20 minutes passed.

I hike with the sign that it's used to stop a taxi going to Middlehood but still nothing at all. All the taxis pass by as if they don't see me. 

"Sisi mina sengi lambile" Musa. (Sis I'm hungry now).
"Let's wait a little longer okay?" I say.

The Sun has heated us up. I'm sure I'm more darker than my normal skin. 

Suddenly a car stops by. A Orange Audi SUV stops in front of us. I pull Musa to me quickly. It must be kidnappers. I can't see who is inside. It's windows are dimmed.

The window on my side rolls down. He peaks his head and smiles. I remember him. I smile.

"Hey hop in"
I shake my head now frowning. I can't trust him. Taxis drivers are swearing at him. He is parked on the way.
"Come on I will drop you off at home. Taxis to Middlehood at not available" Sboniso.
"Please. I won't hurt you guys" Sboniso.

He pushes the door on the front open and the one at the back. Musa steps in at the back I get on the front. He turns to buckle Musa up. "Please seat-belt on" I pull my side seat-belt and click it.

He looks at me and smiles before he drives off. 
"So.. how are you today?" Sboniso.
I smile. "I'm good thanks. You?"
"I'm good. You enjoyed church today?". I nod. "I'm glad I saw you. You look beautiful". I blush.
"Thank you.. I guess."

We sit in silence for sometime. "Sisi I'm hungry".

Oh my God. 

Sboniso leans on my side. He pulls the cabinet holder off and takes out a pack of Beef Simba chips. "Eat this boy boy" he hands them to Musa with his other hand as another one holds the steering wheel. 

"Thanks. He has been complaining about hunger since church ended." I tell.
"No it's okay. Let him have them" Sboniso.

I jump up at the sound of something popping. I know when I turn the snacks will be all over the car. Sboniso looks over the rear-mirror and laughs.

I guess I can laugh too. I turn to look at Musa and he is eating the chips all over.. scattered around. I laugh.

"Sorry about that"



Comfy and homey.

I haven't been at Gxaba household before but you can tell from outside of it that it's beautiful and clean inside. And indeed!

It has a outside porch. It's not a double-storey house. Just a big -big house-. It has the beautiful furniture. The kitchen is made of white glass cabinets. Even the fridge is designed like the kitchen cabinets decoration.

We were led to the dinner table after sometime. They didn't waste time. We hit the food table. Mother said I should offer to help Mrs Gxaba whilst she waits. Mr Gxaba has not returned. 

"You are so beautiful. What are you doing now since I learned that you finished school?" Mrs Gxaba.

I swallow. I failed my matric. So I faked my results and showed them to my mother. I even lied about the job I got. And I'm about to lie more..

"I'm doing my third year and I was accepted to work as an HR assistant at Asupol" I lie.
"Oh. That's nice. So you are studying and working?" She sounds like she doesn't believe me. 
"Yes. I study at college. IQ. I work with my certificate while I study further and work on the side. I'm only left with one more year to finish and get my degree" me
"Oh that's great! You go girl!" She high fives me.

Now she believes me. "Thanks ma" 
"So how about your cousin?" Mrs Gxaba.
"Nomzamo.." I clear my throat.
"Yes. That's her name right?" Mrs Gxaba.
"Yes. She is good. Though she doesn't want to go to school anymore. She says she isn't ready to study and work all her life. She went as far and said she wants to be a housewife to a well paid-off man. She doesn't even want her little brother to go to school. She burnt her report when she got it. She says mom can take care of them both and all she wants to do is sit and relax" me.

She is looking at me with her mouth hang. "She said that?"
"Yes. Mom has tried to talk to her and make her believe in whatever the success she might conquer but she insists that she stays at home and be taken care off" me.
"Wow. She is absurd.. please take that and go place it on the table". 

I take the glass bowl of potato and mayonnaise with white eggs salad to the dinner table..



"Ah.. gentlemen let's all calm down and talk?" Zayn. 
"Calm down? You calm down. I will not! I want to put a bullet in his brain!" Cedric.

I'm sitting on my chair with a glass of whiskey to the dinner table..



"Ah.. gentlemen let's all calm down and talk?" Zayn. 
"Calm down? You calm down. I will not! I want to put a bullet in his brain!" Cedric.

I'm sitting on my chair with a glass of whiskey playful twisting it. The bastard is shaking like a feather in the wind. 

"I'll ask you on more time. Who sent you?" Cedric. His bold yet calm voice fills the room. 
"I.. b-b-b.."
Cedric rise his gun to his feet and opens fire. The moron starts jumping up in the air whilst screaming like a bitch as Cedric keeps on shooting his feet. He keeps missing because the bastard is ducking the bullets jumping. I'm laughing my ass off. It's fun to watch.

"Cedric!" I yell his name. He stops. He has his famous frown and you don't wanna mess with him when he is like this. The bastard is weeping and shaking like a woman. Other people like doing jobs they know they won't stand them.

