part 9 poverty made me

Part9 Its true what they say about kindnessit can cost a lot.The one mistake we make when we become successful is to thinkthat the whole world will be happy for us or maybe look at us in a different way.Lukhanya regretted going back to mama Gibbz house what was she expecting a welcome home party? ............................. "You know I have thought about what you said and it makes sense"Lukhanya said referring to CJ who sat next to her on the couch with a bowl of popcornsat her place "But?"CJ asked "There's no but and as a matter of fact I will be going back to school" "Praise the Lord!finally she came back to her senses" "I never lost my sensesthe truth is I was going through a lot"Lukhanya replied ................................... "Look who's back omg Lazuros!"Lukhanya was met by the likes of Anita on her way to buy lunch at the school's tuckshopshe just ignored themonly if they knew she had money to hire a hitman and remove evidencein a blink of an eye.They would mind how they spoke to herone good thing about Lukhanya was that she knew how to use moneythe only expensive thing she owned was her iPhone.Her mother had taught her to live like there was tomorrow.Even though Lukhanya was overwhelmed by her bank balanceshe couldn't bare the thought that she could have been doing grade10 if only she hadn't gave up last yearnow she had to live with the pain of seeing her classmates in grade10. As for Anita and Sugar they had failed grade10Lukhanya started wearing a full school uniform a blazer includedshe became one of the hottest and well known girls in the history of Eden ridge highlike they say you are never uglyyou are just broke.Her marks picked up like never beforeeven though she got comments like "she's repeating thats why she passes so well"it never got to hershe got an award after an award. "Hey mbali how was the math test?"Lukhanya asked one of the pupils she tutoredyes you got it right Lukhanya would remain with learners who struggled with math after school.She would even organise educational trips for them with her own moneyno matter how much the world had wronged her she just never stopped giving. "I aced it"mbali replied with a big smile on her face "Thats gooddon't miss our afternoon classes"Lukhanya repliedwhile holding her math textbook in her arms "I won'twhy didn't you tell me you were running for president this year?"mbali asked "What?"Lukhanya got the shock of her life "What do you mean what?you have been nominated" "But im only doing grade 9I thought they chose among seniors"Lukhanya said "there's always a first time for everything"mbali winkedLukhanya was extremely worried about this issue

Lukhanya was extremely worried about this issueshe didn't want to be part of the electionsshe also felt like she didn't deserve to be the school president. "Whats up with the long face?ncaw!you didn't like what you read on Facebook?"that was Anita she seemed to always be in Lukhanya's face "What are you talking about?"Lukhanya asked with a confused faceAnita waved her phone -I mean this is crystal clear how can a former drop outbe our president?we need to be led by someone who values educationshe probably returned because she had a miscarriageor maybe it was a termination?yes you heard it here first Lukhanya left schoolwhen she found out that she was impregnated by my boyfriend CJyall wanted to know what happened to our friendship right?well there you have itand I deserve to be the president! #enhle4president #backstabbers_mustfall #vote_enhle- "Ndaloenhle wrote this?"Lukhanya asked with no emotion on her face "Duh!don't you have facebook"Sugar rolled her eyes "So what are you gonna do about it?"Anita asked "Nothing"Lukhanya smiled "What do you mean nothing?she is damaging your reputation"Anita replied "If you went through what I went through in my lifeyou would just look at that post and smile toonow if you may excuse me"Lukhanya was now stronger than beforeif Ndaloenhle wanted to fight dirty that was her business.The only person she was worried about was CJshe knew how short tempered he washe wouldnt tolerate lies being posted about him.So she decided to go look for him before the news reach his eyes or ears.Unfortunately she couldn't find himshe went to put her textbook in her school bagsince it was now lunch.on her way to the tuckshopSomeone covered her eyes from behind.She could tell by the scent of the cologne that it was CJ. "Hey khanya lunch is on me"CJ said after removing his hands from Lukhanya's eyes "Oh..wow..uhm I get to keep my money I guess"Lukhanya could tell CJ was happyand the last thing she wanted to do was ruin his happiness. "Are you okay?"CJ asked "Me?yeah why wouldn't I be?"Lukhanya replied "Relax business woman" "I am relaxed why wouldn't I be?" "Okay now im convinced there's something wrongwhats wrong?"CJ asked "Uhm...nothing" "Im not gonna let it go" "Okay fine!promise me you won't freak out"Lukhanya said "Now you are scaring me" "Well Ndaloenhle..."Lukhanya told him everything "Did I just hear you correctly?"CJ asked while raising his one eyebrowLukhanya knew what that meant "I...I guess"Lukhanya swallowed hard "wait CJ where are you going?" When Lukhanya tried running after hersomeone pulled her arm from behindit was Phiwe who was now doing his 8th grade in Eden ridge high. "Whats wrong Phiwe?did you leave your lunch money at home?"Lukhanya asked still looking at the direction CJ went "I was summoned to come with you to the office"Phiwe replied "Why?" "I don't know"Lukhanya indeed followed Phiwe to the officewhen she got there her eyes fell on the groundshe couldn't believe who she saw standing next to Mrs Masekoher father who left about a year ago!


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