Part 8 the wishes

Bathabile They were crazy and I mean it literally How could they even think of such? Mom:"The boy clearly doesn't love her why would he love the child?" Dabs:"We are trying to come up with a soloution" Granny :"Tell that to your brother" My father has morala he won't agree to any of this. I went to my bedroom and left the adults to talk I took out my books and studied. Liz:"What happened? You look angry" Me :"I'm furious" Liz:"What happened?" Me:"Lwando denied ever having sex with me let alone us dating" She sat on her butt and faced me.. Liz:"He is such an a hole" Me:"He doesn't know what's in store for him and that beautiful room of his" Liz:"What are you going to do?" Me :"You'll see I know his fathers schedule tomorrow they won't be home " Liz:"Want me to come with?" I smiled at her. Me:"Of course I do but if anything goes wrong I'll say you weren't there" My family didn't bother me again mom only came in to tell us supper in ready and we only ate in our bedroom. The following day Lizzys parents left and so did my grandma I guess their plan didn't work out as they hoped it would. We were currently walking to Lwandos house trying hard to not be noticed. Liz :"Are you sure noone will see us?" We were maneuvering ourselves inside the hidden place where Lwando and I usually when visiting him. Me:"No one has seen me before why would they now?" Liz :"Okay okay" Me :"You can remain behind and be watch although I'm scared of going in" Liz :"I prefer going inside with you too hey" The key was hidden underneath the carpet and opened the back door we made it to Lwandos room i a second Me:"Fin every important thing okay?" Liz:"Okay" She took off her gloves.. Me:"Do not do that okay ?" She nodded we gathered every clothes and books not forgetting the little gadgets he had I tore the papers scattered them on top and burnt them . Me:"Let's run" We ran out and I locked not forgetting to hide the key where it was. We ran to the opposite direction away from home. Liz:"Do you think what you did was right?" Me :"None of those things sum up to my virginities worth sister" Liz:"I am never doing something that crazy ever again" I sighed well I would do it countless times if a nigga messes with me. . . . Isabella Me:"Thabiso" Thabiso :"Yes" Me:"I am really worried about Graham " It was the second day and he was still not in school which is so unlike him. Thabiso :"I'm sure he is fine" Me :"Do you think you can give me his address? " He sighed Thabiso :"Just don't say you got it from me" He wrote it down and gave me a piece of paper. After school I asked the driver to drop Mel off at home then me . Mel:"Why are you getting out of the car?" Me :"I forgot something at the library " Mel:"Oh okay" When the driver dropped me off I expected a huge house with a fancy lawn but no lie I was disappointed... His Vintage car was parked at the front the house was really in a bad condition. I walked up and knocked.The door was opened by a little pretty face who obviously was his little sister. Me:"Hey I'm Isabella" "I'm Emily are you my brothers girlfriend? " I chuckled she was so cute. Me:"I'm his friend is he here" Emily :"Yes he is getting mom ready for the appointment please come in" I walked in the house was cleaned up good I could smell the familiar lavender that Graham always has with him. He walked in the living room pushing a wheelchairhis eyes widened when he saw me. Me :"I didn't mean to come announced I was worried" He had an unreadable facial expression. Graham:"You shouldn't be here" Me :"I am sorry" Graham:"Please don't tell anyone about this" He sounded really sincere. Me:"I won't " He took my hand we stood in front of his mom I thinkshe looked really pale. And she had lost weight but she was still smiling. Graham :"Maggie this is my friend Isabella Bels this is my mom" Me :"Nice meeting you ma'am" Maggie:"I didn't know that my son loved chocolate this much " We all laughed. Graham:"Mom not now please " Maggie:"You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend " Graham:"It's something new" Emily:"But she said she was just a friend" Graham:"Can we leave before it gets late" Emily giggled then took her smally stuffie. I helped Graham with his mom then he drove to the hospital I was getting food for us when I felt his presence. Graham:"She can die any day but they keep calling us here" Me :"I am sorry" Graham:"It's not your fault but I wished she would've lived through Ems teenage hood what will I do with her " Me :"It will work out Graham I can see you are an excellent brother " I heard a sniffle when I looked up he was crying. I have never thought I'd witness this I found myself crying too.


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