part 13 life with Elijah


Tabitha and I are cuddling up a storm in bed. Lol. Her sense of humour was a therapeutic strategy to make me feel so much better about myself.

In all honesty I was feeling better than ever. We laugh at this dumb joke she makes.

Tabitha: My dad was like... No! You'll never discuss sex with me out of wedlock. Okay change of heart that was hilarious. I laughed.

Elijah: So your sister is getting married?

Tabitha: Yep.

Elijah: Hmm okay a friend of mine is getting married too. Tabitha: Oh?

Elijah: Daniel.

Tabitha: Daniel... Daniel... Daniel... She whispers thoughtfully

Elijah: I don't think you know him. Tabitha: Uhm I know my sister's friend who's betrothed to a Daniel.

Elijah: Could be him. She nods lightly. I kiss her lips and rake her beautiful babyish face. “How old are you?”

Sheraises her eyebrow.

Elijah: I just wanna know.

Tabitha: I'm 27 turning 28 in September.

Elijah: Oh I thought you were 16.

She laughs and punches my shoulder lightly.

Elijah: When is your birthday? Tabitha: 15 September.

Elijah: Hmm spring baby.

Tabitha: Wena?

Elijah: I'm turning 32 on the 5th of December.

Tabitha: Wow Okay. We remain silent for a while...

Tabitha: Elijah?

I look into her eyes.

Tabitha: What exactly are we doing?

Elijah: What do you want?

Her eyes wander around the patterned ceiling. I just want to be friends”

Elijah: Friends? I don't wanna be your friend.

“What do you want?” She asks knowingly.

Elijah: I want you I want you to give me a chance to love you. Give me a chance to show you how much you mean to me. I love you. I really really do. And I need someone like you in my life. She turns to look at me with a sheen of tears in her eyes. “ I just wanna love you T.”

She releases a soothing breath from her nostrils and looks up again.

Tabitha: I have a fear...

Elijah: Tell me about it. Tabitha: I fear to fall in love I don't want to love again. I don't want to hurt again I don't want anyone who's going to distract my peace. Elijah: Do you feel like I'm a distraction to you?

Tabitha: No.

Elijah: Then?

Tabitha: I'm still trying to fix my relationship with God. Elijah: We can do that together right?

She looks at me. “You're a good man.”

Elijah: You're phenomenal woman.

She smiles sweetly in between the tears. “Thank you.”

Elijah: Please give us a chance.

She smiles and nods unexpectedly.

Elijah: Really?

Tabitha: Yeah.

Elijah: Woza...

She giggles sweetly nearing her body to mine's until she was ontop of me. I squeeze her butt mercilessly now I can feel that I'm getting tempted slowly the both of us are so carefully I lay her next to me.

Elijah: I love you. Her face flushes pink and once again. Tabitha: Your sister is on her way.

Elijah: You didn't tell me that. Tabitha: Come help me cook. Elijah: Yes ma'am. . .


After class I'm currently starring at my books and failing to study in my room.

My phone rings and it's MaTwala. I am not sure what it is now and I'm preoccupied.

Ncebsi: MaTwala?

MaTwala: Sisi bathi ugogo unjani?

Ncebsi: It's not looking good. MaTwala: Ao sisi ncese yezwa(sorry) Ncebsi: It's all okay. Unjani uZakhele? MaTwala: He's alright he went to school.

Ncebsi: Thank you so much for everything osenzela yona.

MaTwala: It's nothing baby. Nina now you must go to school and make your grandmother proud.

I nod understandingly and we end the call.

Amanda walks in with a box of pizza and a 2litre drink.

Amanda: Take a break. We'll study together after eating.

I might aswell take a break my brain can't seem to absorb anything.

I just wish I had stuck with Tabitha instead of that evil man. . .


Elijah and I are still preparing a meal in the kitchen when we hear a car hooting.

Tabitha: It must be her.

He strides to the sitting room and gets the remote as I stir up the pots.

I hear female vocals when he opens the door. I thought Helen was coming alone but anyway there is enough for everyone.

An older woman walks in and greets with a friendly smile.

Tabitha: Hello Ma.

Her: How are you?

Tabitha: I'm good thanks and you.

Her: I'm fine.

I smile warmly and lower the stove heat.

