part 3 life with Elijah

[TABITHA] After work I decide to shop for a few things like food. I strolled through the aisles picking out things and placing them in the trolley. My phone rings instantly. I reach for it deep in my bag and answer without checking the caller. Tabitha: Hello? Bathlalifi: Hai keng wang karaba nkare ke batla chelete ya hao.(why you answering as if I'm about to ask money from you) Tabitha: You always ask for money anyway... I'm busy bothata keng? She pauses and I hook my bag on my shoulder. Bathlalifi: Can't I check up on you? I silently move and see bottles of wine on the shelves. Bathlalifi: I just want to know how you are holding up. Tabitha: Hm... You know what? Let me call you back later. I'm really busy. Bathlalifi: Please. I really miss talking to you. I smile and end the call throwing my phone back on my bag. Me is tempted right now in taking a bottle or two... But I remember I'm trying to fix my life. I'm trying to regain consciousness and claim my life back. After breathing in and out for a couple more seconds I pass the row with confidence off to the cashier. ... Arriving after doing a back and forth trip of getting the plastic bags in my house. I locked making sure all my windows are closed. After unpacking I call my sister lying on my stomach with my legs swinging in the air. Bathlalifi: Bee. Tabitha: Ya girl. Bathlalifi: I miss you already. I chuckle in disbelief. Bathlalifi: Keng? What's so funny? Tabitha: You sound weird. Bathlalifi: Like seriously. Tabitha: Girl...You're not the clingy type. Bathlalifi: Well you're my sister and I got used to living with you the past months. Tabitha: I know. Our bond has grew even more stronger. Bathlalifi: Yeah and I have some interesting news to share I keep quiet drawing patterns on my sheets with my medium size nails. Bathlalifi: Hao are you still there? Tabitha: Hao girl bua.(talk) She clears her throat. Bathlalifi: Thami and I are getting married. I scream in excitement and she laughs at me. Tabitha: Oh my gosh! Finally! Bathlalifi: Finally! Tabitha: Like really the relationship has lasted for like... Before Christ? She laughs and cusses me out. I laugh genuinely surprised by this I'm happy for her. I really am. Tabitha: Good for you. I guess I gotta get myself a wardrobe consultant for an upgrade. I mean... Two weddings already. Wow! God is good. Bathlalifi: Enlightenment nyana on the second wedding. Tabitha: Akere Unathi is the first. Bathlalifi: Oh yeah. So I was meaning to ask you. Please organise us an engagement party. Tabitha: Isn't that supposed to be a suprise from him? Bathlalifi: No! I don't trust no one but you so please... I totally forget the control freak in her. I agree to do it and I'm happy she sees my role as vital in her important life event. When we finally end the conversation I toss my phone aside and bury my dull face on my bed grunting with effort. I'm exhausted! I need a break I'm in need for a vacation. I just want to go away! Unwillingly I roll out of bed and go take a bath. . . [ELIJAH] Its 23:00 pm. I'm reading through the message I just got from my spiritual father Bishop Dube.He is requesting my presence on Sunday. Of course

I was thinking of going to church so I assured him I shall be there! On a more serious note I know why he wants to see me. I've been experiencing a lot of mystical visitations in my dreams and its becoming a norm so I refrain from sleeping. I yawn lightly and think of Tabitha maybe she isn't sleeping. Should I call her? Hmm... Let me try. She answers. Tabitha: Hey. I hear her sniff in the background. Elijah: How are you. She breaks down and bawls on the line. I let her I remind myself to remain calm. She eventually apologises. I am now mad at myself for being so away. Elijah: What's going on T? Please talk to me... Tabitha: Am I not disrupting you? Elijah: From what exactly? Am I not the one who called? She keeps quiet sniffing away her tears. Elijah: Now tell me what is wrong? Tabitha: He is back... My ex-boyfriend Anele. He showed up to my door this morning. Elijah: Who? What? I'm sorry... I'm just a little- Tabitha: The guy who almost killed me. He was the reason I was in coma for the longest time. Elijah: Oh. Tabitha: I don't feel so safe anymore... He might come in right now... How do I know hes not here to finish me off. Elijah: Listen to me. Don't panic don't you panic okay. I'd say call the police but don't you think you're overthinking the whole situation? He might not be after you it's the fear that's crippling you. Tabitha: After everything that has happened between us. I have every right to think what I'm thinking. Elijah: I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that. Tabitha: Everything he did to me just flashed right in my eyes like it all happened yesterday. I sigh rubbing my eyes. Tabitha: I am scared. Elijah: Okay... Just relax. Breathe in... And out... I hear her exhale with ease. Elijah: Breath in again... And out. She obliges. Elijah: Say Father... Tabitha: Will that help? Elijah: T Tabitha: Okay fine... Elijah: Right! Say Father... She relents and follows after me. Elijah: I know that... You're with me.... You said in your word that... Unless you build the house... Those who build it... Build it in vain... And unless you guard the city... Those who guard it do it in vain... I thank you for your protection. And thank you for the life you've given me... She sighs and I can already hear the calmness in her sweet voice. Elijah: Read Psalms 91 every night and pray T you'll be fine. Don't allow that guy to steal your peace. Okay? She nods. Elijah: Should I tell you stories before you can sleep? Tabitha: Don't you lie on me... We both laugh now the tension has been eliminated. I'm satisfied. Elijah: Okay one day one day. She bursts out in laughter. Elijah: What? She continues to laugh and I join her Tabitha: Wow! You're something hey. Elijah: I know....


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