part 4 Indenial

After few hours it was lunch time Anita decided to go have lunch outside her office . as soon as her stilettos touched the ground floor Sandra's eyes were already on her. "Finally don't stress I know the perfect place where we can have lunch come follow me"Sandra grabbed her purse and Anita's arm they walked to a nearby restaurant most employees ate there. Even though it was quite expensive . "Geez Sandra what took you so long?"that was Pinky the first floor receptionist next to her was Nico and Chris "My apologies  Madam I had to come with my new friend" Chris started clearing his throat as Nico winked at him "I hope you guys don't mind"Sandra carried on talking just then two of their female colleagues joined them so they were 7 in total "You look more handsome today"that was Pinky complimenting Chris Anita somehow became irritated Nico giggled "Thanks Waiter!"Chris called out "So Chris are you buying lunch for us today?'Pinky asked "I thought Nico was the one buying today"Chris replied "Dude don't involve me in your business"Nico winked "Okay okay fine. Y'all can order whatever you want"Chris said "I'll pay for my food"Anita said "Girl good luck on that!"Sandra flipped her weave "Then that settles it Anita will pay the bill today"Pinky suggested as she gave Anita an irritated look "But..."Pinky interrupted Anita "but nothing clearly you've got money to spend" Anita kept quite  and watched them order expensive meals they ate drank had deserts and so forth. When the bill came ... "R3500! Guys no!"Anita said "Let Chris pay then"Pinky replied "No let's all pay"Anita suggested "Girl I don't have money on me"Everyone said excluding Chris "It's okay y'all can go"Chris said as they rushed out but Anita stayed  behind "Why are you still here?"Chris raised his eyebrow "Coz I don't want you to pay my bill so I'll pay for my food and you'll pay y'all food" "Okay very well then waiter!" "Afternoon again sir"the waiter said as he approached  their  table "Please call your manager"Chris said and the waiter rushed to go get his manager "I hope Everything is fine Chris"the manager  was named Thami he was Chris's cousin "We have a problem you see we don't have money to pay for all this food"Chris replied "What..!"Chris winked and Thami understood exactly what he meant "I'm afraid then you gonna have to wash the dishes" "Excuse me sir but I need to return  to the  office my lunchtime  is almost  over "Anita said "Thats not my problem"Thami said as he showed them the way to the kitchen Chris remained and swiped his card while Anita rushed to the kitchen "There are a lot of dishes in there  Cuz"Thami warned "Don't worry its worth it trust me" Chris replied as he walked towards the kitchen entrance "I see you've  already started"Chris said as he entered the kitchen "Don't talk to me! Do you know I could be fired?!"Anita yelled "Calm down its all your  fault you stopped me from paying the bill" "What! I stopped you from paying MY bill!"Anita replied "Yeah that's my point I wanna pay your bill I want you to be my expense I want you to drive me mad by over swiping my credit cards!i want you to scratch  my Ferrari  I... I.. "Chris got interrupted "I see you've lost your mind let's wash the dishes"Anita said "Nah I paid the bill let's go back to work" "I'll pay you back" "You can pay me back by allowing me to teach you how to drive I'm free this Saturday" "I'll think about it"Anita left Anita bumped into Mr X as she returned from the restaurant "My office Now!"Mr X said as Anita followed him Mr X locked the door  as soon as they entered his office. A very beautiful office with nice couches and a curved screen television. "Where were you last night?"Mr X asked "At home I was exhausted"Anita replied "Oh so you now have the guts to give me the terms and conditions" "It's not like that you know I always do what you want me to do" "Yeah right lie on the couch I have a board meeting in the next 20minutes" "I don't understand.."Before Anita could say a word Mr X was forcing himself on her After a few minutes Anita walked out  with her weave messed up her shirt torn a bit and her knees shaking she felt like everyone was staring at her so she rushed to her office and locked herself in there for an hour with her face buried in her folded arms tears and sweat all mixed up. Memories  of her mother's  boyfriend kept  playing on repeat  in her  head

