part 4 poverty made me

Part4 "Never mind I thought you meant something else"Lukhanya felt embarrassed "Hahaha you are funny khanyawe are done for today" "Thanks"Lukhanya just felt like flying out of that classroomhow can she jump into conclusions like that about someone she didn't know that well personally.School was over thank God Mrs Maseko was absent.It was minus one problemnow she had to face going back home.When she arrived she almost faintedshe could see people surrounding her shack carrying buckets from a distance.She ran so fast but when she arrived it was too latetheir shack had burned downafter seeing that her siblings were safe.the first thing that came to her mind was her toiletry bag under her bed she ran for it and luckily it was untouched "Phiwe what happened?"Lukhanya askedtrying to contain herself from slapping all themshe could tell they were involved because they were all coloured with ashesonly their eyes and teeth were visible. "It was Njabulo"Phiwe replied "I wanted make a fire...It was too cold"Njabulo saidwith his big eyes widened he looked like an owl. "Okay Mr fire you see what you have done!where are we going to stay now?"Lukhanya began yelling with tears racing down her face.She has never felt so hopeless in her life beforewhy was everything happening to herwasn't the death of her mom and the disappearance of her dad enough?she wiped her tears but they just kept rolling down.Their next door neighbour took them in since her children lived in a small village situated in KZN.Lukhanya didn't like the ideashe could tell the woman was expecting something in return.After a week of taking them inshe started asking about their grant money.Lukhanya was honest she told her straight up that she knew nothing about grant moneyand that her and her siblings depended on the money she got from her piece jobs.The woman started ill treating themgiving them endless chores and so on. It was a windy Monday morning when Lukhanya found CJ sitting on her deskwith Ndaloenhle sitting behind him on her chair.Lukhanya had been missing most of their extra classes with CJshe tried so hard to cook up a lie as she approached him

so she can dish it when she finally stands in front of him.But the lie wasn't well cooked by the time she stood in front of him.To her suprise he just smiled at her. "Uhm...I...I've been to to come...but"Lukhanya's tongue got tied up and she stopped talking "Hey khanya"CJ brushed her shoulder "Hy Coll..CJ"Lukhanya replied "Relax will youI just wanted to talk to you" "Oh about math?" "Nah not reallycan we talk in private?"CJ asked as he helped her take her school bag off and placed it on her chair.The look on Ndaloenhle's face was as if she was about to turn someone into a ghost.Lukhanya walked out of the the classroom as CJ followed her and gasping filled the whole classroom.When they arrived outside CJ looked Lukhanya straight in her eyes and asked her what was really going on in her life.Lukhanya just stared at him for 5minutes without blinking. "You are a very bright student khanyaand I feel like you have given up on lifewhats wrong?"CJ rephrased his question "You know what your problem is?you think you know everything!"Lukhanya snapped "Hold on calm downwhat are you so upset about?" "You think im upset?" "Clearly you are very upset"CJ said "Have you ever lost your mother at the age of only 15?then on top of that be forced to pretend its okaybecause you don't want your siblings to think you are weak!you still think im upset?ever felt as if its your responsibility to keep it togetherand that somehow resulted in your grades dropping.Now everyone thinks its all your fault that your grades droppedim not upset im angryim hurtim shutteredim traumatisedim brokenmy heart is aching im damaged!do you understand?!"Lukhanya's eyes had turned red from crying "Wow...I come here sshhh.."CJ placed her on his chestfor the first time Lukhanya felt like she was given a chance to grieve the loss of her mothershe felt alot of weight getting off Her shouldersafter wiping her tears he accompanied her to drink waterthen she went back to her class.She could hear her classmates talking when she entered they kept quiet then began screaming and clapping hands. "So KHANYA how does it feel to kiss CJ?acting suprised?I saw you"one of her classmates yelled.then Ndaloenhle slowly stood up and opened her flask before Lukhanya could oppose the statementshe saw coffee flying her way.

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