Part 2 indenial

"Sorry boss" the guy backed off "We meet again what's a lady like you doing here all by herself?" Chris asked as he stared at Anita with his light brown eyes "Who said I'm alone? Anyway I have to take my leave now" Anita grabbed her envelope purse and stood up. "Why do you dislike me so much?" Chris held her hand "What? I'm sorry I really don't have time for this" Anita pulled her hand from Chris's palm and went to look for Sugar "Not even the toughest man on Earth can win a fight against Destiny its okay you can keep running!" Chris yelled Anita just flipped her weave and rolled her eyes it took her 30 minutes to find Sugar. The next morning the smell of booze felt free in their apartment thanks to Sugar you could smell booze from the kitchen to their bedrooms it wasn't long before they heard a skull cracking knock on the door. "Oh my that must be scrapyard I mean Mr X" Anita didn't know how to get rid of the smell so she just opened the door "What took you so long remember this is my apartment because I pay for it" Mr X pulled his nose "Of course sorry" Anita said "Who died in here what's that smell?" "Uhm I think there's something wrong with the toilet" Anita replied "You think I'm stupid weren't you at a club yesterday?" "Uhm yeah I didn't know you'd have a problem with that" "Ofcourse I have a problem with that I own you" Sugar on the other hand was dead asleep not even a gunshot would wake her up who am I kidding gunshots yes gunshots wouldn't wake her one bit. Chris's apartment... "Come on dude you've been acting really weird I tell you what's eating you up?" Mandla( Chris friend) Sounded worried "It's nothing I can't handle my guy" Chris replied while scratching his head " Nothing you can't.... dude you've been like this ever since I got here " Mandla was astonished "Okay you win let me ask you one question" "Shoot" "If you were a girl would you date a guy like me?" "Euwww! Chris what's going on with you" "Agg never mind my guy there's this girl who hates everything about me she hates my guts" Chris spoke with a low voice while giggling here and there "And so? Why do you care?" Mandla asked " She's all I think about lately" "Huh! This calls for a celebration finally you are in love!" Mandla said while he laughed so hard "I didn't say that"Chris punched him on his shoulder Meanwhile Anita was having lunch with Sugar... "I heard how he spoke to you" Sugar broke the silence "Mmh this steak is quite delicious"Anita changed the subject "Don't even try that I thought he was a sweet old man" Sugar said "I don't want to talk about him can't you see how lucky we are to have met Mr X?"Anita tried convincing Sugar "But that doesn't give him the right to speak to you anyhow" "Drop it okay" "If he ever speak to me anyhow I'll stab him"Sugar said "Whatever you do don't forget his your meal ticket"Anita stood up and went to take a shower after 30 minutes she was all puffed up and ready to hit the door her eyes almost jumped out when she exited her apartment she bumped into a red Mazda 3 wrapped in a pink ribbon...Sugar came running with a wine bottle in her handas she heard her friend screaming outside. "What?!"Sugar yelled before she could see the red scorpion packed in front of their apartment outside their gate "Wait there's a note and a key on the  windscreen"Anita pressed the remote to open the gate grabbed the note and read it *Sorry for being rude to you Princess I couldnt control my jealousyMr X* "Omg a car as an apology! I've definitely lost count of my blessings!wait a minute I can't drive"Anita's bubble popped "Girl let me freshen up this calls for shopping!don't worry I know how to drive"Sugar ran back into the house and she was done freshening up in a jeffy "Oh I don't believe this my goodness help me unwrap it please"Anita said afterwards they drove around the neighborhood and finally drove to the mall they entered a boutique and started shopping after a while they went to a spar did massage manicure

pedicure... It was the best day of their lives. It wasn't long before Mr X started calling Anita.. Phone ringing... "Hey Mr X"Anita answered her phone "How long must your phone ring before picking it up?"Mr X roared "Uhm sorry I'm at a spar" "Whatever when were you going to thank me for your gift?" "Uhm I..."Mr X hung up on her "Girl we have to go"Anita said as she stood up "Oh..okay"Sugar stood after her after settling the bill they rushed out of the mall Anita was seriously panicking she kept telling sugar to drive faster. They found Mr X and his driver waiting outside the gate. "Thanks for the car"Anita said as she walked towards Mr X "I thought I bought the car for you not your friend" Mr X said "I don't know how to drive" "Where are you coming from" "We went to the mall" "Clearly you have so much time on your hands so I have a suggestion" Mr X said "Oh?"Anita replied "I want you to work for me as my PA" "Wow I don't think I am qualified does that mean no more entertaining you or your friends?" "Let me worry about your last statement don't forget that you are my property" Mr X grinned "Of course"Anita replied with a painful heart "You are starting on Monday wear something appropriate"Mr X said as he got into his car and left On the other hand Mandla Nico and Chris were standing on the balcony at Mandla's apartment gazing upon the stars and watching the street lights of Jozi... "I can't believe the sick leave I took has ended tomorrow is back to work"Mandla stretched his arms "You are quite lazy for an Accountant Mandla"Chris teased him "Not everyone is a workaholic like you Chris"Nico replied "I think that will come to an end soon"Mandla sarcastically said "I doubt"Nico replied "Our boy right here has found himself a new addiction if you know what I mean"Mandla winked and continued talking "A certain girl whom I cannot wait to meet is driving him nuts" "Its a lie!is it one of those prostitutes we picked up the other day I mean he wasn't even looking at them"Nico contained his laughter "I seriously don't have time for this it's getting late there's a board meeting tomorrow"Chris said as he started walking toward the elevator "Mr CEO is inlove"His friends sang loudly behind him. Before anyone could count the stars it was a Monday morning. Anita woke up early around 5am she wanted to look her best on her first day after taking a warm bubbly bath she wore a navy blue pencil skirt T-shirt blazer and black swaet stilettos. Sugar helped tie her 20 inch Brazilian hair into a ponytail she wore a dark Brown matte lipstick and a pair of black framed see through glasses. She looked breathtaking indeed. Mr X picked her up surprisingly this time around he was wearing a ring. After 20 minutes they entered there doors of a massive company pure cooperate company. Everyone looked professional from the receptionist to every employee. "Mr X are you sure about this"Anita asked as she walked fast behind Mr X in fact everyone looked like there were in a hurry   others moving out and others moving in it was such big company. "Hereyou call me Sir. Don't make me regret bringing you here"Mr X replied "Oh sorry sir where are we rushing to?"Anita asked "Morning Boss"Sandra a nosey ground floor receptionist greeted Mr X "Morning Sandra is everyone in the boardroom?"Mr X asked "Yes sir everyone arrived 10 minutes earlier" "Good" Mr X and Anita took the escalator to the first floor. Anita asked to use the bathroom her nerves were catching up with her. Mr X pointed the boardroom for Anita and then proceeded he found everyone sipping coffee Mr X sat at the head of the table and the meeting began. "I hope all is well Sir the message we received looked urgent"Nico said "Relax its nothing I just wanted to introduce my new PA to the board"Mr X responded "What happened to your PA of years?" Nico asked "Uhm..." Mr X was interrupted by Anita walking through the door "Ladies and gentlemen the new PA to your chairperson me!. Miss Anita Dube Everyone clapped their hands very slowly it was very awkward As she looked around she bumped into very familiar eyes it was Chris staring at her so deeply. .................................................................................

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