part 3 Indenial

"Hy.." Anita felt transparent "Hello Anita welcome"Few staff members replied "Okay that will be all for today"Mr X declared as Anita carried his bag it was such a long day at work for Anita She liked her office and all but for some reason everything felt awkward. The stares she got during tea break were unsettling. As she was busy working on her laptop Someone knocked... "Is it safe for me to come in?"Chris said as he stood at the door "Its wide open as you can see"Anita replied "I seriously don't enjoy the coffee they make around here there's a very nice coffee shop around the corner do you mind coming along my pal will be joining us also"Chris suggested "No." "You are such a terrible typist where did you learn your typing from?"Chris asked while giggling "Very funny"Anita smiled and closed her laptop "Oh is that a smile? I guess I'm not doing bad at all"Chris teased "Whats your name again?"Anita raised her eyebrows "Ouch Chris" "See Chris I am a bit busy please shut the door behind you" Chris felt speechless he just walked out and banged the door. "Woah dude why are you sweating"Nico asked as he bumped into Chris loosening his tie while going down the escalator "I'm fine" Chris replied as he took off his black toxido blazer "What's wrong? Buddy"Nico seemed concerned "It's her" "Her who?" "Nevermined" "TALK!"Nick grabbed him with his shirt "Relax dude geez Mr X's new PA"Chris replied "What about her?" "She's all I think about man!" "Oh Mandla was referring to her last night I thought maybe it was one of those prostitutes me and Mandla booked that other night" "how can I fall for a prostitute come on I'm talking about a decent girl here" "Yeah she sure looks decent brotherly advice stay away you know its against the company policy to date colleagues"Nico added Around 4pm most staff members prepared to leave Anita waited at the parking lot outside Mr X's car. "I didn't know Mr X drove home his PA's"Nico said to Chris as they unlocked their cars packed opposite to each other.. "I really don't want to talk about her right now"Chris replied just then Mr X came dashing towards Anita and grabbed her arm "Are you out of your mind?"Mr X spoke through his teeth "Let go of me you are hurting me"Anita fought her way out of Mr X's palm "What do you want people to think? Us Driving home together?"Mr X asked "We came together though!" "Move away from my car!" "Is everything okay sir?"Nico yelled "She doesn't have wheels to take her home I could'vebut I'm heading to the airport I have a conference meeting"Mr X replied "Oh no problem Chris will drive her home"Nico suggested "Huh?"Chris became speechless "Shut up and say yes"Nico said "Anita you can go to Chris's car its about time you learn how to drive"Mr X made it clear before getting into his car Anita walked toward Chris's car who was already sitted behind the steering wheel she of course sat at the back seat. After a few minutes drive they arrived at Anita's place. "Unlock this door now!"That was Anita struggling to open the car door "When are you going to buy a car?"Even though Chris was angry his heart couldn't allow him to drop off Anita without saying anything. "I have one"Anita folded her arms "That's nice why didn't you use it to come to work?"Chris asked "I can't drive duh! open this stupid door I've got plenty of work to do!"Anita slapped the window "I can teach you" "No thanks my friend will" "Just think about it here's my business card the door is now open" "Thanks for nothing"Anita banged the door as Chris smiled and waited for her to enter through the gate and then drove off. (the door unlocks...) "Who's that?"Sugar yelled from the dining room "I cooked I hope you are hungry"Sugar continued yelling as Anita opened the fridge and grabbed a strawberry yoghurt she went to take a bath hopped into her PJs then joined Sugar in the dining room while digging a chocolate yoghurt. "What's stressing you girl?"Sugar knew her friend pretty well "Nothing just some guynot important"Anita continued eating "What about him?" "He offered to give me driving lessons" "And so?" "I'm scared because I'm not who he thinks I am" "So what if he doesn't know who you are?" "Never mind its complicated either way he gave me his business card" "Girl everyone has some skeletons in the closet"Sugar consoled her "Let's drop it how was your day?" Sugar allowed Anita to change the subject

how was your day?" Sugar allowed Anita to change the subject they ended up talking about other things on the other hand Nico couldn't wait to get an update from Chris... (Phone rings...) "So how did it go?"Nico just jumped right in before Chris could even say 'hello' "How did what go?"Chris asked "Anita my guy" "Dude I'm driving" "What! Is this how you treat a brother after all he has done for you?"Nico threw in the blackmail card "Nonsense! Says the guy who told me not to date my colleagues"Chris replied "Come on dude I was just saying all you have to do is play safe" Meanwhile Mr X felt it was necessary to  call Anita... "Room 154 you know where"Mr X then hung up "Who was that?"Sugar asked "Mr X I'm seriously not in the mood what am I going to do?"Anita replied "Just tell him besides I thought he had traveled" "That makes the two of us I cannot afford not to go he still owns everything we have" "Anista did you check the time?" "Nah let...what!11h08 pm is he insane? " Anita was astonished "Tomorrow is work just sleep" Anita ended up not going with a headache she got from the work she had just finished doing it seemed impossible to go meet Mr X at a hotel Anita woke up early in the morning and prepared for work... "Sugar please  wake up"Anita shook Sugar "No.. Anista what's going on?" "I need you to drive me" "Are you kidding I don't have a driving license!" "If its a joke please stop I mean you drove to the mall the other day" "The mall is like nextdoor duh let me sleep in peace please"Sugar replied"Call Mr X or a cab"she continued talking as she turned and tossed on bed Anita just rolled her eyes and called a cab in a few minutes it was waiting for her outside. "Good morning!"that was Sandra of course greeting Anita as soon as she walked in "Oh hey morning  is Mr X in?"Anita asked "I'm surprised you didn't arrive together today I mean yesterday you made a grand entrance... (Clears throat) I'm sorry he's right behind you"Sandra said as Anita hurried to her office avoiding any eye contact with Mr X. Around tea break a very unfamiliar face entered through Anita's door "Morning." Anita lifted her eyes as she heard a bold woman voice "Morning"Anita replied as she saw a very classic and dignified woman standing on the other side of her desk "How's the place treating you so far?"the woman asked "Its not bad at all"Anita replied "So tell me how did you get this job?" "Uhm I'm so sorry if you don't mind I am really busy ma'am" "Of course so selfish of me my apologies" "Its okay maybe next time"Sandra walked in just when the woman was about to excuse herself "Anita I have ...oh Mrs  Xibi  you are here sorry for interrupting I was just..." "Dont mind me i was just leaving"Mrs Xibi cut her short as she walked out "So you are like buddy buddy with her?"Sandra asked as she placed some documents on Anita's desk "I've never seen her  before"Anita replied as she browsed at the documents placed on her desk "You've got to be kidding me anyway see you around"Sandra said as she left Anita's office Just then Nico walked in "Geez why is everyone coming to my office today?!"Anita  thought out loud "I just thought it will only be nice of me to formally introduce myself"Nico said as he reached out his hand for a handshake "Hy so sorry I'm just so exhausted"Anita shook his hand "Don't worry its all good" Nico added "Do you believe in love?" "I..I shuu! Wasn't expecting that at all I don't know what love is"Anita  replied honestly "Would you take the chance if there was someone  wanting to show you what love is?"Nico asked "Someone like who? You?oh please!"Anita rolled her eyes "Easy there I prefer dark girls it was just a harmless question" "Oh then who?" "You'll find out soon enough" ......................................................................

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