"Your heaven is alive oh Jehovah.
Your heaven is alive oh Jehovah.
I fear no death I shall overcome
I fear no death I shall overcome
I shall overcome. 
Mmmmm mm-mm mm-mm.
Mmmmm mm-mm mm-mm."

My heart is at peace. Church is a beautiful and a peaceful place to be at. How I wish I went there before everything turned blue. 

I sing this song. And it fills hope inside me. I'm grateful to God that he has kept me til this day with my brother too. I thank him for speaking love into Sarah's heart. 

I'm less tired and stressed now...

"Hawu.. kwaze kwa mnandi bo". I startle to Sarah speaking from behind me.
I turn and smile. I hope I'm not in trouble. "Good morning mam'ncani." Me. 
She smiles. "Good morning Zamo. I can see we are cheerful today. May God be praised."
"Amen aunty. I made you breakfast. I can see you are ready for work" me.
She walks to the lounge. "Yes I am."

I drop the broom and uncover her breakfast then take it to her. I walk back and continue with sweeping. I've done the yard outside now I'm doing the kitchen. I always started with it. 

"Aren't you supposed to go to work? I'm sorry I kept you delayed yesterday" Sarah.
"No its okay it was worth it. I'm going back to dad's" she announces.
"Oh. Why? I thought you were enjoying to be with us. Your mother?" Sarah.
Ntokozo rolls her eyes. "Of course I do. I just miss dad that's all. I'll be back after two weeks. Plus I missed work for the church. I have to make out for it."
"Oh yeah. I'm sorry mntanami. You can go and come back when you miss us here." Sarah.

Ntokozo rolls her eyes and turns to her heels. "I'm going for work then to dad's. Bye".
"Bye". Me.
"Don't take Ntokozo to heart. She is selfish she doesn't like seeing me pampering you. You are my sister's blood. And that makes it my blood" Sarah.
I nod. "Yes Mam'ncane." Me. (Aunty).



My alarm.

I groan at the sound of it. I bang my hand on it to stop ringing. I get off bed and walk to the bathroom. I have a meeting with Shane. That crazy motherfucker demands a lot.

Nomzamo. I smile at that thought. She very humble and unique. Never meet a girl like her. I hope I won't too late. I just hate her situation. It's very painful to know that someone goes through that torture everyday. 

I wear my clothes when I'm done. 

"Banele sana lami." Mom.
"Hey mamzo." I peck her cheek and hug her. "How are you this morning?".
"I'm good and you?". 
"I'm great!".

She walks to the stove. "You look happy. What's with it?"
"Oh.. I might have found the one mom. The one." Me
She smile-frowns. "What are you saying Sboniso."
"I met a girl." I say.
"Oh.. that's where you've been." That's my father.

I turn to look at him. "Morning Baba."
"Where are you coming from? You missed church to meet up with girls girls who are supposed to be at church praising God and thanking him for their lives." Baba.
"No. It's not like that. I met her when I was doing deliveries. Then I went to meet with friends one even has an order made." 

I hope it cheers him up. 
"I don't want to have a son who doesn't attend church while I do. It's our culture to tank God for every day he gave us."
I nod. "Yes Baba. I'm sorry."
"So what's her name?" Mom.

That's excitement. "Her name is Nomzamo. She's so beautiful and humble."
"Do we know her?" Mom. Father left to the lounge.
"I don't know. Maybe". I bite my lip.
"I just hope its not the girl from Masango at Sarah's." She mumbles.

My phone rings. I'm not in the mood.

"Yeah." I answer anyways.
"Where have you been? You've been avoiding my calls."
I run my hand on my head. "I was busy Ntokozo. I work remember."
"I know that. I was at your place and you weren't there."
"At home?" I ask
"Yes. My mom and I had dinner there. I waited for you. I miss you when will I get to see you?" Ntokozo.
"I don't know. I'll call you" I say and hang up.

What were they doing here?




Early this morning and my father's house has turned into a voice competition. CC is dragging her suitcase down the stairs with mother shouting at her like a child.

That's why I left this house. My mother needs help. 

I walk and help CC with her bag. "Christian where are you taking her!?".
Damnit. "Mother please calm down."
And its like I lit myself to burn. "Don't Christian. Why are you here and where are you taking my sister? You should be with your brother or Aretha and not here!" She yells.

Jeff walks in. "Please take my aunt and help her with her luggage to the car. I'm coming".
He nods. He takes CC's bag and walks out. When CC attempts to walk my mother jumps in front of her.
"Where do you think you're going? You haven't answered for your calls. You're a devil himself in woman's body. How could you?"

I pull mom aside. "Mom stop it!".
She chokes herself from me. "Christian!". She warns.
"Stop it!". I growl. "If you don't behave I'll call Doctor Phil."
She chuckles. "You won't. I'm not crazy. I'll get out of that place like I did the last time. Tell me.. when last did you see Aretha?"
I sigh. "Never."

She's been forcing Aretha down my throat. I bet this is why my brother hates this woman so much. She dictates our lives like her's.

She shakes her head. "You disappoint me Christian. I promised the Molman's that you are their son-in-law. Why are you disobeying me? Is it that you run illegal campaigns and shit all around the world and that makes you think you can define my orders?".
"Yes I am better myself. I'll do what I want with my life. You have no right to tell me what to do." Me.
"I do. I am your mother. I do what I think is best for my son's lives. Please do as I say or you won't like my wrath." Mom
"I won't do it. You will not force me" I say and walk out.

To be continued..


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