Part 1 Indenial

"Your brother Can be Naughty sometimesyou know kids"thats What Anita's mother would say up until they found Anita's little brother lying emotionless on the grass with a bleeding forehead "He just fell honeyTony be a man and stand up"thats what Anita heard her mother's boyfriend Themba say as she ran towards her brother to check up on him She didn't know what Themba meant by 'be a man and stand up'her brother was only 10years old!she tried asking Tony(her little brother)what had happened but all he could do was cry her mom and Themba decided to take him to the hospital and when they left Anita behind She saw that as an opportunity to have her freedom. as much as she loved her little brother she had to run awaythat was the most difficult decision she had ever made she packed her favourite clothestoiletry and shoes then she took the last taxi to townJohannesburg specifically. she has always known) about the crime rate in that city so going alone would be risky but she wasn't in the right state of mindall she could think of was getting away from home. it took her a few minutes to get to bree taxi rank. Her nerves started catching up with her as soon as she stepped out of the taxi.'walking around with bags will definitely trigger unwanted attention' she thought to herselfbut then again she had no choice she couldn't leave her bags with someone that would've been too risky. She could see the jozi predators were starting to notice her. She knew that she was definitely in trouble'but then again what worse can they do to me?rape me?I've been through that already' she was thinking out loud as she started realising that she was approaching some untidy flats she then came across some girl nicknamed Sugarsmoking a cigarette. "H...hy" Anita greeted her with the tiniest voice ever "Sure" Sugar replied "Uhm im looking for a place to stay" Anita said then all of a sudden Sugar started laughing so hardit was like Anita had turned into David kau "This place is full go somewhere else" Sugar replied as she began coughing and spitting saliva "But I have nowhere else to go and its getting dark" Anita pleaded "Thats not my problem miss fancy fancy"  Sugar replied "Can I sleep in your apartment?I'll pay you.then tomorrow first thing in the morning I'll go look for a place to stay" Anita begged her "Agg no wonder you spoilt brats die before timeyou think  the whole world is as sweet as mommy and daddy"Sugar said that as she puffed out smoke "Im not a brat really im toughplease I'll pay" Anita replied "Its your lucky day todayfollow me" Sugar stood up from a 20litre bucket she was sitting on. Anita followed herthey took the stairs. In a few seconds they entered Sugar's room it was tidy yet unbelievably small.All she had was a mirror on the walla single bed and a two doors wardrobeAnita wondered what she ate.soon she found out that she ate take aways everydayso they would contribute certain amounts of money and buy food.They became really good friends Anita ended up staying with Sugar permanentlybut a week later they started running out of money "Friend I have something to tell you"sugar said "Im all ears" Anita replied "I really don't want you to leavebut as you can see we've ran out of moneyso I was suggesting we start doing what I've been doing before you came here"sugar said "Uhm we can sell some of my clotheswait...what do you mean we should do what you've been doing?" Anita raised her eyebrow "Well the truth is I've been off duty since you came hereI wanted you to adapt before I start bringing my clients here"sugar said "What clients?I didn't know you were into business" Anita smiled "Im a professional prostitute"Anita's jaw dropped "Yeah so now you know are you in or out?"Sugar continued talking it was normal to hershe had no shame in her voice "What happens if im not in?" Anita asked with her eyes still popped out "You are going to have to find a new place to stayI can't support a full grown woman"Sugar replied "But...I thought we were friends"Anita was so confused "Agg don't tell me that you are still a virgin"sugar said "Uhm...okay I'll do it" Anita looked down with tears in her eyestrying to process Sugar's last statement "Awesome you can have a sleepcoz we will be working the whole night"sugar smiled "One more thing thoughwhere am I going to sleep with my clients?" Anita asked "Don't worry first come first serve"Anita didn't get what sugar meant by that.but she gave her a nod as she lay on bed and fell asleepin the the middle of the nightsugar woke her up Anita couldn't believe she had slept for that long. sugar looked ready to go though she was hardly wearing anything. Anita guessed she was the only one left to get ready. So she took a long bath and wore her clean clothes "Hahaha girl who are you going to attract when you are all covered up?" sugar offered to borrow Anita some of her clothesBut Anita couldn't even fit in. She had a thick booty and boobs whilst Sugar was slender. Anita ended up wearing her own crop top and anaconda bumshort she didn't feel comfortable at all. She wished she could just stay behind. She kept getting flashbacks of what her mom's boyfriend did to her. At the same time She couldn't afford to be thrown out.They left the flat and went to do their thingsugar told her to stay next to her at all times and no matter what. The following day Anita couldn't even walk properly She had attracted 7 clients but had only managed to sleep with 3. Infact almost every car that stopped wanted her

