part 4 life with Elijah

▔ [ELIJAH] So I'm telling Tabitha all these non-existent stories and all we're exchanging is laughte and all these crazy responses I get from her are everything and more. It's like I've really known this woman forever. We connect so effortlessly and it's entirely different and ever so refreshing. An hour passes... Elijah: T? No response. Elijah: T? Mrs Shab- I immediately pause and clear my throat. I check my screen and the call is still on line. I bet she's now sleeping. Elijah: Well goodnight even though you ditched me it's okay... May the Angels of God surround you. I chuckle lightly after saying that and end the call. I am glad she's asleep now I can rest too. Well hopefully I get some rest. . . [TABITHA] I open my eyes slowly. I rub them gently clearing them and yawning lightly. My phone is not next to me and it takes time for me to register the fact that I'm supposed to be at work. I panic as I feel my phone deeper into the sheets. More like...Near my feet! Oh no! I roughly tossed the blankets aside and grab my phone. It's off. Great! I plug it in the charger and switch it on right there. 09h34 ... Did I really oversleep? Yoh! I just buried my face on the pillow and grunted! Why? I hate missing work. But I can go on and indulge in more sleep I find it a futile attempt to go to work anyway. I pull back the covers and sleep. The rainy morning is permitting anyway I deserve all the rest I can get. That's me consoling myself. My phone rings on my nightstand drawer. I ignore and let it stop. When it does I immediately activate silent mode. ... 12h00 p.m I wake up and head straight to the bathroom. I look relaxed. After brushing my teeth and washing my face I quickly fix my bed and perch on the bed to check my phone. I recieved a number of missed calls from Elijah my dad and the deputy principal. I'm not in the best of moods as for returning calls I'm a 0% participant. The main reason I don't have a voicemail demo of "leave a message and I'll get back to you." I'd like to believe I'm a good heaven citizen who doesn't lie nor make vows knowing I'll never fulfill them. Now that I'm eating "breakfast" my mind darts back to the friendly conversation with Elijah. Sleeping was so impossible but he made it so easy. I can't even remember how the conversation ended. Hmm... Maybe I'll call him later. . . [ELIJAH] Two lectures dusted off I'm ready for my warm hearty meal at my favorite African cuisine restaurant. I might aswell gain a little bit of fat since the winter season is approaching. The waiter catered my mutton pieces with grilled chicken and pap. Such scrumptious lunch I've been longing for. My cravings are betraying me I have to burn these extra calories. Walking out the restaurant I couldn't see my car. I pore through the parking space and to my astounding amount of shock it's parked on the other side of the street. What? How? My eyes squirt of confusion and multiple choice questions arise subsequently. Maybe someone was trying to steal it. Probably pushed it... Or whatever! But this isn't normal. I unlock it and gingerly scan the interior space. It's quite alright. I hop in and take a deep breath. "You know I won't let you rest until you obey instructions." A soothing voice whispers. I looked at the rearview mirror and there's no one at the back. "If it happens she dies her blood will be in your hands." The voice produced echoes in my mind. It's so unusual. This has been happening for some time now. But why am I being tormented? I'm trying right? Can I get credit for trying at least? So next time I might just find my car parked somewhere in Durban... I start the ignition once I'm sane enough to drive to back to Fairlands. . . [TABITHA] It's now Saturday. I'm now preparing myself for the rendezvous with Elijah. I was now rummaging through my closet looking for something to wear. It's a sunny day so I need something skin revealing and simple. An asymmetric blue black and white dress and my white converse will do. No makeup a good straightened weave that's good enough! I quickly grab my stuff and nip to my car. As I continue walking hurriedly towards my car

unexpectedly a hand covers my mouth. I mumbled. And he hisses. I have no doubt that it's Anele. Anele: Please Bee I'm gonna move my hand. Just don't scream okay... I nod frightfully. He moved his hand cautiously optimistic. Anele: Bee. I slowly turn as my heart rate increases rapidly. Tabitha: Anele obatla eng? (What do you want) Anele: Mfethu. I've been longing to see you. Tabitha: Aren't you supposed to be in jail or something. Anele: I'm out. 5 years yam' ndiyigqibile. Tabitha: Oh... I didn't realise. Anele: Listen. I know you want nothing to do with me. Tabitha: How did you know where I live? Anele: I was lost I needed directions and fate led me to your door. My heart slowly got back its rhythmic pattern. Tabitha: Okay. So why are you sneaking up on me? Anele: I know you wouldn't want to meet me no matter how I try this is the only way I could think of. Tabitha: I have to go somewhere. Anele: I can see that. You look beautiful. I silently cross my arms. Anele: I'm sorry. I just want to apologise for everything I've done to you Bee. Uyaz' maan I loved you and there was no any other woman I loved besides you. Tabitha: Stop please. You didn't love me how do you do that to someone you love? How? Anele: I'm sorry. I have no excuse for what I did. I served my time and there's no day I wouldn't think about what I did to you. Tears unexpectedly roll down my cheeks. Thinking about the pain that this man had caused me my family and loved ones. It still hurts me because I loved him and trusted him. Anele: Mamela. I'm sorry. I really am. Please forgive me. Tabitha: Why Anele? Why did you do that to me? Anele: I let my insecurities my frustrations and anger as leverage to do what I did. He gently lift his thumb to dry my tears. Anele: Please Bee. I'm not trying to hurt you I'm not trying to do anything to harm you. Baby ndim... Remember the times we shared together? His eyes delved deeply into mines. What happened to him? He just became too possessive and controlling. Anele: I have changed. Yanking his arm away I looked at him with boldness. Tabitha: Stay away from me. Anele: B- Tabitha: I mean it! I interject scornfully. Tabitha: LEAVE ME ALONE! With that said a sheer accompanied my words to walk away. He better not come near me if he knows what's good for him. . . [ELIJAH] Just arrived in Melville Hell's kitchen. Not ready to order so I patiently wait for Tabitha with a glass of mango juice. As I brows through my phone Tabitha calls to confirm she's near. It's been a dragged five months already and I can't wait to see her. 30 minutes passes and I see her approaching our table. Already I'm enchanted by what I see. I stand up with a warm smile on my face and we share a hug. Her sweet perfume intoxicated me partly as I let my hands be filled with her fabric. Elijah: Long time Tabitha: Yoh you're taller than I anticipated. Elijah: Haha what? I guess you're more beautiful than I anticipated. She chuckles and we sit down. The waitress approaches our table with menus. Waitress: Welcome to Hell's kitchen I'll be at your service today. She gives out the menus. Tabitha: Thank you. Waitress: Drink Ma'am? Tabitha: I'll have cranberry juice please on the rocks. She jots that down. I look at "Madam's" gracious self. Tabitha: Thank you. The waitress walks off and she eyes me innocently. She looks different. More poshed and something about her accentuates brokenness. I'm not that gullible enough her facade unfortunately not that effective. Tabitha: You good? Elijah: I'm good. You? Tabitha: Great. I smile. We have alot to talk about...


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