When a butterfly grows from being a caterpillarit becomes so beautiful than before. It changes so much.You can hardly recognise ityou see! change is good but too much change in a small period of time can become toxic.what im trying to say is that Anita grew up in a loving and caring familyeverything was so perfect her parents were so happy.I don't know wether she was stupid or just too young to realise that her family was just going through a caterpillar stage.everything changed in a flip of a coin and a blink of an eye.looking at it now I think they were entering the butterfly stagebut her parents were not strong enough to handle the change.before she knew it they were getting divorced. She was never told why even today she still feels like they owe her some kind of an explanation.before Apple could launch a new iphoneboth her parents had found new partners.She seriously didn't understand how adults did thingsBut it was really painful. Her and her little brother were so confused

after the divorce was settled her mom bought her dad out of the house and they lost contact with him khumbulekhaya stylethen another man moved into their house Meneer Magongwa style.things started off smoothly up until he started physically abusing Anita's little brother and sexually abusing Anita. Anita became a different personShe had just passed her matric and then all of a sudden she decided to take a gap year.She told her mom about how her new man treated her little brother but she wasn't brave enough to speak out about her own traumas instead she developed secrete hatred for men but along the way she meets a Real man who wants to love her will she let him?....the door is open just click on Part1!!!

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