Indenial part 9

The following day was rather too hot for anyone 's liking as if the weather wasn't punishing them enough police walked into Xibi associates... 

"Good morning ma'am"Detective Ngema greeted Sandra at the reception 

"morning sir are you looking for someone? "Sandra returned the greeting 

"Yes please I'm looking for Mrs Xibi "Detective Ngema replied 

"Sandra did my delivery arrive? "Mrs Xibi asked as she walked out of the elevator 

"Speak Of The devil Mrs Xibi we meet again "Detective Ngema reached out his arm for a handshake 

"Oh Detective Ng.."

"Ngema this is my colleague Detective Bull "Detective Ngema smiled 

"I must say you look quite calm for a widow "Detective Bull shook Mrs Xibi 's hand 

"Actually I just took pain killers I think that's why I'm this calm "Mrs Xibi replied 

"Ain't you supposed to be at home and mourning your husband? "Detective Bull asked 

"Well I was on my way out I came to gather a few things business is business after all"Mrs Xibi replied 

"Don't mind my colleague Mrs Xibi we just wanted to ask you a few questions if you don't mind "Detective Ngema jumped in 

"Actually I do mind you see I'm in pain I just wanna go home an... And be all by myself "Mrs Xibi started crying loudly 

"what's going on here? "Chris approached the scene 

"sorry sir we... "

"hold it right there do you have any idea what  my aunt has been going through? Officer I'm gonna ask you to leave "Chris said 

"tough guy I see it's okay we will be back "Detective Bull winked at Chris as he left followed by his colleague 

"take me home sweetheart "Mrs Xibi instructed Chris as Sandra brought her purse. They drove to the great Xibi mansion Mrs Xibi changed her clothes and watered her flowers immediately after they had arrived. Chris asked the chef to prepare lunch for them before joining Mrs Xibi whom was in the backyard.

"I hope everything is well aunty Stella "Chris started a conversation 

"don't worry about me when will I see my gran children? Whoever finds a wife finds a good thing "Mrs Xibi looked at Chris as he looked away 

"well I met someone she loves me too but circumstances don't allow us to be together "Chris replied 

"Nonsense! What circumstances? You men are hunters natural hunters if you see eternity when you look into her eyes go get her love has got nothing to do with circumstances "Mrs Xibi responded firmly 

"Eish its not that easy aunty I wish it was she ran away my only hope is her brother Tony who refuses to hear me out "

"sweetheart go get your other half pay bribes go on TV  radio I don't care you are not getting any younger "

"I hear you "Chris took out his iPhone and called Tony 

"hello you again "Tony answered his phone on the fourth ring 

"listen I'm your sister's very good friend uhm I wanted to give her her belongings but I can't get hold of her she said I must call you if I can't reach her"Chris crossed his fingers 

"oh I see"Tony sounded interested 

"please help  these staff sure look important"

"hhmm well I don't know where she is now but she'll be coming home this Saturday oh wait I can give you her new number "Tony suggested 

"even better how about you SMS me your address I'll just leave them with you "

"okay I'm gonna follow my instincts and trust you"

"I owe you big time"An SMS beeped immediately after Chris hung up it contained address details. 

"And? "Mrs Xibi grinned 

"You are the best aunty "Chris hugged her 

"I want you to promise me something"

"anything "

"Promise me that you'll never cheat on her "Mrs Xibi said 

"hahaha of course I wouldn't wanna risk losing her so once I put that ring on her finger

so once I put that ring on her finger its forever "

"I'm proud of you sweetheart "

"one last thing I wanna be there when you propose to her "

"of course its Saturday the day after tomorrow I feel bad that I'm smiling whereas uncle is dead "Chris said 

"nah don't punish yourself sweetheart life goes on "

"but don't you think its a bit too soon ?aren't you supposed to be preparing for the funeral or something "

"relax the funeral is only next week Saturday besides after your proposal I'm going straight to the police station to set the record straight "Mrs Xibi looked away 

"I don't understand what do you mean? I hope all is well aunty "

"trust me hell has no fury over a woman scorned "

"you are scaring me aunty you don't sound like you are planning on burying Uncle "

"Don't worry  all I want to see is your wife and I'll be at rest "

Mrs Xibi's words bothered Chris a little bit she sounded like a dying horse either way he was looking forward to seeing Anita again. Before he could take another breath it was a Friday morning and he had spent his night in his aunty 's house. He woke up to a beautiful sound of birds chirping noise and steps of distance family members walking in and out of the house as well as cars hooting outside.

