Lukhanya was a bright student.But because she played a role of being both a mother and a father back at home her grades severely dropped.before I jump and begin dabbing into thatnote that Lukhanya was only 15 years old and doing her 9th grade in EDEN RIDGE higha school you can refer to as “yizo yizo” due to endless drama learners schooling there faced in their lives.

51 51); text-align: center;">Anyway without any extra informationLukhanya took care of her three siblings NompiloNjabulo and Simphiwesince her father decided to leave them right after cashing in their dead mother’s policy 3months ago.But Lukhanya being the strong person that she is she somehow managed to keep it togetherit was only her best friend Ndaloenhle who knew about this issue at school.And she too kept it a secrethaving Lukhanya and her siblings being taken to social workers was an evil thing to do in her books.But it wasn’t long before Lukhanya begun struggling to juggle both home and schoolnow she is left to decide between improving her marks and working piece jobs to feed her younger siblingswill she reveal her secret and get helped?

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