it was like they knew she was new. This carried on for years  but when Anita turned 25 years old  something happened...something that changed her life forever... "look at you a  full grown woman"Sugar said as Anita stood before the mirror "Yes my friend thank you so much for looking out for me all this years you are more like a sister to me"Anita hugged her "Its okay friend so what are we wearing tonight?"sugar asked with her tongue sticking out "Im thinking red for danger" Anita replied excitedly.indeed when the night arrived they wore their red leather mini skirtsred fashion bras and red stilettos.They were on fleek not forgetting their make up. Fellow prostitutes felt threatened everytime they saw Anita. All of a sudden a very gorgeous car pulled over Everyone could tell it costed an arm and a leg.There were two guys at the back seat and one on the driver seat who didn't even look at any of the prostitutes You could tell he was forced by his tipsy friends to stop the car. He looked classic yet drop dead gorgeous prostitutes surrounded the car Sugar quickly got into the back seat of the car followed by another prostitute Anita had disappeared into thin air she was nowhere to be found. "Are we going to your place boys?"sugar asked "Actually we are heading to a house party"one of the guys at the back seat replied "Oh im guessing you guys are loadedI mean you are practically booking us for the whole night"sugar said "Why do I ever listen to you two?I meant what I said about not wanting any prostitutes in my car"the classic looking guy spoke with a firm voice "Ah Chris just drive alreadydon't be a party pooper"one of the guys at the back yelled with a husky drunk sounding voice And they drove off into the arms of the night. The following morning Anita heard the door open as Sugar entered singing hangover songs. "Girl please" Anita said with a loud voice "Anista last night was off the hook where were you anyway?" "Girl don't remind me I was with some old toothless guy" "Hahaha oh my leg! What!I told you to never leave my sideThe money better be good" "Of course you know them scrapyards" Anita said as they shared a laughter and high fived each other "No wonder you have so much energy going somewhere?" "Of course girl I'm going shopping stay here until I return I've got news for ya" Anita replied as she fixed her 20 inch black weave and left the room. In a blink of an eye she was doing her shopping then decided to order some donuts in a coffee shop. As she was busy browsing through her phone A stranger pulled a chair opposite to hers and sat down "Hello" He waved his hand on her face "Excuse me do I know you?" Anita asked rudely The guy smiled and breathed out "It depends I'm Chris" Chris thrusted his hand out for a handshake "Nonsense" Anita settled her bill and walked back to her flat. "Whats with the red face friend?" Sugar asked with a sleepy voice as Anita entered their room. "Never mind anyway like I said I've got news for you" Anita replied "Speak already!" "Remember the scrapyard I told you about?" "Yes yes!" Sugar sat on her bed "Well turns out he is willing to get me an apartment somewhere in the burbs so he said I could move in anytime from now" " Oh my leg! BLESSER!" Sugar screamed "The best part is that you are coming with me and we will be entertaining his friends from now on" "This is like every prostitute's dream what! " "Yeah so we better start packing" "Are you serious?" Sugar couldn't believe her ears she didn't even know where to start but in no time they were saying their farewells to their landlord and a few friends A car was sent to come and pick them up. When they arrived at their new apartment they couldn't believe their own eyes it was a beautiful safe area indeed. For the first time ever this two best friends were starting to become friends with life. They were definitely counting their blessings daily leaving in a free fancy house entertaining high class clients counting Randelas every now and then what else could they ask for? "Clearly we are not occupied tonight why don't we go clubbing?" that was Sugar of course "That's not such a bad idea let me call a cab" Anita replied While waiting for a cab the ladies fixed their weavesmake up and so on. Anita wore a black tight leather dress with a diamond necklace and peach stilettos as for Sugar she wore a black jean with a peach tucked in shirt and black stilettos they looked breath taking indeed. Everything was on point if you were to come across them you'd swear they worked sophisticated jobs. But between me and you the only job they knew was in the bedroom... Anyway As they stepped out of the cab all eyes fell on them as soon as they entered the club they went straight to the counter sat on bar stools and started their night with white wine. Just like when you are doing your laundry... White clothes first. Don't mind me... it took almost nothing to get Sugar on the dance floor within a few seconds Anita was sitting alone sipping her wine. All of a sudden some guy was on Anita's face. "Hello pretty wanna dance? Oops scratch that question who wouldn't wanna dance with me? Get up let's dance" the guy said Anita could smell he was drunk even from 10 kilometers away "Please I came here to refresh I'm not in the mood" "Don't tell me that rubbish" the guy started pulling Anita's arm "Let go of her she's with me" Anita raised her eyes and to her surprise it was someone she had once treated very rudely . ..............................................................

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