"Who sent you!?" I burst and bang the table as I stand up. 
"It's.. I.."
I take the small remote and pass a button. Then mercifully his family appears on the big tv screen. His wife.. two daughters and a one year old boy. 
He screams when he sees them. "Shut the fuck up!" Cedric.

"Don't you still love your family?" Me
"I do senor p-please don't hurt them. Please." He begs with tears flowing down his face.
"Great. Because if I send a signal they'll shut them. All of them. Dead. Now speak!"
"It's Rodriguez. He sent me to come.. aaand spy on you people. So that he can know all the things you do. As we speak.. they can also hear what we are talking about"

I chortle. "No they are not. We shut down every possible mic on you. We knew. We just wanted you to talk" me
"Oh. Please then let me go" he begs.
"No not yet. Or.." I couldn't finish my sentence. Cedric shoot him on the face.

"Damn! You don't even allow me to finish. I wanted to make him sweat when I tell him about his daughters whom I'm going to sell for sex slavery" me.

He looks at me and walks out. I roll my eyes. He's a hard-core by nature.

"Boys pack up the place and clean it. Payment is due." they cheer as I walk out. My phone rings.

I'm welcomed by my mother's voice shouting on the other side of the phone. "CC. What's going on?"
"Please come pick me up. I want to go back to Middlehood. I'm not welcomed here" CC.
It sounds like she is crying. Judging by her sniffles and a dry voice accompanied by sobs.
"Okay. I'm on my way." I hang up.

I know my mother did this to her..



Mr Gxaba has now joined us to the table. The food looks delicious and divine. 

"Thank you for coming to have lunch with us." Mr Gxaba.
"No.. thank you for inviting us over. The food is delicious" Mother.
They smile. "Where is Sboniso? He should be home by now" Mrs Gxaba.
Mr Gxaba frowns. "I don't know. But I did speak with him on phone after the short meeting I had with the fellow pastors before coming home. He said he was done with the deliveries."
"Okay. Maybe he got held up somewhere" Mrs Gxaba.
"How is he by the way?" Mother.
"Oh Sboniso is now a grown man. He's doing well. Proud" Mrs Gxaba.
Mother nods. "So tell me about Nomzamo?" Mrs Gxaba.

But I thought I did tell her. I just hope mother doesn't twist the faith because she now favours her. I don't know what changed.

Mother sighs. "Well.. aii Nomzamo is just a waste. She doesn't want to work or better her life. I have tried and failed at it. I just know her mother is turning in her grave." Mother.
I exhale slowly as my heart beat lowers from the fear I held on it.
"No I don't like what Nomzamo is doing. She should rethink about things. Maybe I can talk some senses into her" Mrs Gxaba.
Mother fakes smile. "I will appreciate that. Thanks ma."
"Oh please call me Tricia".



I unlock the door and we walk inside. Musa runs and jumps on top of the couch to the floor.

"Musa maan!!". I yell at him. He turns to look at me with a frown and a curved lips. He must not cry because he is at fault here. "I'm sorry" he says and crys. 


I tell Sboniso to make himself comfortable on the couch. He walks to sit down and consoles a ugly- yet cute- crying Musa. I walk to the kitchen and take out plates so that I can dish out the food.

I pray to God that non of the devil agents arrive this minute. I just want to thank Sboniso for not kidnapping us and brought us home safely. 

I place his plate that is full of food on the tray after warming it. I take it to him and come back to help him wash his hands. 

He is looking at me with a smile. I look at his hands as he washes them. Why is he smiling? Haven't he seen any girl who helps a person wash his hands before eating?


I walk back to the kitchen to take my plate and Musa's. I give Musa his and I sit down and eat too.

"Mmmm.. this delicious." He says between his chewing. 

They all say that right?

"Seriously. It's very delicious." He says looking at me in the eye. I manage to look at him too but at the end I don't last. I look away.
"You are beautiful. I must tell. You are rarely beautiful." He tells. I smile. "Thanks. You look good too" he chortles. 


After sometime. We have long eaten and I have washed the dishes too. Musa is resting he didn't last.

We are on the doorway. He is standing outside and I'm in. "Thanks for the awesome very deli.. cious food. Can I have your number?" Sboniso.
"I don't own a phone." I say. He laughs. "You're kidding right." I look away from him. He realises that I'm serious. "Oh. Okay. I'll buy you one." Him.

My eyes pop out at his sudden confirmation. "No please.. I-I don't want to get in trouble with my aunt. I think you should go before she comes here. I don't want her seeing you here and start having ideas. Goodbye Sboniso."

I step inside and close the burglar then the door. I lean on it. I take a deep ass breath. My heart is pounding...




Great Sboniso. You pushed her away.

But I wanted to see her again. I love her smile too. And her. But she won't give you a chance. You blow it. 

I run my hand on my head. I walk out of the yard to my car. I unlock and get in. 

My phone rings. "Ta Baba"
"Where are you?"
"I'm sorry I got held up with friends. But I'm coming home please forgive me" me.
"Come home." He says and hangs up.

I toss my phone to the back seat and speed off..

To be continued..


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