part 6 poverty made me

Part6 "You see if make good decisions like this me and you will get along pretty well"mama Gibbz had saidearlier on.Her words kept playing in Lukhanya's head as she lay on the sponge next to her siblingsmaybe mama Gibbz wasn't that badperhaps she just wanted what was best for them.Anyway in the afternoon she went to mr Naidoo's pawn shop. "Hey hey Lukhunyu!"Mr Naidoo yelled from behind the counterwith his funny accent. "Afternoon sir"Lukhanya was pleased to see mr Naidoo instead of Jackie "Are you looking for something?"mr Naidoo asked "I need a full time job" "Oh no my dear I can get arrestedyou are still a minor" "Nobody will knowplease"Lukhanya begged "No our town is a very small townyou can only work on Saturdays" Lukhanya left the shop feeling extremely disappointedmr Naidoo was her only hope.What will she tell mama Gibbz? ............... It was approaching the evening and mama Gibbz hadn't returned yetLukhanya sat on the mat since they were not allowed to sit on the couchshe could hear her siblings playing and giggling outsideas she kept herself busy by staring at the diamond she had found the other daycould it be real?what if it was plastic?who can she ask?mama Gibbz seemed clueless about diamonds or gold for that matter "She's inside"Lukhanya heard phiwe responding to someone "Knock!knock!"Lukhanya then heard a soft knockshe rushed to the door hoping it was Ndaloenhle "Look what I foun...dwhat are you doing here?!"Lukhanya was suprised to find CJ standing at the door "Woah...what do you have there?"CJ grabbed the diamond out of Lukhanya's fingers "Bring it back!"Lukhanya yelled "Calm down lets take a walkI promise to give it back if we do" Lukhanya had no choice but to take a walk with CJshe didn't want mama Gibbz to find a boy in her yard.They walked around the neighbourhoodeven though Lukhanya felt a bit uncomfortablewhat if someone saw themCJ on the other hand couldn't care less. "So where did you get this?"CJ asked still holding the diamond between his fingers "Why does it matter?its just plastic"Lukhanya replied "Nah I know quite a lot about diamonds this is the real deal" "You are just pulling my leg" "Tell you whatim gonna have my father look at it with your permission of course" "Okay I trust youso you'll come to my place tomorrow?" "I don't mind coming to your classroom"CJ replied "Oh about thatI...I won't be coming to school for sometime I have somethings to sort outhere at home" "Nah you are still young whatever happens at home

should be sorted out by elders"CJ replied "You won't understand and I prefer not to talk about itso you'll come to my place tomorrow?"Lukhanya asked "Yes ma'am" Lukhanya then said her farewells and ran back to mama Gibbz shackseeing that it was getting late.She almost filled her panty when mama Gibbz opened the door for her. "Mmh so how much did you make before you enter this house?"mama Gibbz folded her arms "Uhm can least get in first?"Lukhanya asked with the tiniest voice ever "Let me think...No!if you don't give me something this moment you'll find a place to sleep tonight" "What!no mama please mr Naidoo said im too young to work full time"Lukhanya went down on her kneeswith tears rolling down her cheeks. "Interesting so where are you coming from?" "I was with a friend" "Good go ask your friend for a place to sleep"mama Gibbz shut the door Lukhanya was literally shaking she knew how dangerousit could be for a young girl like herself to walk around alone at night.A lot of crime took place in her townshipshe thought of sleeping outside mama Gibbz shackbut she chased her away with a broom.Lukhanya had no choice but to take a risk and walk to Ndaloenhle's houseshe was her only hope.After 15minutes of running she finally arrivedit was a peach five room bond houseso beautiful with a small garden complimenting it at the front.Lukhanya hoped that Ndaloenhle's pitbull Coco was tied.She knocked with a stone on the gate and there was no sign of Cocoso she opened the gate and entered. She walked slowly towards the main door and knocked for a few seconds before Ndaloenhle could respond. "Oh its you"thats the first thing Ndaloenhle said after opening the door in her purple pijamas and a white gown with purple spots all over.Lukhanya started crying "I dont have anywhere else to go"Lukhanya said "Agh why don't you go to your boyfriend's house?"Ndaloenhle rolled her eyes "Please Ndalo he's not my boyfriendand im sorry if ive hurt you in any waybut please I need youit was only by God's will that I made it to your houseyou know how dangerous this place is please im on my knees"Lukhanya begged from the bottom of her heart. "Agh spare me your sob storyI don't have time for betrayersyou are not ashamed of yourself you've been bunking school for a guywho is not even in your league!"Ndaloenhle was definitely a different personclearly she was obsessed with CJin her mind they were soul mates. "Please Ndaloenhle for old times sakeI need a place to sleep" "Leave my house!"Ndaloenhle shut her outsideLukhanya banged the door hoping Ndaloenhle will have mercy on her or maybe one of Ndalo's parents would answer the doorbut then suddenly she heard something breathing heavily behind her.

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