Indenial part 7

"uhm sorry don't mind that  you were saying? "Anita switched off her phone 

I mean don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with loving someone  there's always going to be a point  whereby you find yourself loving someone it's normal.  But what do you do when your past keeps on bringing you down?what do you do when your past keeps on telling you that you are trash and you'll never be enough?if it was people telling you all that you'd relocate  if it was your television you'd switch it off  but  how do you escape from your  own mind? How do you switch off your own thoughts? How do you convince your mind that the past has passed when it keeps on reminding you of it?trust me The most cruel place to be imprisoned is your mind no matter how long you serve your sentence its almost impossible to be set free. And that was exactly what Anita was going through people standing on the other side of the wall might think she's just being stubborn but what if her stubbornness is her defence mechanism? What if its just  fear? Fear of being hurt by men again and again... Anita thought about her life alot on that Friday  she knew exactly what her heart wanted.. I mean who her heart wanted.. She was snapped out of her thoughts by her door opening it was Sandra of course 

"hey babe "Sandra walked in with a tray of muffins in her hands 

"mmhh chocolate muffins my favourite "Anita smiled 

"I'm glad you like them you look like you need them "

"Every woman needs chocolate once in a while don't you think? "

"of course and lunch is on me "Sandra winked 

"oh okay I'm worried now what's going on? "

"Nothing can't I spoil my new friend? "

"hhhmm!"Anita  held her chin On Fridays they knock off early around 2pm so before the hands of time could turn Anita and Sandra were seated and having lunch at Latino restaurant Sugar was the One serving them 

"don't forget the tip "Sugar smiled 

"of course Sandra meet my best friend Sugar  Sugar  meet  Sandra my friend "Anita introduced them 

"nice  to meet you Sandra  don't forget the tip "Sugar said 

"hahaha  I won't "Sandra replied 

"Oops the boss is here  excuse me "Sugar rushed to take orders from Chris 

"What the... "Anita couldn't believe her eyes when she turned to look at 'the  boss ' it was Chris pulling a chair for Pinky 

"Don't mind them Pinky has always had a crush on Chris "Sandra said 

"Seems like they are now an item "Anita replied 

"Nah Chris would never date a gold digger like Pinky "

"Uhm I think I've lost my appetite I'm going home "

"Come on girl its Friday we just knocked offwhat's the hurry? "Sandra asked 

"I just feel sick that's all "

"okay then "Sandra said as Anita left the restaurant with a sad face  Chris 's eyes were on her the whole time  

"Who is she anyway? "Pinky asked 

"Huh? "Chris replied 

"the girl  you are staring at"Pinky replied "Anita of course what's her story? "

"You are asking the wrong person "Chris replied 

"Oh really? Anyway I asked to have lunch with you  because I like you alot Chris "Pinky said 

"Oh thanks "

when Anita got home she took a very long bath she even fell asleep it the bath tub she woke up around 4:39 pm  dried herself and wore her night dress ate ice cream while watching TV.  A few minutes later Chris walked in.. 

"you are back already? "Chris asked as he entered 

"Yeah "Anita replied 

"You look more beautiful without any make up "Chris sat next to her 

"Don't lie "Anita looked away 

"I mean it why do you hate me? "

"I don't hate you "Anita replied 

"Anita I see life when I look into your eyes "

"Do you see it in Pinky's  eyes also? "

"Are you jealous? "Chris smiled 

"Don't flatter yourself "

"One day my kids will be calling you mom "

"Good evening people "Sugar screamed her way into the house 

"h... Hy (clears throat)hy Sugar "Chris replied 

"Did I miss something? "Sugar asked 

"No your timing was perfect "Anita replied 

"Excuse me "Chris stood up 

"Can I carry your bag to your study room? "Anita asked 

"uhm.. What... Wow yeah of course "Chris didn't expect that from Anita 

"okay let me just go take a shower  because this is awkward "Sugar excused herself Chris walked to his room as Anita walked to the study room. 

"She  carried my bag to the study room! "Chris phoned Nico 

"Calm down Chris  take a deep breath "

"She saw me having lunch with Anita got upset went home I spoke to her and she asked to carry my bag "Chris said 

"Dude are you kidding me spoke to her about what? "

"I told her  she's the mother of my kids "Chris replied 

"you did what! The plan was to hide that you still want her  Chris you have failed me  what's wrong with you? "

"I'm sorry she looked so beautiful  I love her Nico I.. I just couldn't bare to see her sad "

"Oh Lord Chris! "Nico hung up 

Chris was so excited he couldn't stop thinking about Anita as he lay on his bed  unfortunately his fantasy was interrupted by a knock 

""Chris we need to talk come downstairs please "Sugar said as Chris followed her  to his surprise he found bags all packed up 

"What's going on are y'all traveling? "Chris was confused 

"remember last night you said you'll book us into a hotel  in the  morning? "Sugar asked 

