part 3 poverty made me

Part3 The weekend had flied off so quicklyit was as if it knew that going to school was the last thing Lukhanya wanted.She dragged her legs through the school gatethinking hard on what to say to Mrs Maseko who was always onto her like an annoying flybut then again which fly isn't annoying.Lukhanya raised her eyes to her classroom door but today Ndaloenhle wasn't waiting for hernow it was either Ndaloenhle was absent or late.Lukhanya was confused to see Ndaloenhle sitted in her chair and sipping coffee from her flaskclearly something was wrong. "Hey friend"Lukhanya broke the ice "Morning FRIEND"Ndaloenhle replied "Are you o..."Lukhanya was interrupted by her classmates screamingthey both looked up to see what was going on.And their eyes met up with the tallfair skinnedwell built bodypink lipped with one dimple CJ.He looked rather gorgeous in his grey trouserwhite shirtmeroon pull over and blazer.Ndaloenhle almost burned her thighs when she allowed her flask to slip out of her clumsy hands. "Hey Khanya"CJ greeted as he walked towards Lukhanya and Ndaloenhle's desk "Uhm...hy"Lukhanya was speechless Collin calling her Khanya?shut the front door! "Can we talk?"CJ asked " my beautiful friend Ndaloenhleyou can say anything in front of her"Lukhanya tried hooking them up "Hello Ndaloenhlewhat happened yesterday khanya?"CJ didn't even look at Ndaloenhle "I ...I was absentI had a running tummy" "Next time warn meI waited for you after school and you never showed up" "Sorry Collincan we remain after school?"Lukhanya asked "Call me CJyou can come to my class after school" "I will ... CJ"Lukhanya said as Ndaloenhle cleared her throat "Uhm so you help anyone who struggles with math?"Ndaloenhle asked "Nah

you can come to my class after school" "I will ... CJ"Lukhanya said as Ndaloenhle cleared her throat "Uhm so you help anyone who struggles with math?"Ndaloenhle asked "Nahlook ladies I have to go.keep well"CJ said as he smiled exposing his dimple.Lukhanya turned to look at her friend who was blushing uncontrollablyit made her happy to see a smile on ndalo's face. "Omg I don't believe this!"ndaloenhle said "What friend?"Lukhanya asked "He liiiikes me too"ndaloenhle closed her eyes and brushed her chest "Who wouldn't like you?you are a beautiful yellow bone" "Thats sweet of youI think he asked to help you just to get close to mewhat do you think?" "Thats possibleim so happy for you ndalo"Lukhanya smiled at her.when after school came knockingNdaloenhle had decided to follow Lukhanya to CJ's class.they arrived just in timethey found CJ waiting. "Khanya who is this?"CJ was totally confused "Its my bestfriend ndaloenhle you met her earlier on"Lukhanya replied "Is she joining us?" "Yeah She also needs help with mathematics"Lukhanya said "Okay lets get started"CJ said as the girls took out their grade 9 math textbooks.He started explainingNdaloenhle was just staring at him no comment no nothing. "Do you girls understand?"CJ asked "Yeah of coursethats easy"Lukhanya "But your test results say otherwise"CJ said trying to hide giggling "No you can laughim already offended!"Lukhanya said "Hahaha..."CJ couldn't help himself "Do you understand friend?"Lukhanya tapped Ndaloenhle "Uhm...wha..?yeah thats why I got better marks than you in the test"Ndaloenhle replied "How much did you get?"CJ asked "50%"Ndaloenhle answered proudly "Thats okayyou shouldn't be here"CJ said "I know"Ndaloenhle bit her bottom lip "Mmh do you mind excusing us then?"CJ askedNdaloenhle stood up with a smile on her facein her head that confirmed CJ liked her too.I mean why would a guy try to get rid of a beautiful girl like herit proved he felt somehow around her.CJ and Lukhanya continued learningLukhanya remembered alot she even did the corrections for the previous test she failed.She felt so stupid who fails such an easy test? "Im sure you were hoping that I would volunteer to help you huh?"CJ asked with his shoulders raised "You are so full of yourselfnot every girl is crazy about you"Lukhanya replied "Woah...what?I meant since im known for being quite good in mathhahaha what were you talking about?is there something I should know?"CJ stared into her eyes.

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