part 2 life with Elijah

[ELIJAH] Arriving at my place I strip off my shirt and shoes then took a brief walk to the kitchen. I hardly cook because I have to prepare tests for my students. But anyway I'd like something meaty and rich. Finally Tabitha sent through her digits. I saved them and made a mental note to call her later just to find out how she is holding up. And I wouldn't mind seeing that pretty face anyway. When I was done cooking I sat down to eat and called her. After a few rings... Tabitha: 'lo I smile smugly just by the sound of her voice.

Tabitha: Helooo

Elijah: *giggles* Hey.

Tabitha: Elijah?

Elijah: Good girl.

We chuckle lightly.

Elijah: How are you? Tabitha: I'm alright and you?

Elijah: I'm great. Long time! Tabitha: Yow listen... It's been decades. I chuckle out loud. Elijah: Listen to you yowing me.

She laughs and chokes coughing lightly.

Elijah: I'd really like to see you again hey so we can catch up. Tabitha: I am so busy during the week hey.

Elijah: I know that... How about after church this Sunday.

Tabitha: I'll be so drained by then. Dissapointment approaches crippling my expectations. Tabitha: I am free on Saturday. My face beams with a smile. "Listen. Say no more!"

Tabitha: Great then. I have to go I'm sorry I just showered and I don't want to catch a cold.

Elijah: Okay get warm and we shall talk later.

Tabitha: Alright bye. I end the call and scoop a spoonful of stew. . .


We just arrived home and I walk all the way to the bedroom to take a shower. That was a wonderful service I had in church.o just cannot wait already to fill up the space so that we get to raise money and have our own building. As I am showering the water stops running. I'm now perplexed never have I ran out of water everytime I take a shower. I keep twisting the water closed and open it again but nothing... As soon as I step out of the shower the water hits the tiles. I jump right in and the the water halts. What's the meaning of this?! In frustration I try to open the shower door but the door is stuck. I push with a one mighty heave I failed. I'm now panicking and as the water hits my naked body I turn around and gasp aloud in shock. There's blood plastered on the walls the glass door. The blood is dripping down and a hiss dominates both my ears. "My sssservent" a hiss eccentrically whispers in my ear. My heart is pounding like drums in this very moment. I sank down on the floor because I felt light in weight and I might aswell stay down before I collapse. I shut my eyes but it all gets so worse. The lighting flashes and I see a person dressed in reda red hoody long sweater that is covering the face. "Nkazimulo. Nkazimulo. Nkazimulo" Nkazimulo: Who are you? What do you want from me? "HAHAHA... " the chuckle gets louder and aggressive and now I'm shaking vigorously feeling the cool breeze brushing on the surface of my skin. I assemble my strength to open my eyes. Everything has faded away. I look at the shower and the water is pouring heavily on me. "Nkazimulo yhini manje?" I cock my head to the side and Duduzile is scornfully looking at me. Duduzile: What the hell?! Nkazimulo: I uhm... I uh- Duduzile: Praying in the shower? Gosh ! She bangs the shower door and walks away leaving me to close the taps and get out before the craziness resumes. . .


It's now Thursday. I have a number of things to do and checking my time table it's not do much though. I just need to prepare all my grade 10s and Matriculants for the June examinations that will be commencing in two weeks from now. I am now packing my bags and I am about to leave when there is brisk knock on my door.

Tabitha: Okay I'm comin'! I strutted to open and there is light skinned tall man on my door. He has a familiar tattoo on his hand that is holding a piece of paper. "Sorry Miss I just.. wanted to..." My eyes darted to his quickly and more words failed to come out. My breath catches in my throat when I look up to his reaction. My eyes are glimmering with a sheen of tears and my heart currently is pounding like a drum and I can feel my body slowly losing its balance from the high heels I'm wearing.

Him: Bahumi...

My mouth and his simultaneously open slightly and I am speechless to say the least.

With fear embracing me I shut the door in his face and locked. I could hear him call my name and the tears that were so close to falling were fought by a couple of blinks. Slowly I feel the walls of my chest constrict I nip to the tap and gingerly drink a glass of water as my hands are quaking violently. I continuously strive to get my breathing techniques in tact. I gobble down the half glass of water and breathe in ans out calming myself down and slowly my heart rate gets normal again.

After 45 minutes of time wasted I grab my things and overlook the whole floor before walking out to the elevator pressing ground-floor and nervously hurry to my car.

Lunchtime some learners decide to remain behind and I emphasise my rule: NO LITTERING.

I willingly strut to the bathroom to empty my bladder. It gets even weird when I stand in front of the mirror and forget to wash my hands. I do so with my congested mind. I keep getting flash backs- ("I'm gonna fucken kill you today do you hear me?!" he shouts with so much rage. I looked at him with pleading eyes. He chocked me with much effort. I dry-swallowed by reflex alone pleading him to have mercy on me. "Please! You're hurting me...Anele! Anele! " as the words tumble out I'm unexpectedly unburdened from his weight. He let me go and drew a gun tucked in his jeans. He pointed it at me as I'm motionless on floor of our bedroom. "Anele please..." I pleaded. "Uya-cheata ngok' wena?!" He persistently said.

"No! You're imagining everything. Baby I'd never!"

A crackling fire escaped his gun firing the shot straight to my belly") "Hello?! " absent-mindedly I was brushing my hair. I look on the basin next to mine.

Fiona: Are you okay?

I quickly dart my eyes to look at my reflection. My face is wet with tears.

Fiona: Are you okay? Tabitha: I'm alright Fiona. Thanks.

I fish out my face cloth and gently dab my face.

Fiona: Are you sure? I nod. With a concerned look on her face she graciously walks away.

I powder my face once again and walk out feeling down for the rest of the day....


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