part 7 poverty made me

Part7 Lukhanya said a short prayer before turning her headshe knew it was Coco and it was quite deadly at night.She turned so slowly like her life depended on itwhat the heck?of course her life depended on itthe last thing you want to do is move when you are in the presence of a drooling pitbull.She slowly twisted the handlebut Ndaloenhle had locked the door.The only thing she could do to get help was scream. "NDALOENHLE!HELP THE DOG IS..."before she could finish off her sentenceCoco jumped and hung unto her tracksuit hoodyshe spun out of fright causing Coco to fly off hershe saw an opportunity to runshe ran so fast and climbed the gate.But she had forgotten to close the gate so now Coco was barking at her from outside the gate. "Ndaloenhle!Ndalo!"Lukhanya yelled with a shaky voicefrom the top of the gateNdaloenhle came out finally holding lamb chops in her hands "Coco!come here girl...Coco"Ndaloenhle whistled and Coco ran to herLukhanya jumped off the gate and ran like a mad woman she never looked back.She ran until her legs said"no more"just when she thought she was miles away from Ndaloenhle's house she sat on the street pavementit was so dark with few street lightsshe then heard a man screaming for help.She became very scared imagine hearing a man scream for helpjust when she stood up and tried runningthe man cried louder convincing her to come and help him.Lukhanya lost control of her legs she saw herself walking in the direction were the noise came from when she arrived she regretted minding other people's businessShe saw 1guy beating a man outside a black Mercedes benz and 3 other guys trying to get into the carit seemed like it was a hijacking because there was a toddler crying in the backseat.She had to come up with a strategy before the perpetrators could see her.She then hid herself around a nearby cornerand stripped off her clothesknowing how black people are scared of witchcrafther plan should work.She said a short prayer before confronting the perpetrators.Before she could even make a scary face the guy trying to remove the baby from the back seat saw her. "Bafethu MOLOI!"his eyes were so wide he started running backwards followed by the other twothe one beating the man was the last one to notice herhe shouted "Jesus!"but Lukhanya kept moving towards them "Mamayoooo yoohooo moloi fire fire"He took off running leaving the man traumatisedLukhanya went to put on her clothesthen helped the man stand up.Luckily he wasn't badly injured he just coughed up bloodbut he couldn't drive his legs felt numb from trauma. "Thank you so much...(spits blood)do..you know how to drive?"The man asked "Im only 15"Lukhanya responded "Your height is okay

you gonna have to listen to what im going to tell you to do very carefullyget in the driver seat"the man orderedafter Lukhanya had helped him to get in there front passenger seat.She listened to him even though she preferred driving slowlynot to mention that the car kept giving them hiccups.Somehow by God's grace they reached their destinationthe man's house. "Hey sweetiewhere's my baby and what took you so long"a very beautiful lady walked towards the carbefore they could even get off the carthe baby had cried herself to sleep. "Hey babymeet the young girl who saved my life"The man said as Lukhanya realised that the lady was the one and only Jackie "Lukhanya?what happened?"Jackie was terrifiedbut Lukhanya could hardly hear anything they were sayingher eyes were glued to the house.It was so big with upstairs.Jackie helped her fiancé get out of the car "You guys know each other?"Jackie's fiancé Tshepo asked "YeahLukhanya please carry my baby into the house"Jackie said as she helped her fiancé get into the houseLukhanya did as she was told ................ It was already 2am and Lukhanya hadn't sleptin fact all of them were waiting for a doctor expect for the little one of course "Hahaha OMG you mean you were completely naked!"Jackie couldn't stop laughing "Its not funny love I don't think I'll ever drive again"Tshepo replied "Come on sweetie we both know thats not true"Jackie teased Tshepoas she gave him a baby kiss.They looked so happy togetherLukhanya could feel the love herself.few minutes later the doctor came to check on Tshepo. "Lukhanya darling take the stairs then turn rightopen the first door.you need to rest"Jackie saidLukhanya didn't know Jackie was that sweet. ............. Lukhanya woke up a little later in the afternoon.She found Jackie helping Tshepo take his medicine. "You are awake dear?"Jackie was the first one to notice Lukhanya walking down the stairs "Yeah thanks a lot"Lukhanya replied "Go take a bathyou'll wear a dress that doesn't fit me anymore.We are going to the mall"Jackie said "Oh what about him?you sure he won't need you?"Lukhanya asked referring to Tshepo "I'll be fineJackie told me everything about you and I think its only fair that she buys you and your siblings some clothes and food" "No you have done enough by letting me spend the night here" "Agh Luh relax its just us saying thanks for saving Tshepo's life"Jackie replied "Okay if you insist" Lukhanya indeed took a bathshe had never bathed with so many water in her lifeafter bathing Jackie gave her a floral dress and yellow pumpsthey fitted her quite well.Jackie fetched the baby and they were ready to go. ................ Lukhanya wasn't even sure about her siblings sizesshe just guessed.After hours of shopping and putting plastic bags in the bootthey finally went to the salonLukhanya looked more beautiful the box braids had surely enhanced her dark beauty.They washed her nails and painted them with a colourless nail polish.Just when Jackie was having her long Indian her washedLukhanya remembered CJ.


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