"Yeah it was.. A joke y'all can stay "Chris replied 

"Are you sure? "Anita asked 

"I've never been so sure in my life "Chris replied 

"okay then we will stay "Sugar said 

"this calls for a celebration I'm taking you girls out tonight "Chris replied

"yeah"The girls shouted  when the night came they all prepared themselves to go out  Sugar wore a purple mini dress and purple heels  Anita wore  a black leather tight and a peach shirt with black heels  Chris wore a dark black Jean black shirt and Red Jordan sneakers. They locked the house and drove off  to attend a cocktail party at Mandla 's place 

"Can I have the One in the black tight? "Mandla shouted as Chris walked in with the girls  to Chris's surprise Pinky was there 

"Shut up "Nico stepped on Mandla's foot 

"Ouch! "Mandla was already tipsy 

"wasup Mandla I brought companymeet Anita and Sugar "Chris introduced them Mandla became sober same time 

"Sugar? You look familiar "Mandla said 

"Chris man I need to talk to you in private now!"Nico said 

"Come on my guy can't we just have fun tonight? "Chris asked 

"it's a matter of life and death "Nico said as he took Chris by the hand 

"Geez dude what's going on? "Chris asked they stood at a distance 

"Sugar is one of those prostitutes me and Mandla booked the other day "Nico said 

"nah you are mistaken bro "Chris disagreed 

"I think its time you ask Anita who she really is "Nico suggested 

"I'm not sure if I follow"Chris said 

"Birds of the same flock..."

"Nah not her "

"Why not? Bro let's face it feelings aside that girl is HOT she's flames "Nico said 

"so what? Does that make her a prostitute? "Chris asked 

"okay let's leave it you are missing the whole point "Nico walked away 

"Here's a glass of orange juice you look like you need it "Anita  walked over and gave Chris a glass of juice 

"Yeah thanks  how's your night so far? "Chris sipped the juice 

"it's nice thanks for bringing us here "

"You are beautiful "Chris said as Anita blushed 

"hey Chris can I steal you for a moment? "Pinky arrived 

"uhm no..."Anita interrupted Chris 

"Of course  you can have him "Anita said and then walked away 

"I didn't know you were coming here why didn't you tell me? "Pinky asked 

"okay this has gone too far now  Pinky I'm not interested in whatever you think is going on between us stop bugging me I don't like being chased "Chris walked away 

"Chris I think Sugar is a prostitute "Mandla met Chris halfway 

"Not you too "Chris replied 

"Atleast go ask her "Mandla  said 

"Is everything okay "Anita appeared from behind Chris 

"Anita I have to ask you something "Chris said 

"okay shoot "Anita replied 

"it's about your friend"just then Anita 's phone beeped 

>people make mistakes no one is perfect  I acted out of anger the other day your car and apartment are waiting for you  beautiful  Mr X<

...................................... .............................................................................

"Nothing important may I have this dance? "Chris said as he pulled Anita closer and stared into her eyes everything around them just disappeared for that single moment it was them against the world everything felt so right the timing felt perfect. 

"Hands off him you B... "Pinky separated them 

"Pinky stop what's wrong with you? "Chris asked 

"What's wrong with me? Me Chris? You led me on you made me believe there was a chance between us! "Pinky yelled 

"I don't know who they call you but you are not gonna harass my friend! "Sugar stepped in 

"Shut up! "Pinky screamed 

"Oh no you didn't  trash I will mop the floor with your behind right here right now! "Sugar poured a beer ontop of Pinky's head 

"Aahhhh! I'm gonna kill you today "Pinky screamed while trying to scratch Sugar but Chris held her back 

"No Chris let her come allow me to redecorate her hairstyle "Sugar took off her heels Anita held her back 

"you don't know me rubbish! Go google me I'll deal with you! "Pinky said 

"okay come I wanna know you I'll deal with you! "Pinky said 

"okay come I wanna know you come let's introduce ourselves "Sugar said as Chris carried Pinky on his shoulder and walked out 

"Chris where are you taking her? "Anita followed them 

"I'm trying to stop a fight that I caused "Chris replied 

"oh okay its fine you know what you might as well drive her home I'll call an cab"Anita walked back inside 

"Yes go he's mine "Pinky laughed 

"Anita you've got to be kidding me Anita? "Chris put Pinky down and called a cab for her she was wet drunk  After the cab had driven off he returned inside 

"I think we should call it a night ladies "Chris spoke to Sugar and Anita who were sitting on the couch 

"I'm ready to go "Sugar said their night was definitely ruined. It was complete silence in the car up until  they went to sleep. The following morning the girls were waken up by a manly knock 

"is it safe? "Chris asked

"come in "Sugar responded 

"wakey wakey my two favourite ladies "Chris walked in with a tray in his hands 

"Breakfast in bed? Yey! "Sugar sat up straight followed by Anita 

"Sorry about last night girls "

"it's okay"Sugar  replied 

"Anita? "Chris said 

"long forgotten "Anita replied "Chris please excuse us "

"Sure "Chris walked out 

"Here check this out "Anita showed Sugar the text Mr X sent 

"That old man is full of it! "Sugar 's eyes grew bigger as she stared at the screen 

"imagine "Anita replied 

"You know what I think it's time we settle this once and for all "

"I'm listening "

"Give me your phone "Sugar said 

"Don't do anything stupid "

