I woke up early. I bathe then ate last night's leftovers. I clean the house. It's good to clean early in the morning while others are still asleep. Ntokozo went out last night. I'm not sure if she's back or what. 

I went to Sarah's room and she was still fast asleep. I took out her laundry. It was not a lot. I always wash her clothes. Everyday. She likes her basket empty. But my basket is as tall as the Kilimanjaro mountain.

Ntokozo had no right to speak like that to me. She should learn to mind her business.

When I was done with the house chores I went to make breakfast. I cooked porridge on the side. It's for me and Musa. That what we are allowed to eat whilst they take the whole cheese and sausages to their mouth

I see Sarah making her way to the lounge to watching tv already. I pack her food and walk to serve it to her. She thanked me. 

I make my way to the bedroom I use to wake Musa up.
"San ka mama wake up"
He moves irritatingly. I lean over and kiss his cheek.
"Is it morning?" Musa.
"Yes Musa. Come let's get you cleaned"
"Yes and I'm hungry" he says getting off bed. I laugh.

I assist him with washing his face and teeth. I change his clothes too. Then I dish him the porridge and myself too.

 I am so surprised when Ntokozo walks in. "Where's my plate?".
I hesitantly point the microwave. She walks over and takes her plate and leaves to the lounge room.

My heart starts to beat out of my chest. She might tell Sarah about our last night argument and it could be bad for me.

I try to focus on feeding Musa than thinking about it..


I take the bucket and fill water in it. I have to clean the outside toilet then I'll be done for the day. I'm so tired. I could use a bed right now. The yard was squeaky clean as well as the house.

I suddenly feel something stinging on my body that made me jump and drop the bucket. 

I turn with my hands rubbing the spot where it stung. I meet Sarah's face. She has her hands on her back.
"Repeat what you said last night"she says.
She says with so much hatred visible on her face.

Could it mean she heard me? I'm dead!

She starts whooping me with a sjambok. It is so painful. I can't stand still obviously. I end up down on the ground.

"Aunty I'm sorry. I didn't mean any of it!"
I'm now crying and she doesn't even stop. My screams doesn't help me by stopping her. She whoops me so hard. It felt as if blood was already coming out.

I am on the ground rolling side to side. It didn't even help too. She keeps whooping me with it. I keep begging her to stop but its like I'm giving her power to whoop me harder. Ntokozo is standing by doorstep with a nasty smirk on her face.

"Ntokozo ngisize! Please!" I cry out loud.
"Mama leave sis alone". That is Musa and I could sense he is coming here.
Sarah stops and turns to Musa. 
"I'm not your stupid and a whore of a mother!". She starts whooping him with the sjambok. My cries are loud. I try to stand up so that I can help Musa but I fail dismissaly.

"Leave him alone. I did wrong not him" I finally say.
"Of course." She stops and turns to continue whooping me hard. My body is hot from the beating. 

I'll take it all..

She let go of the sjambok. She grabs me by my big jet curly afro to my feet. When she comes In contact with my face she lays a fucking hot slap on my cheek. She drags me by my hair she lays a fucking hot slap on my cheek. She drags me by my hair causing me to fall on the ground as she begins to drag me. Ntokozo follows and she is contributing by whooping me with the sjambok. Musa is on the floor crying.

Both places are hurtful but my hand lands on where Sarah held my afro. The ground contribute in giving me it's wrath by scratching my soft smooth skin.
"Mam'ncane please! Kub'hlungu" I cry out loud.
(Auntie please it's painful).

I beg cry scream but its falling onto deaf ears. Ntokozo hasn't stopped whooping me. I see that we are taking a direction to the garden. That side its where people will get the most view of this. 

"Woza nja!!!" She says dragging me. My head is pounding in pain. I feel like if she let' go my hair will be gone to the floor too. She drags me until we are in the garden. It's wet. 

When I didn't expect it she stuff my face in the mud. Pressing continuously. She stuffing my face with the mud. When I scream the mud gets inside my mouth.
"Ungijwayela kabhi! Ufuzu nyoko. Sfene nguwe!!" She screams as she continue messing my hair and face in the mud.
(You are used to me! You are just like your mother. You bitch!).

Now I can't breath. It's becoming difficult to. When she has had enough she let's go of me. "Ifa nja!" (Die you dog!).

I finally give in. I close my eyes..
To be continued..


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