part 8 poverty made me

Part8 Right after Jackie was done washing her hairLukhanya told her that she wanted to go home. "I was hoping we could have lunch togetherbut its okay lemme drop you off"Jackie saidleaving the salon immediately.When they arrived it was 5pm in the eveningand there was no sign of her siblings playing outside on the dusty yard.She opened the door and mama Gibbz was not at home it was just her siblings folding their legs on the matlooking very worried and hungrythe excitement they expressed when they saw herwas like she had risen from the dead.They helped her fetch other plastics from Jackie's car and for the first time Jackie entered a shack.A few minutes later she left.Lukhanya watched her siblings fit their clothesand it looked like She guessed their sizes Correctly. "Sisi someone was looking for you"Nompilo said "Who?"Lukhanya asked "The boy who came yesterday"Phiwe replied "Oh no!I missed him"Lukhanya thought "What did you tell him?"Lukhanya asked "To come back later"Phiwe replied as he opened a bar one chocolate "Well...well look who made it back home"mama Gibbz slowly clapped her hands as she entered through the door.Lukhanya just stood there feeling speechless. "I see you bought somethingI hope you learnt your lesson darling!"mama Gibbz continued talking as she pulled out a big packet of nik naks. "See what sisi bought me"Nompilo said referring to mama Gibbz "Mmh I see they look cheap though"mama Gibbz rolled her eyes she was just thankful for the food "Do they look cheap sisi?"Nompilo was very sensitiveLukhanya didn't know what to say to her "You even have a new hairdo?im sure you wouldn't mind starting to pay rent huh?"mama Gibbz said as she did a little dance.Lukhanya felt like cryingwhy did life have to be so hard on heras she was about to respond she heard what sounded like a motor bike from outside.The boys ran to see who it was. "Knock!knock!"CJ knocked after parking his motor bikeLukhanya began shakinghow was mama Gibbz going to reactCJ really had a nervewhy didn't he check the caost first? "Hey handsome looking for an older mami?"OMG mama Gibbz was hitting on CJ "Uhm wow hyim looking for khanya we school together"CJ felt really uncomfortable "What are you waiting for?go!or you want someone else to snatch him?"mama Gibbz said as CJ smiled at Lukhanya .............. "So how did it go?"Lukhanya asked nervously "Relax will you?"CJ said as he giggled and leaned on his motor bike "Tell me the suspense is killing me already" "Okay firstly yeah its a real diamondbut the best news are that my dad is willing to buy it"CJ said "No you are lying I don't believe you!"Lukhanya was shocked "You wanna know the price or what?" "Of course spit it out already" "Come closer"CJ said "How close because im standing in front of you already?" "Okay"CJ leaned forward and whispered into Lukhanya's ear "What!?no no!this is a prank"Lukhanya started cryingtears of joy got the better of her.She was just so overwhelmedwhen the week endedCJ accompanied Lukhanya to open a bank accountthank God she kept her birth certificate and other important documents in her toiletry bagotherwise they would have burned also.They found a very kind employee who managed to make it happenafter hearing Lukhanya's story. ........... Big things started happening a few weeks laterLukhanya developed a business idea to open a super market in her neighbourhood with the diamond moneysince they had to walk long distances to the mall.But she was only 15 what did she know about business?what if it failed?Lukhanya knew she had to talk to someone who knew a bit more about businessso early on a Wednesday morning she walked to mr Naidoo's pawn shop. "Hey Luh good morning"Jackie's face blossomed when she saw Lukhanya "Morning miss Naidoocan I see your father?"Lukhanya asked "I only take over when my dad is not aroundhow can I assist you?" "Well I wanted an advice about starting a business" "Okay interestingI studied business in varsityso shoot"Jackie replied "Oh uhm..."Lukhanya explained everything to her "Wow you are a very smart and wise young girlhow did you come up with such a great idea?"Jackie was amazed "My siblings inspired itI want a better future for them" "Tell you whatI'll teach you the basics of starting and growing a businessthen I'll see if I can convince Tshepo to donate

im sure his friends will too"Jackie Said "Wow!you know this feels like a dreama few months ago I wouldn't have hesitated to commit suicide...anyway thank you so much"Lukhanya replied .................. "Wow this is so beautiful its so big"Lukhanya said as she stood next to her supermarketthe previous year had passed.Besides her stood her business partner Jackie who was now Mrs kekanayes Tshepo had married her few months back.Lukhanya was a silent partner to avoid harassmenttheir supermarket had decreased the rate of unemployment.It attracted so many investmentsfrom their city. "I think its time I bought a house for my siblingsthe year just begun im sure I could register them into a private school also"Lukhanya said as her and Jackie watched people getting in and out of their supermarket "Do you want my advice?"Jackie asked "Do I have a choice?"Lukhanya asked "I think yall should go to boarding schoolI know our business is doing well but you need a back up plan" "Boarding school is a great idea but I doubt I want to go back to schoolwho does grade 9 at the age of 16?" "You know Lukhanya I understand how you feel but I still insist you consider going back to schoolwhat if I pass away?how would you control the supermarket?"Jackie made a valid point but Lukhanya wasn't convinced. "Listen I'll see you around lemme hurry back home"Lukhanya said as she took a taxi homeshe had rented a backroom at Mrs Mazibuko's house.It had a kitchen combined with dining room and one bedroomshe found her siblings watching TVthey loved it so much you would steal everything in the room and they wouldn't notice "I hope you people are done with your homeworks"Lukhanya said but there was no responsetheir eyes where glued to the cartoons.Lukhanya went to prepare something for them to eatand her phone rang "Hey CJ"Lukhanya answered "Hey business woman how are you?" "Hahaha very funny how can I help you?" "Got no time to waste huh?anyway I wanted to check on youI was hoping to see you at school today"CJ replied "Oh that" "No Lukhanya don't tell me you are not coming backdon't let money get into your head millions end too" "I know im still thinking about itJackie suggested boarding school"Lukhanya Said "Thats quite expensivedon't waste money khanyayour siblings still have to go to universityjust comeback to school there's nothing wrong with public schoolswhen I was in grade 7 my parents were very poorbut when I passed grade 8 everything changedwe became rich but that didn't interfere with the kind of school I go to" "Oh so thats why a cheese boy like you schools at Eden ridge" "Thats not the point" "Okay okay!fine I'll think about itbye"Lukhanya hung up and went to serve her siblings dinnerif only you could have seen the looks they gave her when she turned off the TV. "Here's your food and I hope you've done your homeworks"Lukhanya said as she sat on the couch and started digging inafterwards she served them vanilla icecream for dessertthen turned on the TV. "I'll be back"Lukhanya carried leftovers in a tupperware bowlShe took a taxi to miss Gibbz shack a little bit far from where she now stayedshe smiled remembering how she used to take long walks just to go clean or wash dishes for mrs Mazibukoat least mrs Mazibuko used to give her a taxi fare to return back home.She was brought back to Earthby loud music "Short left"Lukhanya yelled. She found mama Gibbz sitting on her plastic chairoutside her shack.To her suprise mama Gibbz seemed very happy to see her "My Luh"mama Gibbz said "Hey mamahow have you been?"Lukhanya smiled as mama Gibbz offered her a chair "I won't be long as you can see its getting late"Lukhanya continued talking "What do I owe this pleasant visit?" "Here mama I thought of you when I cooked this meal"Lukhanya "Agh just when I was starting to tolerate youyou bring me food instead of money?out!leave my compoundhaaaak!"Mama Gibbz yelled

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