>let's meet at our usual hotel room <Sugar sent a text 

"Where are you going with my phone? "Anita asked 

"Here use mine "Sugar went to take a shower and then left  without a trace  After half an hour Anita bathed and went to join Chris downstairs 

"Where did your friend go?"Chris asked 

"I wish I knew"Anita replied 

"that's very strange don't you want to go bunjy jumping? "

"uhm I just the Two of us? "

"yeah why not? And look I am really sorry about last night "Chris said 

"what about last night? "Anita asked 

"the entire Pinky saga "

"oh that don't mind me I was a bit tipsy that's probably why I acted the way I did "

"You mean you were not bothered? "Chris asked 

"why should I be? Don't get me wrong Chris you are a nice guy but I doubt they'll ever be anything between us "Anita replied 

"why do you keep doing this to me Anita? "

"Excuse me? "

"Look into my eyes can't you see what I feel  for you? "Chris asked with teary eyes 

"Chris please not now "Anita looked away 

"you are hurting me girl "Chris grabbed his car keys and walked out 

In a quick flash it became one of those situations of being home alone on a Saturday Anita just decided to sign in her facebook account using Sugar's phone as soon as she logged in she found alot of friends request but one specific invite grabbed her attention the account name was 'Tony Innocent Dude 'She almost fainted when she viewed his profile picture."I know its been years but this is my brother"Anita thought out loud she immediately sent him a text message greeting him unfortunately he was offline. Around 7pm Chris returned home and Sugar was still nowhere to be found.

"is your friend back? "Chris asked 

"Oh Chris you are back Nah Sugar is not back yet "Anita replied as she stood from the couch 

"Have you tried calling her? "

"Nah let me "Anita dialed digits but there was no response infact it went straight to voicemail 

"Any luck? "Chris asked 

"okay this is becoming a bit strange "

"does she have any friends around this area? "Chris asked 

"No I don't know of course not "Anita replied 

"Don't worry I'm sure she'll be here anytime soon "Chris said as a facebook message beep  it was a message from Tony.

>Oh my word Tony is it you? <Anita didn't waste time she  replied immediately as she walked to the kitchen 

>Who are you? <Tony texted back 

>Anita your sister <

>Anita? What! You are still alive? Wow where are you? "

>I'm alive bro calm down you don't know how relieved I am to know you are well <

>Don't kill me but I only invited you because I thought you were hotwhy ain't you using your real name? Lol <Tony texted 

>hahaha it's facebook no biggie <

>We have to meet <

>of course  give me your numbers howzit being a teenager? "Anita texted back 

>Sure  076*******it's not bad at all <Tony texted as Anita laughed and carried a bunch of strawberries to the swimming pool where Chris was relaxing 

>I'll definitely call you where are you staying now? <Anita asked as she took off her sandals and put her legs in the water 

>at home Anita you haven't asked about mom <Tony texted 

>look Tony I have to go I'll call you before I sleep <Anita logged out 

"I've never seen you smile like that who was it? "Chris asked 

"ah nevermined you work out neh? "Anita changed the subject 

"yeah when I'm bored "Chris replied 

"then it means you get bored quite often "Anita giggled 

"Are you trying to compliment me? "Chris asked 

"nah never what I'm trying to say is that you should cool down have you looked at the mirror lately? "

"hahaha stop harassing me enough about my body do you work out? "

"nah I don't have time this is all natural thank you! "Anita rolled her eyes 

"Hhhmm tomorrow we are going to work out together after church "Chris said 

"woah! church? "Anita asked 

"yeah you don't do church? "

"oh my word it's 9pm where is Sugar? "Anita went to her bedroom she tried calling Sugar but still couldn't get hold of her so she wrote Tony's numbers on a piece of paper and then called him they spoke for about 30minutes and then she dosed off  before Anita knew it it had been 4days and yet no sign of Sugar.

"I think we should call the police "Anita said as she walked into Chris 's office 

"She hasn't called? "Chris closed his laptop 

"Yeah I'm scared Chris what if something happened to her? "

"No ..."Chris was interrupted by a ringing phone 

"Hello hy Sugar is this you? "Anita answered 

"Geez sis who's that? "Tony replied 

"oh Tony hy "Anita said 

"is everything fine? "Tony asked 

"Yeah wait ain't you suppose to be at school? "Anita asked 

"I am on a short break "

"Oh I see look I'll call you later bye "Anita hung up 

"who was that? "Chris asked 

"Tony so are we calling the police? "Anita replied 

"Who's Tony? "Chris asked 

"can we focus on the matter at hand? "

"Anita you have been glued to your phone for the past few days you answer calls that leave a smile on your face I'm sorry if I'm exaggerating but are you seeing someone? "Chris stood from his desk 

"excuse me? "

"Listen its important that I know am I chasing the wind Anita? Answer this question and I promise to never bother you again "

"I don't love you Chris I'm sorry"Anita walked out of Chris's office bumping into Nico 

"hold on hold on Chris are you okay? "Nico found Chris breathing heavily as he entered his ' office 

"water give me water water Nic... "Chris said as he fell from his chair 


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