She puts them on the counter. 
"I bought a little grocery. What are you making?"
"I'm making uphuthu and beef stew. You'll like it." I tell.
"Wow. Fancy." She says and we laugh. "Okay let me go and change. I'll come help." She says walking away.

I smile. Did I tell that I like the new Sarah? She's chilled.

I stir the phuthu pap. I'm glad and honoured that I can make it. Uphuthu can be a bit complicating. 

The minutes passed by she's still not here. I finish up with the phuthu pap. The stew is half way through. 

She walks back in. "Zamo here"
I turn. She's handing me her Huawei P30 Pro cellphone. I look at her with my mouth hang.
"Aunty what am I going to do with this?" I ask shocked.
"Its now your phone. I bought another one for myself. I hope you don't mind using it. It's yours now." She says.

I take it. She bought it about 2 months ago. "Thank you. I love it."
"You're welcome. Let me help you. You can go and sit down. I'll finish up here and dish up." She says.

I nod and slowly walk out to the lounge room..



Jeff parks right outside CC's gate. The neighbourhood looks nice. Middlehood is as nice as it's name. CC went on and looked for a better place to stay at. 

"Nice. I was worried for a moment" I say.
She laughs as she takes my hand into hers. "I understand you care about me. Thanks for always being."
"You are family. I love you." I say.
"Thanks Christian
I love you too. Please try to talk to your mother. She must take her medication and please try to talk to her. She's hurting." She says.
"Mother must just accept it. Father is gone and he's never coming back. But what is the fuss about? Why is she always blaming you?"
She stays quite for sometime. "You'll understand later on. When the time is right."

I sigh. 

It hasn't been peaceful in this family since father died. CC didn't want me to follow in his footsteps on the other hand mother wants me to be just like him. Cedric left and stayed away from her. 

"So what are you going to do with Aretha's situation?" She asks.
"I'm not gonna marry her. She's not my mate. The one that was meant for me died. I'm still not over it. And I don't think I'll be." I say.
She rubs my thigh. "It's okay. I miss her too. She was a good girl and a perfect woman for you. But don't block yourself from loving again. The truly one may be out there. Waiting for you to notice her."
I sigh. "Well. I don't see it coming."

That's the truth. No girl will make me feel like I did feel for Chantel. She was my one and only soul mate. We shared a lot of us. I just feel its my fault she died. 

I look at my watch. "Whoo. Look at the time. I have to pick up princess."
She smiles. "You are doing great in that department. I'll see you."
She says and get out of the car. Jeff helps her with her bag. I lean over and relax waiting for Jeff to get back. 

A girl passes by. She holding a white bread. She's walking side to side on the road smiling. She tilting her head on each sides with her black jet afro swinging on to the rhythm of her head's movement.

She's focused on the phone she's holding. It's like its her first time holding it judging by the smile she has on her face. 

She is very beautiful. Very brown skinned beautiful. 

"Can we go Sènor?"
He is back.
"Yes. Be careful of her." I say still looking at her. 

She looks happy and its weird thing I'm taken by that..



A car horn startles me. 

It's a black shiny car. Those rich men cars. It nearly hit me. After the horn hitter it speeds off.


The number plate reads.

Anyways I can't believe it. Sarah gave me a phone to use. It's so cool. She even gave me money to buy airtime and install any apps I like. For the first time she allowed me to go out today. 

I already have Facebook and Twitter. Ntokozo will definitely have something to say about me and my witchcraft. 

She had erased everything in it and it now looks brand new. 

I'm happy..



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