Indenial part 5

On the other hand Chris bumped into Nico on his  way to his office.

"what's going on you've been greeting everyone since you walked in "Nico teased 

"why not? It's such a good day today praise the Lord! "Chris replied 

"okay now I'm worried are you okay ?"

"guess who slept at my house last night? "

"who? Minaj? "

"Damn you good "Chris giggled 

"you  mean Anita slept in your bed last  night? "Nico's jaw dropped 

"I didn't say that "

"don't tell me you are now hitting it "

"I'm not see you  later "Chris laughed 

"don't do me like that bro don't leave me hanging. you are  not gonna leave me hanging come back here "Nico followed Chris all the way to his office 

Meanwhile  Anita  was busy trying to call  Mr X but it didn't go through 

"that monster is not picking up "Anita squeezed her phone 

"I think you should change and go straight to the office blackmail himthreaten him I don't  give a hoot  go do something "Sugar  replied firmly 

"I think I might have a lot to lose  if our fair comes  out "

"he doesn't know that go try your luck "

Anita  changed right there  outside  in front of their main door she  then took a cab to work  which made sure she arrived in a jeffy  it was around tea break 

"girl  is it  about the other day's bill? "Sandra asked as soon as she saw Anita 

"What? What  are you on about? "Anita was confused 

"I mean you went MIA yesterday  today you are late"

"oh no it's nothing like that  is Mr X in? "

"unfortunately he travelled but his wife is here "Sandra  replied 

"perfect "Anita bit her lip 

"huh? "

"nah nothing is she in his office? "Anita asked 

"yeah "

Anita quickly took the elevator to Mr X's office  and of course she met a very familiar face 

"Mrs Xibi  right? "

"Oh the new PA hy I thought you had travelled with my husband "Mrs  Xibi  said as she poured coffee into a mug 

"oh Mr X prefers travelling alone "Anita replied 

"not with her former PA they always left the country together "

"I guess she signed a different contract then "

"So how can I help you? "

"oh I came to see you you see ever since you walked into my office  I've been searching for you you remind me so much of my late Aunt "Anita said 

"that's interesting is that why you were not at work yesterday? "

"that's complicated "

"complicated? Clearly you have no idea as to whom you are speaking to "Mr Xibi sipped her coffee 

"I'm sorry it won't happen again "Anita replied 

"You are excused "

Anita walked out the door not knowing what to do next  getting close to Mrs Xibi clearly didn't work.  She of course bumped into Nico 

"hey Nico how are you ?"Anita asked 

"I'm good where were you yesterday? "

"long story look my friend and I need a place to crash tonight  any hotel suggestions? "

"Oh I don't know a lot about hotels  but I'm sure CHRIS!  Can help you "Nico smiled 

"why did you have to yell out his name? "Anita asked 

"did I hear someone calling my name "Chris approached them Anita left and went to her office 

"She doesn't have a place to sleep tonight "Nico said 

"oh she's always welcome in my crib "Chris replied 

"Nah dude I think its your chance  to make a move on the chess board "

"How so?"

"The reason why this girl ain't feeling you is because she can see you care  start acting like you don't want her anymore "Nico suggested 

"That's not a bad idea at all "

Even though Chris didn't know where to begin he found himself dancing to Nico's tune. I mean this was a chance to know how Anita really feels about him  to know if he was chasing the wind or the One. You see nothing annoys a girl like not getting any attention from the guy she likes  its draining traumatising. Nico came up with alot of suggestions  most of them were a bit extreme. In the evening right after work  Chris Nico and Mandla decided to hang out at Mandla 's place 

"I thought you guys had abandoned me

no phone call no whatsapp "Mandla complained 

"Gerara  here you know we are always busy "Nico replied 

"I'm busy too but I make time for my loved ones "Mandla said 

"Euw dude what are we? Your girlfriends or something "Chris replied 

"hahaha "Nico and Mandla shared a laugh 

"talking about girlfriends  where's your chick Chris? "Mandla asked sarcastically  as Nico laughed his butt off 

