Indenial part 8

Love is a beautiful thing it was because of love God sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins it's because of love our parents are married and so forth  you see one thing I've realised is that there's nothing wrong with loving the problem is loving too much. We have jailsmortuaries and hospitals packed today because we love too much  let's just agree to disagree that too much of anything is not good. The office furniture just watched as Chris paid the price of loving too much  his situation was even worse how do you explain to your heart that the person it desires doesn't feel the same? What do you do when you love someone who doesn't want to love you back who can't love you back rather ?I mean if it was a movie you'd probably use 'my love is enough for the both of us ' line but let's face it boo this is real life. It's either they love you or they don't. Nico found himself turning into a male nurse bringing water for Chris as well as calming him down.

"are you okay buddy? What happened? "Nico asked as he helped Chris take a seat 

"I'm giving up dude clearly Anita is not for me "Chris replied 

"yeah if you love something you should let it go "Nico carried on talking "come on pull yourself together where's the old Chris?get rid of this new lover boy nonsense "

"very funny "

Just then Chris ' phone beeped followed by Nico's it was a text message  from Mrs Xibi calling them to a boardroom meeting immediately. 

"okay this is serious she usually emails us meeting invitations not SMS us"Nico said 

"I'm definitely not in a mood for all of this"Chris replied

"unfortunately you don't have a choice let's go "

In the boardroom 

"thank y'all for coming I have bad news Chris you might wanna take a sit it's about your uncle "Mrs Xibi spoke with a shivering voice 

"today is not my day "Chris sat down 

"I cannot explain everything in detail I just wanted to let you know that uhm I was called to come and identity a body this morning and (breathe in) and it happens to belong to Mr X my hardworking husband ... "Mrs Xibi was interrupted by Chris banging the door behind him

"you mean Mr X dead? "Sandra was shocked just like everyone

"are you dumb?! Did I just speak in Greek? "Mrs Xibi banged the table

"calm down ma'am please our condolences "Anita replied 

"Meeting dismissed "Mrs Xibi yelled as everyone walked out with astonished faces Chris was nowhere to be found just then Anita received an anonymous call.

"hello? "

"Anista "a very low voice replied

"My God Sugar where are you? "

"Anita listen to me I'm gonna need you to pack all your belongings anything that may have you traced and get out of there run if you can Come to Chris' place she knows Anita and she's coming after you also"Sugar hung up 

"Who knows? And ...hello? Hello? "Anita rushed to her office packed her personal staff and took a cab to Chris' place where she found Sugar seated in the sitting room.

"I see you still remember where to find the spare key listen you have a lot of explaining to do "Anita grabbed a banana on the table and started pealing it.

"Mr X is dead she killed him she had us hostage for over 2days "Sugar said 

"I know wait who killed him? "Anita's eyes grew bigger 

"the wife I don't know her name"Sugar said

"Mrs Xibi? No I doubt "

"yeah rumour has it she's bipolar and she stopped taking her drugs "

"okay now we are screwed"

"I told her everything she was threatening to kill me she knows about you "

"We need to leave this place NOW! "Anita said 

"You are sweating "

"Mr X is Chris' uncle "

"what?!"Sugar was shocked 

"before we go I wanna leave him a note "Anita said 

"okay let me go pack us up in the meantime "Sugar rushed upstairs to their bedroom as Anita grabbed a pen and paper in Chris' study room 

**it wouldn't be fair to say life is unfair because nobody ever told me it was fair let me rather say that the choices we make cost us far more than we can afford if I could turn back the hand of time I would change the circumstances we met under unfortunately I can't. When my mother brought a new man into our house he abused me sexually I thought the memories would disappear when I run from home but little did I know that rape is a lifetime scar Chris I'm broken on the inside I'm torn I have no direction I survive each day one step at a time I live life on so much uncertainty not knowing what tomorrow might bring I feel worthless I was a prostitute I slept my way to the top. Men have never been good to me up until I met you you look at me with so much adoration the way your light brown eyes blink every time I stare back how your pink lips smile whenever you see me the way your muscular body changes its posture when I'm rude to you your touch calms my nerves and gives me hope your touch calms my nerves and gives me hope hope that maybe there's someone who can love me genuinely. I've been trying to fight the way I feel about you  from the very first time I saw you. Chris the truth is I love you so much I can't even stand the thought of you loving someone else but you deserve better you deserve a well mannered educated gorgeous girl for a wife. We are world apart. I'm sorry I had to say goodbye like this take care of yourself my heart. Anita**

