part 5 poverty made me

Part5 Some events just simply confirm how much God cares about youimagine getting hit and grilled by a trainthen suddenly you wake and realise it was just a dream.Thats how the kind Lukhanya felt when she realised that the coffee all over her innocent face and chest was cold.From that moment she met face to face with the other side of Ndaloenhle she has never seen beforewhat had happened to her friend?what if the coffee was still hot?Lukhanya was very shockedit took her sometime to recover from her mini heart attack. "How could you betray me like that?"Ndaloenhle yelled after not seeing what she expected to see "You know how I feel about himyou are such a betrayer!"Ndaloenhle continued yellingmeanwhile Lukhanya just stood there like she saw a wild animalmaybe she was really seeing a wild animal after all. "Who do you think you are?you poor thinghow are you going to even keep him with your ugly afro!what was I thinking being a friend with a beggar like you!"Ndaloenhle seemed to have alot to saytheir classmates were even taking videos thats how much they were entertained by the whole thing.Just before Ndaloenhle could continue spitting poison like an angry python Mrs Maseko walked in and saved the dayor should I say saved the momentbecause to tell the truth Lukhanya's entire day smelt rotten. For the first time ever since she moved in with Mama Gibbzshe couldn't wait to get back home.School was a complete horrorthanks to smart phones the incident had gone viral.When she arrived home she went to wash dishes for Mrs Mazibukowhom refused to pay her because due to her frustrations she had broken 3 plates.It was like the day itself had turned against herthat day she missed her sweet mother so much. Lukhanya went to bed early that dayjust after cooking and dishingshe went straight to paradise.Sometimes she wished she could just sleep foreverimpossibilities were turned into possibilities in her dreams.There was so much peace in dreamlandearly in the morning mama Gibbz woke her up to sweep the yard while her younger siblings took turns bathingshe really wanted nothing school relatedthat morning.If it wasn't for Mrs Maseko's threats to call her father to school if she was absent from school againshe wouldn't be going to school.The last thing she wanted was mrs Maseko finding out her father had disappeared and she's been taking care of her siblings for the past 3months all by herself. ................. Lukhanya could feel the tail between her legswhen she entered the school premises.She was getting all different kinds of looks from pity to disgusted facesgreat!now everyone knew about the incident.When she finally entered her classroomshe found Anita Mrs Maseko's daughtersitting on her chair.She felt intimidated. "Look who just arrived"Anita yelled poking her bestfriend Sugar "I almost thought she was going to be absent as always"Sugar replied while stretching a bubble gum from inside her mouth "Follow us I wanna talk to you"Anita said as she cat walked out of the classroom and everyone cheeredincluding Ndaloenhle.Lukhanya indeed followed them outsideand they headed to the girls toilets.when they got there the unbelievable happened "so you now have the guts to snatch Anita's boyfriend?"Anita askedas confusion slapped Lukhanya's face "Im not gonna ask who your boyfriend iscoz im single.You got the wrong girl"Lukhanya finally managed to utter something out of her mouth "CJ dummy!"Sugar rolled her eyes "Im not dating anyone

"anyone" includes CJ"Lukhanya said "Are you calling me a liar?"Anita flipped her weave "I see you have an attitude"Sugar added "Lets teach her a lesson!"Anita said as she grabbed Lukhanya with the help of her huge fat friend Sugarthey threw Lukhanya's face into the toilet and flushed itfor a moment she thought she was going to dieI mean she could hardly breath.The water invaded her earseyesnose and mouth. "I think she has had enough"Anita said as they let her goLukhanya couldn't stop screaming and crying "Stay away from CJthis is only the beginning"Anita clicked Her tongue and left the toilets followed by Sugar. "I've tried ma'am but im sorryI can't work with CJ anymorein fact lets just accept that I'll never be able to pass mathematics again!"Lukhanya was yelling at mrs Masekoit was after school and they were standing next to mrs Maseko's car. "Okay then you leave me no chance but to call your father to school"Mrs Maseko said as she got into her car and slammed the doorLukhanya just stood there speechless.CJ jogged after Lukhanya as she headed home and hugged her neck with his arm. "Who...let go of me CJ have lost your mind?"Lukhanya was completely terrified "Relax can't a friend hug another friend?"CJ replied "You are not my friend" "Okay I'll let goanyway I thought we had an extra class todaywhy are you so in a hurry and why is your colar neck so wet?" "They'll be no extra classes anymore"Lukhanya replied "Why?is it me?" "Nah its meif you don't go back your transport will leave you behind" "Im walking you home today"CJ replied "Are you trying to get me killed?" "Hahaha of course not" Lukhanya allowed CJ to accompany her realising that he wasn't planning on backing off anytime soon.They started talking about other things. "So are the rumours I've been hearing about you true?"Lukhanya asked "Well it depends"CJ replied "On what?" "Are the rumours I've been hearing about you too true?"CJ asked "What rumours?" "I've been told that you've been telling people that we kissed" "What?!"Lukhanya couldn't believe her ears "Yeahso what are the rumours you've been hearing about me?"CJ askedLukhanya was now shy and embarrassedit suprised her how easily lies can be spreadshe couldn't bare the thought of what was going through CJ's mindthe last thing she wanted was CJ thinking she has a crush on him. "Are you selling drugs for your father?"Lukhanya asked "Hahaha oh that rumourits so common heyanyway its not dad is involved in some shady business yesbut I'm not part of it"CJ replied "Oh what do you mean by shady?" "He deals with smuggling diamondsim not sure about drugs"CJ answered.Lukhanya asked no further questions ............. "Sisi they stole my shoes"that was the little one Nompilo "What! dont cryuhm I'll see what I can do"Lukhanya felt defeatedit seemed like everything was going downhilleach time she arrived home.This was really not going to work outschool was just too much.She had to decide between making mrs Maseko happy and taking care of her siblingsbesides mrs Maseko had demanded to see her fatherthat demand gave her an easy decision to make.She didn't want to be the topic for the entire yearso the next day she told mama Gibbz that she will be dropping out.

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