"Chris come on wake up I have a surprise for you freshen up and come downstairs "Mrs looked very happy for a widow and that bothered Chris I mean he expected her to be in the bedroom covered in blankets and mourning her husband but nah not Mrs Xibi Chris found chaos downstairs he hardly y knew 1/3 of the people he found in there. They were busy speaking isiZulu sharing old stories baking scones etc...

"Good morning everyone "Chris yelled as they turned and looked at him."uhm (clears throat )I'm Chris "

"Uthi imorning iyenzani ke loh?(what is he saying about the morning? )"An old woman asked while sipping her tea 

"Ntombikayise yehlis umoya nguChris lona umshana wakho (Calm down Ntombikayise this is Chris your nephew )"Mrs Xibi came from nowhere and rescued Chris

"Yoh mgane uyababa lomuntu ungathi akangeni etoilet(Yoh this guy is hot my friend its like he has never used the toilet before) "a girl named Thandolwethu whispered into her cousin 's ear 

"Hawu!Hawu!thando ngumzala wakho lona (No!No! Thando his your cousin)"Mveloenhle replied as Chris and Mrs Xibi approached her 

"Chris do you remember her? "Mrs Xibi asked as they stood before Mveloenhle 

"I'm guessing this is the surprise you had for me nah aunty I don't know her "Chris replied 

"it's okay ma its been a long time "Mveloenhle said 

"I'm just pulling your leg how have you been Mveloenhle ?"Chris reached out for a handshake 

"I've been good and yourself? "Mveloenhle blushed 

"heh! I thought he was our cousin "Thandolwethu moved her eyes up and down 

"Meet our cousin Thando "Mveloenhle said 

"hy cousin see let me excuse you girls I've got a big day tomorrow "Chris replied 

"your eyes lips... "Thando whispered 

"Pardon "Chris looked at her as Mveloenhle stepped on her toes 

"Don't mind her"Mveloenhle quickly said 

"Okay see y'all later " Chris yelled as he walked out and drove straight to American Swiss 

"Good morning ma'am I'm looking for an engagement ring "Chris greeted the store manager 

"oh I see come to this section please "

"these look lovely"Chris said as he bent down to take a proper look 

"I know right? So what's her finger size? "

"I don't know but I can at least describe her hands she has fingers like yours "

"that shouldn't be a problem "

"I want a platinum ring with 3visible diamond stones "

"that will cost you an arm and a leg "

"money has never been a problem "Chris winked in no time he was driving back to his aunt 's house he found Nico and Mandla 's cars parked outside He punched Mandla 's wheel and the alarm went crazy Mandla came running followed by Nico and a few others 

"What's going on here "Mandla threw his arms in the air as Chris started laughing and jogging backwards 

"Chris what didn't you do ?"Nico asked as he rounded the car 

"Is that a flat tyre! You bastard! "Mandla started chasing and throwing stones at Chris.

"mhh badlala kamnandi (they are playing nice)"Thandolwethu drooled 

"Pull yourself together Thando maan! "Mveloenhle said as she walked back inside 

"I'm sorry I missed you dude "Chris couldn't stop laughing he even sat on his buttocks "I can't breathe... "

"Die dog "Mandla strangled him 

"hahaha I'm dead already let go of me "Chris took a deep breath as Mandla stopped strangling him 

"I hear your girl ran away "Mandla said as he breathed heavily 

"Don't worry I'm proposing tomorrow "Chris replied 

"Wow never thought I would see that day "

"well whoever finds a wife finds a good thing "

"you sound like aunty Stella now "Mandla teased 

"She's right we have everything expect someone home to rush to"

"get up guys"Nico approached them 

"our boy here is getting married "Mandla couldn't keep it to himself 


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