part 7 life with Elijah


I am silently drinking water in the lounge reading through an interesting book: "How to fish for men." It unfolded mysteries on how to get more people to join my church. The Pool Bethesda- is the name of my church I just need all the necessities like finances which is the most significant amount that will expose me out there. My phone rings disrupting me.I grab it running my eyes on the book without checking the caller. Nkazimulo: Yes?

Ncebsi: Uhm prophet.


Ncebsi: Yes it's me.

Nkazimulo: Talk.

Ncebsi: Elijah was being anointed today infront of the whole congregation.

I close the book instantly. Nkazimulo: Anointed? What was really happening in that church? Ncebsi: I can't be sure it's all baffling.

Nkazimulo: Come to my house right now I'll be waiting.

Without awaiting a response I end the call and rub my chin thoughtfully.

can't help but think Elijah is heading for ministry too. . .


Probably you're wondering why I'm in the picture. I'm not proud of what I did at all but I didn't have much of an alternative. I am Ncebsi Dlamini. 19 years of age and from a township in Soweto called Dobsonville. I live with my grandmother and little brother who has reached the peak of her health suffering from skin cancer. I am currently doing my first year of course since I completed my matric the previous year. I'm into health sciences.

Bach of Diagnostic Radiography in UJ. Mr Shabangu has promised me a really good and healthy relationship with God. And since I'm a mini prophet who doesn't know much. I trust him and I know he'll help me get where I need to I just need to trust him and earn his respect by doing what he wants me to. He has been taking care of me and my family with his ex-wife but sadly we lost communication. I am in a taxi right now and taking longer than I had anticipated to get full and I know that he can get really impatient.

Arriving in Melville I get off next to campus square and call him to come and get me. He arrives after 20 minutes.

Nkazimulo: You kept me waiting.

Ncebsi: I'm sorry. I got delayed.

Nkazimulo: It's okay.

He drives silently taking a number of turns.

Surely I was gonna get lost. ...

In the house he gives me a glass of orange juice and I thank him shyly.

Nkazimulo: Please tell me what's going on?

Ncebsi: Apostle Elijah was being annointed. Nkazimulo: And?

Ncebsi: I saw miss Tabitha. I think she saw me too but- Nkazimulo: What? Whoa! Tabitha? What was she doing there?

Ncebsi: I am not sure. But because the bishop was there I'd like to think they just showed up for support. Nkazimulo: Oh okay. Did they say anything about him opening a ministry?

Ncebsi: Yes but it's not official.

Nkazimulo: That means I must prepare myself.

I sip my juice

intently looking at him.

Nkazimulo: They can't get rid of us that easily. Ncebsi: With all due respect prophet. But are you in competition with them?

Nkazimulo: It's not about competition here. It's about Christ being portrayed in the right manner and right church.

Ncebsi: But you shouldn't be worried about what their doing.

He widens his eyes and I shamefully look down. Ncebsi: I apologise. Nkazimulo: You have become a very bad girl lately.

I place the juice on the coffee table and kneel before him. My grandmother always told me to respect my prophet or I'll call curses upon my life.

Ncebsi: I'm sorry prophet please forgive me for talking to you like that.

I see him unzip his pants and my eyebrows are scrunching in confusion.

Nkazimulo: Come and show prophet how sorry you are. When my eyes land on his manhood that he's rubbing I feel the rhythm of my heart beat race.

Nkazimulo: Woza. I close my eyes and shake my head. Ncebsi: Prophet no. Nkazimulo: Ngithe woza la! His murky voice pierces the frantic beat of my heart providing a brisk tempo for rising panic.

I instantly stand. Good bye Prophet.”

 I Iurry to the door and it's locked. I can't seem to see the keys.

Nkazimulo: Where do you think you're going? We're not done.

Ncebsi: Please open I need to go. uGogo uyangidinga. His proximity already gets me quaking.

Nkazimulo: I've seen how you look at me don't act like you don't want me.

His breath is fanning my face warmly til his lips descend on mines.

His kisses paralyze me instantly.

I don't know why I'm giving in. I like him but he's my prophet. And he's much older than I am.

Nkazimulo: Hm?

He kisses me again and for a couple more seconds I respond. It just doesn't seem right.

I break the intimacy and shyly look down.

Ncebsi: No! I wanna go! Just let me go!

Nkazimulo: I thought you're starting to warm up. I step back.

Ncebsi: No! Open the door.

I start screaming out for help and he turned me around to slap me right across my cheek.

I scream in agony.

Nkazimulo: Sfebe! Ucabanga ukuthi uzodla imali yam and I get nothing in return? (You can't expect to spend my money)

He tugs me forcefully giving me a cautious look. Don't fuck with me... Now come let's have a good time."

Ncebsi: No... I'm a virgin. Nkazimulo: I promise to be gentle. 

He bites his lower lip seductively.

Ncebsi: Your wife... Nkazimulo: Don't worry about her.

He holds my hand and we walk to his bedroom. I was never gonna get away anyway. . .


TABITHA] I'm currently swamped with some past papers for my learners at my house. It's only 16:30 p.m and I'm really trying to get myself busy so I don't think about alot. My phone rings.

It's Bathlalifi. I try to ignore but the tone is really getting on my nerves. I reach for it and answer.

Tabitha: Ja?

Bathlalifi: Did you see those pictures I sent you?

Tabitha: Yes I did! I exhale in exhaustion and eventually yawn.

My eyes fill and overflow as I rub them lightly.

Bathlalifi: Beautiful neh. Tabitha: Yes Lifi. Bathlalifi:

Dad told me about the trip to Durban.

Tabitha: Oh he did?

Bathlalifi: Yes he did. Tabitha: I wanna leave but I don't wanna leave with you. Bathlalifi: Ouch that hurts! Tabitha: I didn't mean it like that.

Bathlalifi: You're not the mean type anyway so who hurt you this time around? Tabitha: No one.

Bathlalifi: Uhm... I know you you're my sister.

Tabitha: How would you feel if like maybe it happened that I'm seeing someone. Bathlalifi: Uhm are you seeing someone?

Tabitha: No I'm not even planning to. I'm just asking. Bathlalifi: Well. I think you should focus on yourself rebuilding yourself travel and have alot of fun. Don't you fall for any fool for now. Tabitha: So you wouldn't approve?

Bathlalifi: No!

Tabitha: Hmm I hear you. Bathlalifi: I hope you're not trying to get yourself hurt again.

Tabitha: I hear you. I mean of course not I'm not trying to walk down that lane again. Bathlalifi: Great! So when are we leaving?

Tabitha: Immediately when schools close late September after the prelims. I need time out really I'm suffocating.

Bathlalifi: I feel you. Don't worry there's never a dull moment with me.

Tabitha: I know. Bathlalifi: Yeah live your life maan leave men alone for now Bahumi.

I grunt feeling annoyed. Can you stop acting like the big sister around here?!”

Bathlalifi: I'm mature than you think.

Tabitha: Pssh clearly! Bathlalifi: Just focus on yourself. You've been giving a lot of yourself to ungrateful people.

I groan rolling my eyes. I guess she's right.

I mean she is right.

I just never expected her to react the way she is mainly because she's a freak and I was hoping for a go ahead.

Not that I need it.

Tabitha: I gotta go girl. Bathlalifi: Bye.

I end the call and groan buring my face on the cushion for a second then assemble my strength to keep working...


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