tears and sweat all mixed up. Memories  of her mother's  boyfriend kept  playing on repeat  in her  head  she felt  like  disappearing from Earth. "oh Lord  stop the world I need  to get  off... I wanna  get  off this is  too  much"Anita prayed  with tears filling her mouth  By the  grace of God she managed to get home after work. "Anista  you look like a mess  what's going on? "that was Sugar "I need  to rest  I wanna  be all by myself "Anita  locked  herself in her bedroom even the following morning she didn't feel like going to work  so she  stayed at home and ate junk food the whole day "if you  wanna get fat you are definitely doing it the wrong way this is unhealthy "Sugar  said "very funny I'm already fat"Anita replied "you fat? Okay I'm glad you find it funny so did  you get fired? " "nah I don't wanna talk about it I have  a suggestion what time is it? "Anita  asked "8pm" "perfect  let's  go  clubbing " "not a bad  idea  at all " The girls went and prepared themselves Anita  wore  a very short black leather  mini skirt  with a black leather  bra and Red heels  Sugar  wore  a short  red dress and pure  white  sneakers. After  a few  touch ups they were ready to go they called a cab and voilà!they were walking passed the bouncers. Anita ordered brandy straight up she didn't waste time every guy was checking her out. She looked very sexy with a tiny waist and full packaged booty and boobs. Before Sugar could dance Anita was already dancing her butt off  all eyes  were  on her "I see you are not running my club to the ground  so let me take my leave I'll be back as always "that was  Chris talking to his club manager his cousin Duke "hahaha.. Of course"Duke   replied "I wanna  see those invoices when I comeback "Chris  said "Sure case boss... Holly Molly  look at that... "that was  Duke  choked by Anita "What  the...! Look I'll see  you  around "Chris  walked  to the  dance  floor  and pulled  Anita  aside "Ah its  you  I didn't  know  you  were  a regular here I mean every time I come  here you are also here "Anita  spoke  with a drunk voice "I own this place  I think you've had enough  to drink "Chris said "you are such a party pooper "Anita  said as Chris took off his jacket and covered her  with it "who did you come here with?"Chris  asked "me"Sugar replied from behind Chris "I think I should take you ladies home "Chris dragged them all the way to his car "Chris I wanna go to your house don't take me to Mr X's apartment  please "Anita  cried out as Chris  started his car "why would I take you to Mr X's house? "Chris asked "take me to your  house take me  to your  house  take me... " "okay okay  relax  but  y'all are leaving first thing tomorrow morning why weren't  you at work today anyway ?"Chris asked "I'm not  going back!..."Anita  dosed off "Anita? Ani... Oh great "Chris gave up shaking Anita as for Sugar she was in dreamland. The following day Anita woke up next to Sugar she had no idea where she was "Sugar! "Anita  tried waking sugar  up "OH you are up already "Chris walked in while tucking his shirt in "What  are you doing here? Where are we? "Anita asked "uhm my house  ain't  you going to work? "Chris asked "Nah I'm gonna quit "Anita replied "why? " "long story " "do you know How many people are  unemployed in South Africa? "Chris asked "I don't wanna talk about it " "so where is she? "Anita asked "who? " "the madam of this house  does she know you've hidden girls in one of your bedrooms? " "don't crack me  up  y'all need a shower you are free to spend another night if you  wanna "Chris winked "in your dreams  Sugar get up you need to get up "Anita  slapped Sugar "Ouch! What's  going on?ouch my head in pounding "Sugar finally woke up "leave the key under the flower vase  outside when you leave "Chris said and left just then The girls took long showers in separate bathrooms after an hour or so they ate breakfast and took a cab to their apartment.  When they arrived they were welcomed by their bags thrown outside  and on the door it was a pink note... 'I picked you up dusted you washed you  clothed you and fed you  and you have the guts to two time me? Me Mr X? . Go find another place to stay ' ..................................................................................

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