Her: I'm Yvonne Khetho's aunt.

I look at her in confusion.

Yvonne: Nice to meet you sisi.

I smile.

Yvonne: What's your name? Tabitha: I'm Bahumi mama. But people call me Tabitha. Yvonne: Bahumi... What a beautiful name. I have limited knowledge in SeTswana

what does it mean?

Tabitha: Wealth.

She looks pleased with a playful smile lingering on her lips. “You have a very wealthy smile.”

I blush and remove the apron. She gets a glass of water and walks out of the kitchen.

Elijah walks in with his sister.

Elijah: Allow me to formally introduce you to my sister. T this is Helen.

A fake smile approaches my face conspicuously.

Elijah: Helen this is my woman uTabitha.

“Woman?” She gives Elijah a quizzical look.

Elijah: Yes she's my baby. He walks to me and squeezes my waist.

Helen: Hmm woman. Nice to meet you.

I nod with a smug smile.

He then plants kisses on my cheek and neck.

“Really Khetho? Mxm!” She rolls her eyes and walks out.

I turn to look at him. His lips descend on mine and he starts kissing me. I push him back and gasp. “That was rude.”

Elijah: Uzoqina uHelen. (She'll be strong)

Tabitha: You're so naughty. Elijah: I know right.

Tabitha: Khetho... Is that your name?

He chuckles. “Khethokuhle. But it's Moratua to you.”

I laugh. “So where is your mom? You never speak about her or your dad.” He presses his lips together as the excitement lingers away from his face.

Yvonne: Khetho.

He lifts his head to her then walks away dismissively.

Okay... My phone rings on the counter and it's my sister I'm sure she wants to know what's good about the venue and I've been swamped up taking care of Elijah. I purposely ignore it and activate silent mode when it stops.

As for Elijah's family being here I'm so uncomfortable.

We're now eating and I'm awfully quiet.

Yvonne: So what do you do for a living Bahumi?

Tabitha: I am a teacher. Yvonne: Nice profession. You must be so inlove with kids. Tabitha: Very much in love. But I teach the senior phase in High school. Elijah: We used to work together apparently I was her boss. Yvonne: Really?

Elijah: Yes. Yvonne: Nice. Helen: You have kids?

She said looking at me.

Tabitha: Uhm no.

Helen: Why?

I sip my juice eyeing my plate uncomfortably.

There was silence for a while...

Helen: You don't want them?

Elijah clears his throat sharply looking at Helen.

“I was just asking Tabi sorry. ”

Inod understandingly.

Yvonne: I hear you've been taking care of my son. Thank you so much I really wasn't aware.

Elijah: Helen didn't tell you? Then you should kill her for me.

Helen laughs. Seeing that they are no longer eating I take myself and Elijah's plate.

Helen helps me clear the table and we move on to the kitchen.

Helen: Tabitha. I look at her while emptying the plates. Helen: I didn't mean to step on your toes.

Tabitha: It's okay Helen.

Helen: I'm sorry.

I nod understandingly then we began washing the dishes.

By the look of things it seems like Yvonne and Helen were gonna be here for an extended period and I enjoy their company but I need to leave I need my own space. I stand up as they burst out in laughter.

Tabitha: I have to go now. Elijah raises his eyebrow. Tabitha: I need to get to my house hey. It was nice seeing you MamYvonne and you Helen.

They smile looking so alike. Now I miss my mom.

Yvonne: Alright mntanam. I walk out and head to the room I occupied. Elijah follows me in and I grab my sports bag and handbag.

Elijah: Whoa! Are you really leaving?

I nod my head.

Elijah: But I understand you left your own house to come and help me not stay with me.

I force a smile.

Elijah: A little help?

I hand him my sports bag and we make our way out.

Elijah: I'm gonna miss you T. Tabitha: I know.

He hugs me tightly.Now I don't want to let go of him.

His scent is good poison to my nose.

Elijah: Ngyak'thanda and please call me when you arrive. 

We look at each other.

Elijah: I love you okay? I nod lightly and get in my car. As I'm driving on my way back I'm being logical about giving Elijah a chance. I just dont know if I did the right thing giving this man a chance.

Yes I'm smiling I feel the love that makes and awakes joyful mysteries but I'm so sceptical.


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