"I still don't get the joke "Chris  rolled his eyes 

"talking about Anita me and Chris have decided to change  the game "Nico said 

"D... Is she that difficult? "Mandla asked 

"Difficult is an understatement  she's impossible "Nico replied 

"I'm listening "Mandla said 

"we decided to make Anita want Chris "Nico said 

"I thought we wanted to find out if she's interested in me or not "Chris raised his eyebrow 

"I changed my mind  as I was the time I'm done with this girl she'll be begging you to marry her "Nico replied 

"Nico the man I trust you cheers "Mandla raised his glass 

"don't do anything that's over board Anita is my heart "Chris said 

"relax the last thing I need from you is your soft side you can't let her see that "Nico  replied 

"I'll try "

"What  has this girl done to my friend! Geez "Mandla opened his mouth widely 

It was around passed 7pm and the  girls were still looking for a place to spend the night 

"I really don't know what's making you so stubborn  let's go to Chris 's house this is not safe "Sugar said 

"I don't  wanna be his charity case"Anita said 

"who cares? We need a place to lay our heads! "Sugar replied 

"you know what if you don't want to go I'll go alone! "Sugar made up her mind 

"wait you mean you gonna spend the night alone with Chris in his house? "Anita stopped walking 

"YES! "

"Okay you win let's go "

Around 9pm they were unlocking Chris's door with the key they left under the flower vase After a few minutes Chris drove in  they met him halfway to avoid any unnecessary alarms. 

"You girls are still here? "Chris asked as he got off his car 

"yeah Chris I hope you don't mind we have no else to go"Sugar said as Anita stood at the door and folded her arms 

"No don't worry first thing tomorrow morning I'll book you into a hotel "Chris said 

"oh okay "Sugar didn't expect that from him just then Pinky called 

"hey Pinky "Chris answered 

"Chris hy I've been thinking about you alot lately  can we have lunch together tomorrow? "Pinky asked 

"What is it that you've been thinking about me Pinky? "Chris raised his voice so Anita could hear  him

"Can we talk about it via lunch? Tommorow  my treat "

"no woman pays my bill I'll pay ...lunch it is "Chris hung up as Anita turned red  she didn't even join Chris and Sugar when they were having dinner 

The following morning Anita woke up and took a  hot bath as she prepared for work. After 30minutes she went to have breakfast downstairs  Chris joined her 

"Please go wake your friend it's time she gets a job "Chris said as he poured an orange juice into a glass  Anita  yelled Sugar 's  name  about  3times and she came rushing downstairs 

"Go take a bath Sugar  I need a waitress in my restaurant "

"I didn't know you owned a restaurant "Anita  said 

"it's that  restaurant you once had lunch at remember  struggling to pay  the  bill ? there's  alot you don't know about me "Chris replied 

"I'm just not interested in knowing anything about you "Anita rolled her eyes 

"that makes the two of us "Chris replied 

"pardon ?"

"you  heard me "Just  then a cab hooted outside 

"right on time I called a cab to take you to work  I'll be driving with Sugar I wanna introduce her to the restaurant staff "Chris said as he fixed his tie 

"what? "Anita  couldn't believe her ears  she grabbed her purse and walked out  when she arrived at work she bumped into Pinky at Sandra 's reception desk 

"well...  well who do we have here? "Pinky rubbed her hands together 

"morning Pinky  where's? Sandra "Anita asked 

"Oops she's new  well we exchange desks on Fridays "Pinky replied 

"Oh nice "Anita  said just then Chris arrived 

"wow Pinky you look more beautiful today "Chris  said 

"thank you can't wait for our lunch "Pinky blushed as Chris smiled and passed Anita like he didn't recognize her Anita called Sugar immediately when she entered her office 

"girl who the hell does Chris think he is  treating me like I don't exist? !"Anita  said 

"I seriously don't know what's wrong with you? Why do you care so much about what this guy thinks about you? "Sugar asked 

"well  I'm just saying "Anita replied 

'look customers are waiting for me chat later bye "Sugar hung up 


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