part 8 life with Elijah


He was now cuddling me kissing me on the side of my head. Tears are streaming down my face rapidly so and he looks very pleased with himself. I was a reluctant participant the whole time. He did the most despicable things to me and I felt so dirty.

Nkazimulo: Don't worry. I will buy you everthing you'll need for varsity life. What do you need? I silently swallow my lumpy throat sniffing lightly.

Nkazimulo: Ungakhali I understand it's your first time. He reaches out for his phone and checks the time.

Nkazimulo: Go and bathe so I can take you home.

Shamefully I get out of bed and this man is feasting his eyes on me. I can't even ask him to give me privacy. I slowly pick up my clothes from the ground and head to the bathroom. .

My vagina is burning and so painful. . .

[NKAZIMULO] While she is bathing I take a quick shower too. When we both finish. I dress up and my phone rings on the night stand. 

Nkazimulo: Love.

Duduzile: Babe I'll be spending the night at my parents house. Nkazimulo: Oh okay.

Duduzile: I'm sorry I know maybe you wanted to spend time with us.

Nkazimulo: No it's fine.

Duduzile: And I kind of need money...

Nkazimulo: Money for what? Duduzile: Money for groceries here at the house. I sigh. Nkazimulo: Yaz Dudu you know very well we're struggling financially.

Ncebsi walks in already dressed and ready.

Duduzile: I know honey just a thousand rand will be alright. Nkazimulo: Fine.

Duduzile: Thanks baby. I love you. Nkazimulo: I love you too. We end the call.

Nkazimulo: Are you ready to go? Ncebsi: I'm going to sophiatown Nkazimulo: Hm?

Ncebsi: I have to go to campus. Nkazimulo: Awuyi ku gogo?

She keeps quiet and looks down fiddling with her fingers innocently.

Nkazimulo: uGogo yena? Ncebsi: I see her every weekend my grandmother is taken care of by my neighbor.

Nkazimulo: Oh okay. Let's go.

I grab my car keys and we head out. As I'm driving I keep stealing glances at this young girl. She's looking out the widow. I can tell she's preoccupied by what has happened.

Nkazimulo: Ncebsi?

She remains still.

Nkazimulo: Ncebsi?

She looks at me uncomfortably

it's quite clear she is ashamed and very shy.

Nkazimulo: Can this remain between us?

She nods expectantly.

Nkazimulo: You know that wasn't an malicious intention. It's just that... I love you.

She looks at me in disbelief.

Nkazimulo: I really love you.

She turns to look at the window dismissively.

Nkazimulo: So can we agree that this will stay between us?

We're silent for a while.

She hisses . . .


It's a Monday morning. My sister Helen is the one taking care of me at my house. I couldn't drive to Pretoria my leg joints have been locked. I can't go anywhere or do anything.

I'm literally paralyzed. Im uncertain whether God is punishing me or trying to tell me something.

Elijah: Helen! I hear her footprints approach and she stand at the door crossing her hands.

Helen: Don't tell me you wanna go to the bathroom.

I chuckle. She is looking at me amusingly.

Helen: Hai yabona ngyamsaba lo God. So vele you're crippled?

I groan and she bursts into a sweet laugh.

Elijah: I'm so over this.

Helen: Shame. What can I do for you?

Elijah: I need some comfort food.

Helen: I think it's time you get yourself a wife. You've been single for a long time. “Oh please are you gonna help me or something?” I toss the blankets aside and she approaches me. When she touches me she gets shocked.

Helen: Ouch!

I was vibrating too. What's going on with me?!

Helen: Don't you touch me! Elijah: Askies.

Helen: Hai Elijah stay in the blankets angeke yoh.

She walks away and comes back with food in a tray.

Iwant to try and talk to her but my tongue just got paralyzed.

Helen: Hm? I can't say anything.

I can't talk.

What's happening?!

And Helen won't understand me nor will she understand why I can't talk.

I can't really explain anything. I'm mute.

Helen: Eli?

I take my phone and type: "I can't talk." She looks at me with total confusion.

Helen: What?!

I shrug in defeat. This punishment or whatever it is is just extreme. . .

[TABITHA] I am writing corrections on the board and it's quite a draining process. I have the next class in 30 minutes and this is my free period. For a moment my left hand becomes crampy. I wince as the book and chalk escape my hands. A learner enters and greets picking up the book on the floor.

Him: You dropped this ma'am.

Tabitha: Uhm thank you.

He hands the book and a quake slowly approaches my left hand.

I shake off the feeling.

What eccentric behavior is this? The kid looks at me confusingly.

I head to my seat and sit gripping this other hand tightly.

Tabitha: What can I do for you?

Him: Mrs Cameron was asking for extra past papers for grade 12 English if you have any.

Tabitha: Look in that box there.

He walks to the box and takes a few papers. “Thank you.”

I smile and reach out for my phone. Unexpectedly I get a text from Elijah saying: "I need you T." What does he need me for?

This is just strange.

A minute later he's now calling me....


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