Part 7 the wishes

Monday morning I was about to go to my corner when Jack gripped my arm. Me:"Ouch jackal " Jack:"Good one but we are chilling at our spot today" I bit my lip Me:"Do I have to?" Jack:"You don't break promises now do you?Now chill Jackal has you" He wrapped his arm around my neckI walked to where they seat with my face down. They were with another girl I think she is lesbian because she never does her hair and the piercings agree with me. Thabiso:"My little snoogly poo" Me :"Where's Graham?" They looked at each otherthe 3 of them I mean. Thabiso:"I don't think he is coming " Me :"Ow" Jack :"Don't worry I'm here to fill the void" I faked a smile I really thought after the weekend he would be excited to come to school but it seems as if I got way ahead of myself . Why would he even go for someone like me? I am not like the other girls he has been with not only are they pretty they know how to dress. Noma:"Ay this girl pisses me off" Thabiso:"Nosihle?" Noma:"Yes she acts as if she is rich we both know the Zungus are the richest" Jack :"She needs a good fuck I think Graham didn't give her enough " I cleared my throat. Jack :"I don't mean it that way I mean he should've fucked the brains out of her" Noma:"Can you believe she even offered me a head?" I wondered where this girl came fromthey seemed to vibe well with Thabiso though. Thabiso:"You should've let her" Jack :"We both know as much as she looks like a guy she enjoys dick" I laughed Noma did too. Noma:"Now that's the truth right there" Me :"So you don't date girls?" Noma:"I do but just not high school kids And the guys I have sex with are just fling I'll marry a girl" I scoffed . unfortunately our little bubble was burst by the siren on my way to class my sister pulled me aside. Mel:"Since when do you hang out with the players " Me :"Why does it matter?" Mel:"You don't hang out with guys like that The only reason they are there is to satisfy us ladies and they do that if you keep your distance" I furrowed my eyebrows. Me:"Look I just want to be friends nothing more nothing less" I got out of her grip and walked to class. I could feel the stares from my fellow classmates but I knew they would get tired eventually. . . . Bathabile My nerves were on the sky high level My family went a bit over board with this virginity. They were getting ready to take me to Lwandos place virginity is really valued at home. Liz walked in a minute after mom went out.. Liz :"I didn't think it would come to this" Me :"I didn't think I'd get caught so soon" Liz:"I know now I won't be having sex" I wish I had listened to my grandma and not assume things simply because I am 18 I know how the Gwilis are. They are rich yes but their family is as cold as ice.I know because Lwando is one cold mother fucker. We had taken Lizzys moms car when we got to their house. The security didn't give us a hassle we were just sent it.The big man that being Mr Gwili was at the door already. MrGwili:"Can I help you?" Grandma:"We are the Dotyes your cow has eaten from my crops" Mr Gwili laughed. MrGwili :"You could've said my son broke your daughters virginity if he did " If he did?What does that even mean?Is he trying to call my family liars? He better not cause I'm not scared to burn his house down. They let us in we were currently seated on their couches. Lwando joined us too. MrG:"So how can we help you?" Granny:"We want damages your son broke our daughters virginity " MrG:"And do you perhaps have proof ?" Lizzys mom shifted from her seat. Granny :"Why would my daughter lie?" MrG:"I don't know you are the ones asking me to pay for damages" Granny:"I am an adult why would I lie?" MrG:"Why don't we ask the young lady where it happened?" Me :"In this house sir Lwandos bedroom" MrG:"I think you are the ones that should be paying me because your daughter disrespected my house but we have to hear from Lwando first do you know her?" Lwando didn't even look at me not even once. Lwando:"I know her from school I have never really gotten close to her" I heard him wrong please my ears don't deceive me. MrG:"If you may please leave my house" He was kicking us out we went to the car my family didn't even leave out one cuss I cried. I can't believe he just denied ever having sex with me. Dabs:"That boy needs to pay I know Bathi isn't a liar" Granny:"If she was pregnant we would make him pay" Mom:"No ways mama don't even think about it" She was sitting next to me brushing my back these type of things are done by females reason why we didn't cause havoc in that house my dad and Lizzys dad weren't here. Dabs:"She should just make him get her pregnant " Me :"What about school? " Granny:"You should've thought about that before you spread your legs to anything with 3 legs. " What is the meaning of this? I looked at mom she shrugged her mom in laws word is always final . I don't even want to know what they are planning. .


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