Anita wiped tears from her eyes as she walked to the dining room and placed the letter on the table Sugar had already finished packing they took a taxi to Sugar 's former flat.

"we should have known better the life we lived felt too good to be true "Sugar said as the landlord gave them the keys

"I always knew you were gonna come back Sugar fancy life is just not in your genes "the landlord laughed as he walked away 

"back to square one "Anita dropped her bags 

"yeah " Sugar took her phone from Anita and destroyed the simcard just like she had done with Anita 's simcard which she had been using lately 

"you do know we have to go to the police regarding Mr X 's murder "Anita said 

"what?! Are you crazy? "

"we will never be safe up until that woman is in jail "

"she's got the best lawyers money can buy she'll turn this on me if not us "Sugar replied

"yeah you are right let's just let it go "

On the other hand Nico received a rather unexpected call from Chris ...

"my guy? "

"She's gone"Chris responded 

"Calm down another death? "

"Anita she's gone Nico! "

"okay good riddance I guess "

"you don't understand she loves me too the girl of my dreams loves me back "

"okay Chris are you laughing or crying now? "

"tears of joy I'm sorry I have to find her we have to find her "

"wait what do you mean WE? "

"I have to find that girl Nico c'mon buddy "

"Are you serious? Where do we begin? "

"let me go check her bedroom for any clues bye "Chris hung up 

After over 30minutes of searching Anita and Sugar's bedroom Chris tried calling both Anita and Sugar's phones but they didn't go through  just then he found a little paper written 'Tony ' and numbers below the name. 

"Tony? This sure rings a bell "Chris thought out loud "Tony Tony... Oh snap "

Chris dialed Tony 's number  and it rang ...

"Unknown number hello"Tony answered 

"hello this is Chris "

"Chris who? "

""uhm not important do you by any chance know a lady named Anita? "Chris asked 

"Yeah she's my big sis is she okay? "

"yes I hope she is you see I'm desperately looking for her "

"Sorry I can't help you "Tony hung up 

Meanwhile Anita felt the need to interrogate Sugar... 

"You know friend you've really haven't told me anything about your disappearance "

"I know hey I owe you alot of explaining "

"c'mon with it "

"I wanted to put an end to Mr X 's bull  so I decided to pretend it was you meeting up with him when I got there I found a very romantic set up but seeing me disturbed him. You see I had planned on recording everything  for our insurance I was tired of him pushing you around I wanted something to blackmail him with  just as things were hitting up someone kicked the door and a woman  very classy looking entered with two tough guys all I remember was waking up on the floor with a heavy head. She started questioning me pouring wine on my head and slapping me when I refused to answer  Mr X insulted her and she put a full stop to his life. I just lay there  couldn't even cry  after the murder she ordered the guys to take the corpse out then I was left alone with her and believe me you I knew that was going to be my only chance to freedom  I took it and well  here I am. "Sugar  breathed out 

"but I've been trying to call you ever since "Anita said 

"she switched off the phone   I grabbed it when I over powered her and ran out "

"okay I've had enough where to from here? "

"I don't know back to the streets I guess "Sugar replied as Anita shook her head and dialed Tony's digits 

"Look dude I told you I can't help you "Tony answered his phone 

"geez Tony  it's Anita this is my new number "Anita replied 

"oh hy so are you still coming home this Saturday? "Tony asked 

"uhm about that can't we meet somewhere else? "

"listen sis at some point you gonna have to face mom "Tony continued talking "you see... Hello? Hello? Ann?flip she hung up "


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